A/N: This all takes place after the Buu saga. Gohan is still the great saiyaman although since the whole Buu thing he's abandoned his ridiculous poses and horrible attempt to mask his voice and adopted a more serious approach. Sorry but I just couldn't stand the hole ginyu pose thing and the 1950's style super hero voice masking attempt. Other than that he's basically the same as normal.

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Chapter 1:

Good morning Armageddon


Only a few minutes earlier there was a bank getting robbed however, now…

"Put the guns down and surrender. I don't feel like getting my hands dirty." Gohan disguised as the great Saiyaman calmly calls over to the would be bank robbers. Gohan stands between the robbers and the exit with his arms crossed and not a hint of concern.

"OH YEAH! YOU WOULD LIKE THAT WOULDN'T YOU MR. GREAT SAIYAMAN!" The leader of the robbers yells out. Pointing his rifle at Gohan.

"Look I'm giving you crooks to the count of three after that I promise you that it won't even take me that long to have all five of you out cold." Gohan drops his arms to his sides and squares off with the robbers.

Several of the crooks begin to shake and sweat. The biggest one among them swallows hard. The leader notices the way his men are reacting to confronting the superhero and tries to boost their confidence some.


'Great, just what I need, a bunch of trigger happy idiots who haven't come to realize that bullets can't hurt me any more than a mosquito bite.' Gohan thinks to himself. He gets into his fighting stance and smirks as the robbers flinch in anticipation of the oncoming attack.

"ONE!" Gohan calls out as he drops into his stance.

"IF HE SAYS TWO THEN IT'S THE SAME AS IF HE MOVED FELLAS!" The thug, clearly sweating now yells out to his men in the most confident voice that he can. Unfortunately for him his confident voice sounds more like a desperate whine.

'These guys really are dumb. I can't believe that they still think that their weapons will do anything to me. I guess maybe some extra proof to the rest of the criminals out there couldn't hurt. I'm sure they'll be taking the footage from the security cameras in here and be playing it for the whole world to see tonight. Well here we go.' Gohan begins to raise his ki a little. Just enough to create a light aura around him.


"THAT'S IT! KILL HIS ASS!" The crooks voice raises to an inadvertent squeak on the third word.

All except the one crook who is still keeping his gun pointed at the hostages begins to open fire at Saiyaman. Two of the crooks are letting out the fiercest battle cry they can as they proceed to fire every round they can at the great saiyaman. About twenty seconds and one hundred and twenty bullets later the crooks stare at the man that should be a bloody heap on the floor and their eyes grow as wide as dinner plates as every one of their bullets simply falls to the tile floor making a nice cling sound.

"Not a scratch." The lead crook says, finally not screaming something out at the top of his lungs. "Not even his damn cloths are torn." His fingers begin to twitch. "What in the world are you?"

His men begin to reach and grab for their next magazine in the desperate hope that maybe some more bullets will at least convince the great saiyaman to leave.

Gohan dips his head slightly and smirks much like Vegeta and calmly says just loud enough for the lead crook to hear.


The leader of the crooks eyes slowly grow wide as the light aura begins to grow a little and soon it engulfs the superhero. Before he knows it, he's out cold. The rest of the crooks stare open mouthed and wide eyed ceasing all movement.

"HOW? H-H-H-HOW DID YOU MOVE SO FAST?" The biggest of the crooks manages to yell out.

Gohan, still standing over the fallen crook with his hands up after chopping down on the back of the crooks head relaxes and drops his hands down to his sides and glares at the remaining crooks and half smiles before speaking.

"Maybe you and the rest of the world hasn't figured it out yet, I'm your worst nightmare and you will never be able to hurt me, let alone kill me. Now, here's your last chance, give up or I'll pile you guys on top of this reject." He says as he snaps his head over to the fallen robber.

The only sound that follows are the sounds of several weapons hitting the floor. Gohan simply smiles at the display the would be crooks are showing. Visibly enjoying the fear that he has struck into the criminals.

"Now, I want you remaining four to walk outside with your hands up like good kids and let the nice officers take care of you." Gohan taunts however the four crooks comply without a problem out of fear of getting thrown into a world of hurt.

Once the four crooks are out of the bank Gohan reaches down and roughly picks up the leader by his mid section and slings him over his shoulder like an old rug. He then turns and begins to walk out of the bank like nothing ever happened.

"Saiyaman wait!" One of the former hostages calls out. Gohan stops and turns the upper half of his body to face the man.

"Yes sir, what can I do for you?"

"Thank you for saving us, we are so grateful for what you've done for us today and what you have done for the city."

"Sir, don't worry about thanking me, just enjoy your life and that in itself will be all the gratitude that I need."

With that Saiyaman turns back and walks off to deliver the last crook to the police. The former hostages still in awe at the man that just saved them.

Saiyaman emerges from the bank with the last crook still draped over his shoulders. As soon as his whole form is visible a loud cheer erupts from bystanders watching the events outside of the bank, they begin to cheer his name in three different syllables.


Gohan begins to blush slightly more in embarrassment then anything though and walks over to the much relieved looking police and drops the crook to the ground without the slightest bit of concern. He smiles to the officers and before any of the cops can thank him he springs off into the air.

"Man I got to learn how to do that" One of the cops says as he stares at the superhero fly away. As he watches his image grow smaller and smaller he notices another somewhat smaller figure speeding towards him. "Who on earth is that?" The cop asks himself.


"Wah? Oh hey Vide-" Gohan stops in the air and starts to call out the name of the girl flying after him with a smile on his face but he is cut short by her and when he hears her tone he cringes slightly.

"Don't hey Videl me!" She yells as she finally catches up to him and places her hands on her hips and glares at Gohan. "What the hell do you call that Gohan? Why didn't you wait up for me?"

Gohan puts his hands up in front of him and begins shaking his hands back and forth comically as his normal goofy grin spreads across his face.

"Videl they had guns and I didn't want you to get hurt and besides by the time you would have gotten there someone could have gotten injured!" He says defensively.

"Oh ya? So then tell me Gohan if you were so worried about someone getting hurt, WHY DID YOU LET THEM SHOOT YOU!"

Gohan drops his hands and puts his head down and gets a look of mild regret.

"Well I guess I just wasn't really thinking. I just wanted to make an example that no matter what these guys do they'll never be able to harm me and I was kind of hoping that maybe that would be enough to keep them from even trying anymore." He explains halfheartedly.

Videl sighs at the pathetic display Gohan is giving and against her nature she floats over to him and leans her head against his chest leaving her arms down at her sides.

"Gohan please, the next time you want to show off can you not worry me wile doing it? I know you can take on the entire military if you wanted and probably win within an hour but still don't scare me like that OK?" She speaks softly and barley above a whisper.

Gohan, who is now fighting a blush reaches up with one arm and nervously embraces Videl and almost whispers to her.

"OK Videl, you have my word. And I'm sorry."

"Not nearly as sorry as your going to be Gohan." Videl says with a hint of acid in her tone.


Videl pushes off of Gohan and drifts back a few feet.

"Don't think that your getting off the hook that easy mister."

"What do you mean Videl?"

"Just for that little stunt and not waiting up for me, you have to come to my house next week and eat dinner with me and my dad."

Gohan nearly falls out of the sky at hearing this.

"Aw c'mon Videl! You know your dad and I don't exactly see eye to eye! Not to mention he's always looking at me like I'm going to eat you!"

Videl raises an eye brow to that last remark and spins around and crosses her arms across her chest and smirks wickedly.

"Hmmm, DO you plan on eating me Gohan?" A slight blush now becoming visible on her cheeks."

"No, why would I eat you Videl? C'mon I know I eat a lot but I'm not THAT bad am I?" Gohan says as his entire body slouches in mild confusion.

Videl slaps her hand to her face and turns a bright shade of red. She lets her free hand fall limply to her side.

"Gohan, you really are an idiot aren't you?"

"Huh? Did I miss something?" He says with a confused tone.

"Nothing Gohan. You take the fun out of teasing you sometimes you know that?"

"OK now I know I missed something."

"Don't worry about it, just remember, my house, next Saturday, seven PM."

"Can't we just talk about this? Do we have to involve your father in all of this?"

"Trust me Gohan, my father is the last person you're going to have to worry about."

"Why do you say that?"

"Oh don't you worry about that, you just make sure your there."

Gohan lets out a slight groan. "Oh alright."

Videl then begins to slowly fly away, leaving a sulking Gohan behind. Before she goes to far though she looks over her shoulder and says one last thing to the defeated super power.

"Oh and Gohan…" Gohan lifts his head and looks at the blue eyed girl. "Don't you dare be late."

And with that, Videl shoots off.

"Oh man, this day just can't get any worse." Gohan whines.

Videl is smiling from ear to ear, she has Gohan right where she wants him to make him regret his actions that day but also, to see just how far she can push his saiyan hormones.

'This is going to be so much fun.' She thinks to herself."

"This is going to suck." Gohan says out loud.

Meanwhile, far off near the ends of space a massive storm begins to rage from out of nowhere. Nearby planets begin to explode and anything else within several hundred thousand miles begins to swirl around the center of the storm. Massive bolts of dark lightning begin to dash across space and turn to ash anything that they touch. A light brighter than the sun itself begins to slowly shine through, growing larger by the second. Everything begins to swirl faster and faster, stars begin to swirl so fast that they begin to leave light trails miles behind them. Then the mysterious light in the center of the storm grows to a massive size and engulf everything within the swirling mayhem. And then just as fast as it came, it disappears, leaving nothing but emptiness for thousands of miles with the exception of a single small white light in the center of where the storm used to be. For a few moments the light simply floats where it is and then in the blink of an eye, the light shoots off into space, heading straight for a cluster of stars and planets.

On a planet billions of light years from earth an unusual alien race is going about it's existence in peace. Untouched by all of the evil in the universe this strange race lives in a utopia of a planet, it's orange sky giving the planet a warm glow and it's twin suns keeping the planet at a constant temperature of around ninety five degrees. The creatures are all quite tall, all around seven to eight feet tall and most of them are slender and ether have a peach skin tone or a milky skin tone. They have a single feather like antenna on the center of their head that curves back and is red in color. Most of them are wearing something resembling the type of outfits from mid-evil times on earth and are all very graceful. A female with her child are outside walking hand in hand when they notice that the sky is growing brighter and brighter. They look up and see a meteor like object plummeting to the ground. The female grabs her child and shields it from the shock wave of the impact. They shut their eyes very tight and wait a few moments, but no shock wave ever comes. They slowly open their eyes and stare in wonder at the almost blinding white light that is slowly floating to the ground now only about forty feet away. Cautiously the creatures walk over to the light and the closer they get the more the light begins to fade, revealing a mysterious figure. The figure is on one knee and appears to be breathing heavily. Finally one of the creatures is within only a few feet of the figure.

"Yakoo nakah" The Alien speaks in it's native language.

The figure does not move, it just continues to breath heavily and although the light around it has subsided a good bit it still hasn't gone away completely and as a result is making any identifying features on it difficult to see.

"Jezenbit danty crezembet." The alien says.

Still no response. The alien begins to reach out to the figure when a dark bolt of electricity strikes out and burns the aliens hand right off.

"EEEERRRRAAAAHHHHH!" The alien screams out whit an ear piercing shriek as it grabs onto the stump that used to be it's hand.

The figure that up till now hasn't moved now raises it's head revealing it's dark crimson eyes that almost seem to glow. With a terrible grin and a menacing low laugh it begins to create more electricity bolts that strike out much further and seemingly melt whatever they come into contact with, including the horrified aliens that are now running for their lives. The creatures evil laugh grows louder and soon sounds more like the deranged laughter off a crazed lunatic as he lays waste to the once beautiful planet and everything on it. Within an instant however, the electric bolts cease and the glow around the creatures body finally vanishes. The creature stands up, still breathing heavily though not as heavily as before and it smiles again, bearing fangs much like that of a snake. With a deep disturbing voice he remarks to himself.

"Ah, that was refreshing. This universe will be fun to destroy, I just hope that there are some decent fighters somewhere in this dimension."

And with that, the creature takes off into the sky. "Time to have some more fun." The creature says out loud as it fly's back off into space and off to the next planet.

Back on earth…

Gohan, dressed in his blue suit is calmly and slowly walking on the sidewalk making his way to the Satan mansion. He lifts up his left hand and glances down at his wrist watch.

'Man it's only 6:50, I didn't want to be early.'

He continues to walk up the sidewalk and up to the Satan mansion front door.

'Well here goes nothing.' He thinks to himself as he raises his hand to knock on the large door. He brings his hand back and just as he begins to move it forward the door fly's open half way startling Gohan a little. He quickly regains his composure however when he sees who opened the door for him. His eyebrows raise and his eyes go wide, a slight trail of drool leaking out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes slowly begin to fall to the ground then back up as he looks his receptionist up and down. His eyes finally make it back up only to drop about a foot back down.

"Hey Gohan!"

"… Ehhhh"

Videl stands in the half opened door wearing a very short red dress. Her well toned thigh's seemingly shining from the rays of the setting sun and her breasts look as if they are ready to pop out of the red fabric. Her short hair still somewhat spiky and her big blue eyes sparkling. Her perfume lingering in the air around her making it impossible not to stop in her presence just to inhale some of the magnificent scent.

"Gohan, I'm up here!"

Gohan finally manages to tear his eyes back up to Videl's face and not focus on her black lacy bra and what it holds back… just barley. As soon as Gohan realizes exactly what it was he had been doing and staring at he takes an immediate step back and begins to rub the back of his head as he blushes furiously, his face matching the color of Videl's dress. He holds his other hand up in front of him and begins to laugh nervously.

"Hey Videl!" Gohan manages to say between his nervous laughs.

Videl crosses her arms under her chest and unconsciously pushes up making her breasts bulge a bit more causing Gohan to have to stare at his feet and blush even more. Videl smirks at the tall fighter and just can't pass up the opportunity to make him feel a bit more uncomfortable.

"And just what was so interesting down there hmmm?"

;Oh man, now I KNOW she's doing this to me on purpose. How am I going to make it through this?' Gohan asks himself, trying to figure out how to bring his eyes up to Videl's face without stopping somewhere in the middle.

"Hey! Are you ignoring me Gohan?"

Gohan laughs sheepishly as he, with all the speed he can manage, raises his eyes up to Videl's face.

"Of course not Videl! It's just well…" Gohan pauses to think. 'OK Gohan just stay cool, say something that you won't regret.'

"Those look very nice Videl."

"WHAT looks very nice?"

Gohan turns so red that he's almost glowing and he franticly screams out. "I MEAN YOU LOOK VERY NICE VIDEL!" Gohan places extra special emphasis on the word YOU.

"Uh huh, sure that's what you meant Gohan." Videl says uncrossing her arms.

"Look Videl what I meant to saw was-"

Gohan gets cut short as the front door swings open all the way, revealing non other than Hercule dressed in a white suit standing in the door way. Hercule gives Gohan the most frightening glare he can muster and for the fist time in his entire life almost actually looks dangerous… almost.

'This little punk better stop undressing my little girl with his eyes or else I'll turn him into my personal punching bag.' Hercule thinks to himself, never letting his glare falter.

'This is going to be the most entertaining night of my life.' Videl thinks to herself, still smiling wickedly at Gohan.

'I think this could be the worst night of my life.' Gohan thinks, as he begins to walk into the large house and as he tries his best to stare past Videl and Hercule, failing miserably when it comes to Videl.

A/N: Well there you have it, the first chapter. I would like to take the time to let anybody who read the whole chapter know that there is going to be a lot of fighting, I just have to set the table first, so in the mean time it's going to be more humor than anything. This story is going to at first be mostly about Videl and Gohan but later on it's going to involve Vegeta a lot. Just bear with me and please let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks people! R/R!

Chapter two:

When worlds collide;

Gohan nearly falls out of his chair. Videl hands him his glass by leaning over the table giving Gohan a perfect view down her...