Part 7: Sacred Twins Part 2

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"HEY" Yuuno barked as the gray-hired Hayate clone slapped him "What's your problem?"


"This is my office, your majesty" Yuuno replied sarcastically "You should behave proper as a mere guest"

Lord of Darkness aka Yami no Ou was her nickname, her official codename is Material-D (D as in Darkness), though she prefers to be called 'Your Majesty' and won't respond properly if not called that.

She was so far the most uncontrollable of the three (as in, stubborn), probably because she's wickedly smart. Vain and cocky, even Yuuno (of all people) snaps just for being NEAR her.


Thunderblade Assailant, Raibi za slasher or simply Rai, also coded Material-L (Lightning), wasn't so much as stubborn as being literally half childish and half crazy megalomaniac, at least she looks fond of Yuuno when she's being normal.

And she's craving for chicken, no, really...and gave that to her proven effective as bribery method, the problem is; she's a big eater, probably beatable only by Subaru or Erio, probably.

"I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience, Sir Scrya"

Finally, Starlight Breaker aka Seikou, coded Material-S (Starlight), is pretty much the only one behaving really-really well, and very polite.

L-S-D, what the hell are Mariel-san thinking anyway? did she fell sober when Yuuno gave her the profile?

"At the least you're much saner than your sisters" Yuuno massage his temples, why all of their replica had either exaggerated or very opposite traits of the original? Was they're just done that way?

"Define sanity" Nanoha-clone replied, with hand pointed and magical orb swirl around her.

"Forget I ask" Yuuno said deadpanned as he grab Rai's scythe, holding Rai without even flinch "I supposes Miss Rein cannot explain well either"

"I'm sorry" the busty, tall and beautiful woman replied sadly.

"Peon, I ask sincerely for the last time, GIMME A GOLDEN THRONE ALREADY!"

"No way, you're not the God Emperor!" Yuuno waved his hand and answer flatly, ducked his head as he missed yet another slap from Yami, while Reinforce holding Rai who insist cut the hell out of Yuuno's neck because of her craving, and she settled with ate his lunch for the hell of it.

"Ara-ara...I'm sorry to made you wait" Shamal and Mariel barged in "Sorry for made you wait, the security is rather tight" the blond woman waved her hand, Yuuno nodded, unsurprised. After all, Infinity Library is Infinity, no, what he means is the center of intelligence.

"So, Reinforce, how are you doing"

"I'm fine but..." Reinforce replied hesitant, "Is that true that sixteen years had been passed since the incident?"

Shamal can see the sadness on the woman's eyes, full of regret and misery. After all, everything happened so quickly yet so many things happened, and Rein wasn't among them.

Regret always comes last, but that doesn't mean her sacrifice is in vain! Shamal let Rein cry on her chest.

"Yes" undoubted, Shamal responded with a bright smile "But don't worry, nothing much changed except everything is better and better...and I see you even brought children along..."

In a sense, they ARE Rein's children, if Yuuno's assumption are right, they had the same magical readings as the white haired woman, but he called Mariel and Shamal just in case as they're more specialized in this field.

"This is as far as I could do, seeing as I'm not a specialist, I'd rather not risking my neck for mere curiosity" Yuuno handed them the examination data.

"You fail as a mad scientist, that's why you cannot conquer the world despite you had the power to do so" Mariel laughed and pat his back, Yuuno sweatdropped "Is that a compliment or an insult, Mariel?"

"Depend on how you saw it, Yuuno"

"Mou, since when are you this close" Shamal elbowed him, this guy is kinda popular these day...and with the majority of Mid Childa is...well, that said something.

"Himitsu (it's secret)" Yuuno and Mariel crossed their arm.

"So you three are scientist huh?" Yami grinned, as evil aura leaked from her "Then taking over the world would be easy...peon, store your spear, you want to die that much?" she growled as Seikou pointed the tip of ACS mode on her.

"Stop daydreaming" Seikou commented.

"I wan't my chicken!" Rai grines as she unleashed her poleaxe again.

"Can you stop trying to kill each other?" Shamal said with a wicked smile, as she put the bind without them even realized "Bad children should be punished"

"Well, let's go"

It was setled that Shamal carry Rai on her back, while Yuuno had Seikou and Yami on each shoulder, they still glared the hell out of each other. Rein herself obediently followed and silent all along.

"Yo, professor" Wendi waved hand "We're finished to set a perimeter around the library, it's seems that there's no sign of saboteur"

"Neither residual traces from magical or conventional explosives" Dieci reported, and when she saw Seikou glared at her, she ducked behind Cinque who just arrived recently, shivering madly.

"Well, that's expected, after all, they're using the same malware developed from the very core of Infinity Library" Mariel sighed "This person is far more skilled than any hacker...sorry...cracker in the world"

"Speaking of which" Nouve looks confused "They're born...from a computer?"

"Lost Logia in a form of computer to be exact, anything is possible"

"Yeah-yeah, I don't ask about the details...still, they don't feel that strong compared to the real one" Nouve cheered.

"What are you saying, you wanna die?"

"Yami, shut up"

"I want chicken!"

"Shut up Rai"

"You should shut yourself, Peasant"


"Shut the Frag Up!" Yuuno freaked out, then everyone went silent "Sorry, my bad, let's go"

He took his cellphone out of his pocket, called Hayate.

TSS-Fate Testarossa, dimensional void.

"Uh, yes, Yuuno?"

"What...what do you mean?"

"How is that possible?"

In an instant, Hayate dropped on her knees, which Vita reacted quickly "HAYATE! WHAT HAPPENED"

Hayate just hug the red haired knight and began to cry "Damn you, Ferret! What are you...WHAT?"

Bridge section...

"[So that's how it happened]" Yuuno concluded the story and closed the call, Chrono slumped on his chair and pull his hair "This is getting better and better" he commented sarcastically.

"This isn't the right time for sarcasm, Chrono" Verossa grunted "What should we do?"

"I may sound irrational but..." Chrono said "We'll split the team"

"Brother, aren't you being too hurry? Calm down" Fate said while rubbing his stiff shoulder, eased him. As a person with highest authority in this ship, he had to make decision.

"Based on my judgment, this case is far more urgent than you can expect" Chrono replied a soon as he calmed "And enemy had infiltrated as deep as the very heart of our Intellegence, I believe that there's a mole in the TSAB. Therefore, we at least had to take part ourselves"

"What I should warn you is" Chrono closed his eyes and gritted his teeth angrily "There's a big chance Yuuno or any of us put into blame"

Temperature drop by degrees, of course, it makes sense, after all Yuuno got the authority beyond even Chrono in terms of information acess (not that Chrono could do it anyway, but that's another story). However not only him, either of them could be sued anytime. Political power is a double edged sword, as ex-Admiral Gill Graham said some times ago.

Therefore, at least one of the two with highest authority must remain in Mid Childa, in case of Saint Church, it's either Carim or Verossa.

"And the person I choose" Chrono stand up and took a deep breath "Brigadier General Hayate Yagami, Captain Vita, and Enforcer Fate Testarossa for the Saint Church Authority, it depends on your choice"

"I'll do it" Fate nodded "While I doubt that Yuuno was involved on purpose, there's a big chance that they used him as a scapegoat as you said"

"I'll go as well" Hayate entered the bridge with Vita on her side "Mobile Division 7 will be pushed into chaotic state if that happens when there's no people with sufficient power backing them up"

"That goddamned nutshell, I'll never forgive him for making Hayate cry" Vita sneered, though she said that because she was to shy to admit that she was concerned about him herself, and Hayate was crying for entirelly different reason, not Yuuno. "I'll go".

"Then I'll be the one return" Carim raised her hand.

"Sister?" Verossa mumbles.

"Besides, even if I stay here I'll be no use, unlike Rossa" Carim said "With that conclusion, I'll return to the church to keep things on our grip"

"So it was decided" Chrono nods "Enfocer Finietto and Inspector Accous will be our main investigator, are you ready!"

"Yes, sir" Shari nodded seriously.

"Anytime" Verossa added.

"I, Fleet Admiral Chrono Harlaown, submitted Operation Demonbane in Response" Chrono announced "Only people in this bridge shall know our movement, and a handful of people which you know who else. This is a secret operation which I took full responsibility of"

"I'll take my part as well" Hayate raised her hand "Is that acceptable?"

"As well as me" Carim cheered.

"Of course, Master Sergeant Alto?"

"As of March 18th 0082 Mid Childan Calendar, Hour 1130, Operation Demonbane, begin!"

Hayate, Vita, and Fate hurried into their respective room, packing things to get their home, Nanoha helped the latter. Carim wasn't so much as hurry as she didn't bring much.

"Ne, Fate-chan, be careful on your way home okay?" Nanoha smirked at her lover, after all, she's one of the most important people in her life. But Yuuno, after all their...ambiguous love triangle, still an important person for Fate herself, but especially Vivio whose had long craving for father figure. Nanoha just cannot afford to lose him in anyway...

"Yeah, Nanoha" Fate smiled.

"Where's Mr. Scrya?" Seiko asked as she put inside the examination tube.

"He's fine" Shamal replied calmly, but then Yami snorted "Liar"

"Eh?" Shamal raised her eyebrow "What do you mean?"

"As far as what I know about politic, he looks like a fairly important person in that place, so, I bet he will be blamed for the incident to some extent, poor thing"

That cold statement made even Shamal twitch "Now I ask you, if x = y + 2x and y = x - 8, how much is x + y values?"

That made Yami stiff and blush, "How-how should I know about such useless knowledge?"

"Simple, cause that means x = 3x - 8, 2x - 8 = 0, x = 4 while y = 4 - 8 = - 4, the answer is 0! Congratulations, you had to go to school before being considered worth as an Empress!" Shamal smirking evilly, which is pretty much out of character, as Mariel noted. Then again, Shamal may be just teasing her.

"S-shut up! Fine then! But first...why I feel so weak?"

Of all sudden, the four tubes containing Rein, Rai, Seikou, and Yami flooded by a clear blue liquid.

"Hiya, it's warm!" Rai cheered "HEY YOU WANTED TO KILL US?" Yami barked.

"You can breathe inside" Mariel laughed, "It was enriched using that water brought by Yuuno-san"

"Sleep well" Shamal nodded and smile, the four subject began to feel dizzy and comfortable, they closed their eyes and their barrier jacket disappeared as well.

"Hayate...sama" was Rein's final words before departed to her slumber.

"That was close!" Shamal wiped the slight sweat of her cheek "They're dangerously low on mana...thankfully I sensed that and realized sooner"

"Strange, their linker core doesn't posses mana regeneration capability" Mariel dropped herself on the chair "Pretty different from you eh?"

"That's because we're using a merged linker core" Shamal replied nonchalantly "In fact, while we not sharing our mana storage, we shared the very same source of mana regeneration, Hayate-chan's linker core, that's why our life tied to her...if Hayate-chan passed away, we have no source of mana and will perish"

"So that would mean they need a master as mana source?"

"Or an alternate source of mana" Shamal turned serious "There's no human alive could supply the same amount of mana as Hayate...grand total of her mana regeneration level is five millions"

That's a plenty amount alright.

"If we considering each of them had at the least same mana capacity as the Originals when they're still a child, best way for them to gain that amount of mana is to rob linker core of others...just like Book of Darkness"

"There's no way we could let that tragedy repeated"

March 19, TSAB Main Headquarter, Mid Childa.

"Are you ready, Hayate?" Carim asked dead serious, Hayate replied with no nonsense as well "There's no doubt"

Yuuno joined the party with Mariel on his side, both of them looks just as determined, if not more.

"Our career was the bet" Hayate smirked "And our prize is..."

"Yeah...can't be sure" the professor turned captain turned instructor replied, he was using formal TSAB uniform instead of his usual green coat.

"We left it to you" Carim bowed to the collective numbers, all of them gathered to made sure the summit went alright.

"Left it to us" Nouve pointed her fist full of spirit, "Make sure everything went alright"

"Signum, You sure you'll be alright there?" Hayate asked for the last time before they entered the conference room, while Signum and Vita would keep the security tight from the outside.

"I'm okay" the blazing general replied with a strange, if horrific, smile, "Do you THINK I'm that weak?"

With that reaction, the door closed.