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Chapter seventeen:

Training day with Goku;


Videl feels a sudden cold sensation on her head and hears several familiar muffled voices. At first she can't make out who they are but she can already tell that one of them is angry. She squeezes her eyes together before she gently cracks them open. She tries to focus on the source of the voices as she silently listens in.

"This is all your fault Goku!"

"I didn't know you had thrown the frying pan Chichi, I was just trying to avoid running Videl over is all. I swear!"

"Oh ya? Like I'm supposed to believe that!"

"Mom! Dad! Can you guys keep it down. I think shes coming to."

"Goku you better hope shes alright because if she can't have kids now I'm holding you responsible!"

Videl eases her eyes open enough to where her vision blurs in and out. Shes able to make out three people now that are hovering over her.

"Go-Gohan?" Videl's voice was weak.

Gohan quickly responds. "Yes, it's me Videl. Are ya alright?"

Videl carefully sits up and winces in slight pain.

"What happened? I feel like I just got hit in the head with a bat or something."

Gohan half smiles. "Not exactly, more like a frying pan."

Videl looks up to Gohan in confusion wile she rubs the knot on her head.

"A frying pan?"

Chichi violently pushes Gohan out of the way and Gohan makes an odd sound just before he hits the floor with a thud.

"Oh Videl I'm so sorry! I hope your not to angry with me. I meant to hit Goku not you! Please forgive me."

Chichi leans forward as she begins crying and bear hugs Videl and swings her from side to side. Videl's eyes go wide and her mouth shrinks as she looses all the air in her lungs. Her face begins to turn purple before Goku steps in.

"Chichi! Your smothering her!"

Chichi stops her frantic begging and looks at Goku blankly then at Videl. As soon as she notices Videl's purple coloration she releases her and once again begins to apologize.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry dear!"

Videl holds up a hand at Chichi as she gasps for air and breathlessly speaks out.

"No... Don't worry... I'm fine."

Gohan finally recovers from his mothers shoving and sits on the bed next to Videl and puts an arm around her. He asks in curiosity.

"Videl, why did you come out here so late anyway?"

Videl looks at Gohan and smiles as she continues to recover from her pounding headache and near suffocation.

"I passed my training with Piccolo today and he told me to talk to you for where and when I start training with your dad."

Gohan looks over to Goku and receives a nod from his father. He looks back at Videl.

"Well first of all I'm impressed with your success. It's incredible that you were able to just survive Piccolos training and it's unreal that you passed it. My fathers training will begin the day after tomorrow just after breakfast. Just meet him here and he'll take it from there."

Videl opens her mouth to respond but gets cut off by Chichi.

"Hold on a second here. I won't have Videl flying all over the planet everyday. Videl, your going to stay here with us if your going to train under my husband."

Videl and Gohan's eyes both become wide in surprise.

Videl speaks up before Gohan can even seem to comprehend what his mother had said.

"Chichi I can't! I don't wanna be such a bother to you!"

Gohan finally registers his mothers words and is next to speak right after Videl.

"Mom even if Videl would want to stay here there's no way her dad would let her!"

Chichi glares at the two teens and folds her arms in front of her as she turns to them. Both Gohan and Videl flinch back. They know that look all to well. Chichi takes an intimidating step toward the two and all but yells.

"Gohan you leave her father to me! Videl this isn't a discussion, ether you stay here in the guest bedroom wile you train with Goku or you don't train at all!"

Goku chimes in from the sidelines.

"Hey wait, don't I get a say in this?"


Goku raises his hands in front of him and his expression becomes frightened. He all but squeaks in fear from his wife as she yells back at him. Videl sits on the bed and looks to her side where Gohan was. She looks around in confusion for a moment before she looks behind her and on the other side of the bed. She stares in disbelief at Gohan who was hugging his knees to his chest in fear of his angry mother. She looks back in front of her at Goku's fearful expression and she sighs.

'I can't believe the universes strongest warriors cower in fear of a regular woman wielding a frying pan.'

"Well Videl?"

Videl looks back up to Chichi.

"OK fine. But please let me pay for my own food wile I'm here at the very least."

Chichis angry expression changes instantly from angry to cheerful. She holds her hands together in front of her and with gleaming eyes she cheers.

"Oh wonderful! You'll get to sleep under the same roof as your future husband for the first time ever."

Videl blushes as she watches the insanity of Gohan's mother. Her eye twitches as she thinks.

'Oh boy if only she knew what Gohan and I have already done.'

Goku cautiously walks up to Videl and whispers to her.

"If you hurry then you can sneak out wile shes distracted. Be here the day after tomorrow with everything you need."

Videl nods and quietly gets up and creeps over to the window. She hops out and looks over at the still cowering Gohan and smiles.

'I guess if Chichi has this much control over those two then I'll have a similar effect on Gohan.'

Videl giggles to herself as she looks up to the sky and then takes off.

One day later...

Videl lands outside of the Sons house with a capsule in her hand containing all her stuff for the months stay. She walks up to the little houses front door cautiously. She didn't want a repeat of her last visit. She reaches the wooden door and knocks. After a few seconds later and the door opens and Videl is greeted by an excited Goten.

"Hi Videl! Are you really going to live with us for a whole month?"

Videl smiles at Goten's enthusiasm.

"Ya I am. Your mom didn't leave me much choice in the matter."

"Yay! My big sister is going to live with us!"

Videl is almost knocked over when Goten leaps on to her leg and hugs her leg. She braces herself on her other leg as Goten chants happily.

"Videl's living with us! Videl's living with us!"

A female voice from inside the house gets Goten's attention.

"Goten! Leave Videl alone!"

Goten releases Videl's leg.

"Uh oh! Gotta go! I'll see ya later Sis!"

Without even looking back Goten blasts off into the sky just as Chichi emerges from the house.

"Oh that boy!" She looks at Videl and smiles apologeticly. "I'm sorry dear, he's just excited about your visit."

Videl returns her smile reassuringly. "It's OK, I thought it was kinda cute actually."

Chichi stands off to the side and holds the door open as she invites Videl in.

"Come right in Videl. Goku's almost done eating and Gohan's in the near village getting groceries. Just set your capsule down in your room and I'll unpack everything for you."

Videl walks in to the house and turns to Chichi.

"I don't mind unpacking later on Chichi. I'll just do it after training."

Chichi looks at Videl and smiles a fake smile.

"Videl dear, I know you trained with Vegeta and Piccolo but you really shouldn't underestimate training with Goku. He's not going to go as easy as you think."

Videl smiles confidently. "Ah I'll be fine. Don't worry so much."

Chichi opens her mouth to speak again when Gohan comes in the front door. He looks at his mother and Videl and smiles.

"Hey mom. I got everything you asked for except for the five gallon bucket of butter. They ran out yesterday and wont have anymore till tomorrow." Gohan turns to Videl. "I'm glad I got here before you started training, I wanted to wish you luck."

Chichi reaches up to Gohan's arm and quickly spins him around. Videl watches in confusion and curiosity and Gohan looks at his mother with the same expression plus a little shock. Chichi looks at Gohan in concern and whispers to him.

"Gohan, you have to talk to Videl. She isn't taking training with Goku seriously at all."

Videl tries to listen in but can't hear anything. She begins to get a little frustrated.

"Just what are you two whispering about?"

Chichi looks around Gohan and tries to smile reassuringly as she waves Videl off to her room.

"Oh nothing Videl. I'm just telling Gohan that he needs to go back to the store tomorrow and pick up some other things for me is all. Just head to your room and Goku will get you when it's time to start."

Gohan remains still in thought. Videl looks at chichi quizzically and hesitantly turns towards the guest bedroom.

"Oookkk, I'll be waiting then."

Videl steps off toward her room and glances back at Gohan and Chichi before she turns the corner to her room. Once shes out of sight Chichi turns back to Gohan.

"Gohan you have to tell her that Goku is going to be training her much differently then the others did."

Gohan places his hand on his mothers shoulder. "Have you asked dad to tell her yet."

"Oh you know him. He wouldn't even know how to tell her to take him seriously unless he's about to blow her up!"

Gohan does his best not to smile despite the truth to his mothers words.

"Yeah I guess your right. Tell you what, why don't you go tell dad to give me and Videl a few minutes so I can talk to her."

Chichi smiles in relief. "Oh thank you Gohan. You'll make a great husband for her!"

Gohan rubs the back of his head and laughs with a fake laugh. "Gee thanks mom."

Chichi turns on her heels and marches into the kitchen where Goku is. Gohan sighs and then heads to Videl's room. He gets to the door and knocks as he walks in.

"Hey Gohan, come on in."

Gohan closes the door behind him and looks at Videl as she unpacks her things.

"Videl, I wanted to talk to you about your training with my father."

Videl looks over at Gohan with an excited smile as she hangs up some of her shirts.

"What about? I can't tell you how excited I am! I never thought Id get the chance to train with someone like him."

"Videl, I don't think you understand how dangerous this is going to be."

Videl turns her whole body to Gohan and frowns. "Gohan I'll be fine. Besides, your dad is way nicer then Vegeta and Piccolo." Videl says with a relatively care free tone.

Gohan walks up to Videl and looks her in her eyes.

"Videl, my dad won't be the gentle man you know him so well to be when he's training you."

Videl laughs lightly as she places a hand on Gohan's cheek.

"Well, I've survived Vegeta's training and passed Piccolos with flying colors. Goku's training can't be too hard right?"

Gohan looks at Videl in concern as he reaches up and grabs Videl's wrist and lowers her hand. She looks at his hand as he lowers hers and then back up to his face. She looks Gohan in his eyes and shivers at his cold expression. Gohan looks back into Videl's eyes.

"Videl, don't start thinking that just because my dads the nicest of the three that he'll be the easiest. If anything I would say that your training with my father will be the hardest training you have ever done and will ever do."

Videl's expression goes to complete surprise at Gohan's words. She all but yells.

"There's no way! How could his training be so much harder Gohan?"

Gohan's face hardens as he flexes his jaw and swallows hard. Videl patently waits for him to respond. Gohan closes his eyes as he explains to Videl.

"Before the Cell games I was much weaker then I am now. Me and my father went to the room of time and spirit where we were able to train for and entire year in just one day."

"Yeah you told me about this room Gohan."

"That's where my father could have and almost did kill me."

Videl's breath catches in her throat. Gohan opens his eyes and stares back into Videl's again and he can see that he has her full attention.

"No matter what I did I couldn't transform into a super saiyan. I knew my dad was going easy on me and I thought it was just because he was waiting for me to transform, but I never did. One day I broke down finally and told him if he wanted me to transform then he was going to have to give me everything he had, even if it killed me. At first he didn't want to, but after a few more words he gave in. I survived his attack but it was only because I transformed, had I not then I wouldn't have had a chance. He's been different ever since. He doesn't go easy anymore and hope the person he's training will find the strength they have on their own. Now, he trains them as if they were in actual combat where the choices are simple, win or lose, live or die. Videl, my father senses great potential in you and he knows the only way that you'll bring that potential out is if you have those two options of living or dying."

The worry in Gohan's eyes was almost as evident as the fear in Videl's. She was no longer care free about this next month. Now, she was scared. The two look at each other in silence for a moment before a knock at the door catches both of their attentions. They look at the door as it slowly opens and Goku steps in with his hand over his eyes.

"Yoohoo! Are you ready to start Videl?"

Videl and Gohan both blush at Goku's obvious discomfort at entering a room where the two of them are alone together. Videl walks over to Goku.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

Goku splits his fingers apart and peaks out to make sure the two teens are still clothed. Once he sees they are he smiles excitedly at Videl.

"Great! I can't wait to get started. Follow me."

'Here we go.' Videl thinks in the back of her mind.

Goku quickly turns and runs out of the room and Videl calmly follows. As she walks out of the room she glances back to Gohan and he gives her a reassuring smile and a thumbs up. Videl rolls her eyes, sighs and walks up to him. Gohan watches her curiously. Videl stops in front of him and then quickly she throws her arms around his neck and presses her forehead to his.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you how to say bye to your love?"

Gohan tries to respond but Videl doesn't give him a chance. She forcefully presses her lips to his and the two become lost in their kiss. After a few seconds Gohan breaks the kiss and looks at Videl with a pleased smile.

"You should train here more often."

Videl returns his pleased smile.

"I'm here for the next thirty days, guess you'll have to make the most of it."

Videl winks at Gohan. "Gotta fly, I'll see you tonight."

As Videl releases her arms from around Gohan and heads out the door with renewed confidence Gohan says.

"You can count on that."

Videl hurries through the house with her smile plastered on her face the whole way. Once she gets outside she finds Goku already beginning his warm up stretches.

"Well, are you ready to begin?"

Videl readies herself. "As ready as I'll ever be. Go ahead and take off so fast I can barley keep up."

Goku looks at her in confusion.

"Why would I do that?"

Videl all but mirrors Goku's confused look.

"Well Vegeta and Piccolo both flew so fast I could barley keep up. Your doing the same thing right?"

"Why would I? Were only training a mile away. I thought we could just walk there, it would only take a little wile."

Videl becomes happily surprised.

"Are you serious? No insane flight?"

Goku smiles. "Yep"

Videl smiles brightly. "That's great! How about the reason why your training me? I have to finish for you to tell me right?"

Goku shakes his head from side to side. "No, I don't mind telling you why I'm training you now. I know Vegeta and Piccolo didn't tell you because it would have distracted you wile you trained with them."

Videl takes an eager step forward. "Well why are you training me then?"

Goku smiles at Videl's eagerness. "Because your the strongest living human on the planet. I want to see if you can be the strongest human to exist."

Videl's eager face drops slightly. She had been expecting something more inspiring but she quickly changed her mood back to excited. After all, one of the greatest warriors the universe had come to know said that she was already the strongest human which meant she was stronger then Krillin and Yamcha. An evil smirk spread across her face.

'Payback time for those two.'

As Videl schemed and thought of ways that she could inflict pain on the two humans Goku interrupted her thoughts.

"Well, lets get a move on. We don't wanna be late for dinner!"

The excitement in Goku's voice was evident but whether it was for the training or dinner was not. Videl smiles with her own excitement and nods. Her bangs covering her eyes for the moment she dips her head. Goku turns and begins walking off to the place he had picked for their training and Videl follows. Goku looks over his shoulder wile walking.

"Each day we train were going to walk to and from the field we train at. Wile were walking there I want you to focus on your energy and how it moves through your body just as your blood. Once you've done enough of that we can go from there. On the walk back I want you to think about the techniques that I'll be teaching you and how you can make them work better for you and ultimately, create your own techniques."

Videl listens intently on her final teachers words.

"Sure thing Goku, that doesn't sound to hard."

Goku turns his head back and continues walking. It takes a little less then twenty minutes to walk to the spot he had picked out at their pace.

"Well here we are."

Videl stops and looks around at the grassy field with rolling hills and wild flowers all over.

"Wow, this place... it's beautiful!"

Videl turns her gaze from the landscape to Goku. She can feel fear invade her body, Goku had turned from his care free self to a frightening almost evil looking one. Goku speaks to her in a deadly serious tone.

"Videl, I know you've been expecting me to be easy on you and I can understand why but despite the warnings from Gohan and Chichi you still think in the back of your mind that if I push to hard that I'll just let up."

Videl couldn't speak, the sight of Goku's calm yet tensed posture was the most threatening thing she had ever laid eyes on. She could barley breath.

"What Vegeta taught you was strength, both mental and physical and you did quite well. Piccolo taught you greater speed, agility, endurance, toughness and how to be a better tactician. However none of that is as dangerous as what I'll be teaching. Videl your going to master your ki in a way no other human ever has. When your done the closest human to you in terms of ki manipulation will be Tien. If your not careful, your energy can overwhelm you and the result is death."

Goku's last words come out with more seriousness then the rest. Videl swallows hard as she silently takes in each word with a growing sense of panic.

"I won't be going easy on you Videl, the moment you walk on to this field to the moment you walk off, I am your enemy and if you want to live, your going to have to try and kill me."

Videl flinches back at Goku's words. She had never heard him talk like this before and to here it now was frightening her to the point where she could barley stand. Her breath catches in her throat and she lets out a shocked sound. Goku brings his hands up to his hips balled up in fists. He grits his teeth and all but yells.

"Now, Power up to your fullest! Do it now!"

Videl can't move, her fear gripping her tightly wile something in the back of her mind slowly begins to respond. Videl tries to ball her fists but her hands are shaky and her eyes twitching. Goku squints his eyes at her as his eyes turn from onyx to teal and his hair changes to blonde. For the first time ever, Videl was facing off against a super saiyan, and that's when it hit her like a ton of bricks.

She would have to fight past the limits that she had never met, or die.

As the golden aura surrounds Goku and wisps his hair in all directions Videl begins to self-consciously raise her power. Her fear beginning to be replaced with a desire. The desire to survive. Her hands ball into fists and her body tenses. Her hair rises slightly and her own light blue aura begins to appear. She begins to growl deeply as she pushes herself to her max power. She breaths heavy through clenched teeth. Goku watches her closely.

'That's it Videl, let your instincts guide you.'

As Videl nears her max she begins to do something that not even Goku had expected to see her do, Videl began to cry. Goku begins to get slightly confused.

'Shes... Crying? I didn't see this coming.'

Videl pushes herself to her max and screams an ear piercing scream as she finds her max, or so she thought.

'I knew it, she won't go past that level. Her instincts are forcing her to hold back to keep her from causing herself damage.'

Videl turns her half crazed glare to Goku no doubt in an effort to strike some shred of fear in him.

'Lets see just how far she can really go.'

"OK Videl, this is where you need to give me everything you've got!"

Goku brings his hands up in front of him and touches them together at the wrist. "KAAAA." He begins speaking the words of his favored attack. He brings his hands to just below hip level as he squats down. "MEEEEE." Videl holds her ground despite her rational side screaming in protest. She brings her firsts to her side and touches them to her hips as she squats slightly. She grunts as she does her best to focus her energy to her hands. "HAAAA." A blue light forms in Goku's palms. Videl's hands begin to glow. The two fighters lock eyes. "MEEEE." Goku's voice begins raising with his final words to his attack. Videl's hands become glowing orbs. With a swift motion Goku throws his hands forward and yells the final word to his attack. "HAAAAAAA!" As the blue beam screams toward Videl she slants her eyes as she forces her hands forward and she shoots her attack at Goku's. Her yellow beam meets Goku's KA-ME-HA-ME-HA and the two beams become a large ball of energy in the center. Goku feeds more energy into his attack and it easily begins to overwhelm Videl's.

'No! I... can't! Not this easy!'

Videl squeezes her eyes together as she digs deeper within herself for more power. Without realizing it she feeds energy into her attack that she never knew was there and holds off Goku's attack.

'That's it! Just like that! Bring that power out!'

Goku pushes more energy into his attack and once again Videl's attack becomes overwhelmed.


Videl holds her position but doesn't add any more power to her attack. Goku's eyes grow wide as his attack consumes Videl's and his attack crosses the point of no return.


The tears in Videl's eyes flow down her face as she stares death in the face. Her body begins to get pushed back as Goku's attack draws to a few feet away from her She squeezes her eyes closed tightly.

'I can't let him beat me! I can't let him beat me! I-I-WON'T!'

Videl snaps as her eyes snap open. Her light blue aura becoming dark blue as she taps into the power her body has kept hidden. She digs her feet into the ground and lunges forward into the attack. She screams as she blasts her way through Goku's attack. Goku's eyes grow wide as he watches Videl cut through his attack. Before he can react, Videl is in front of him. She raises her hand to his face and with one last scream, she hits Goku with the last of her energy right in his face and drops to the ground and slides across the soft grass. A large cloud of dust covers the area where the two had been locked in combat. As the dust settles Goku's golden spiky hair peaks through the dust first. As the rest subsides it reveals the full figures of the two fighters. One unblemished standing figure and one slowly pushing herself to a knee. Goku watches Videl as she struggles to rise to her feet with great interest. Videl gets to one knee and pauses as she catches her breath. As she breaths heavily she watches as her sweat drips down from her nose and chin. She grits her teeth and grunts as she forces her screaming muscles to push her to her feet. Her shoulders are slumped forward as she turns to face Goku, expecting her day of training to be complete. Shes quickly disappointed. Goku holds one hand in front of him and charges yet another ki based attack. Videl's eyes blur as she watches his actions in disbelief.

"There's no way... no way I can stop... another attack."

Goku hears her words and in his same dead calm voice.

"If you keep telling yourself everything you can't do then you'll never discover what you can do."

Videl listens to Goku's words but in her current state she can't find the truth in them. Goku charges his next attack and without hesitation, he fires it right at Videl. She quickly dives out of the way and rolls back to her feet. Before she can even stand all the way back up, Goku comes out of nowhere and drills his knee into Videl's gut. The single blow is hard enough to instantly break one of her ribs. Videl's eyes bulge as the air is forced from her lungs as well as blood and spit from her mouth. Goku looks down as Videl falls forward clutching at her ribs. She coughs and groans as tears of pain unwillingly flow from her eyes. Goku reaches over onto his belt as he powers down and pulls off a small brown bag. He reaches in and pulls out a single senzu bean and he breaks it in half. He kneels next to Videl and in his old warm friendly voice.

"Here Videl, take this. It'll heal most of your wounds."

Videl cracks an eye and when she sees what Goku has she opens her mouth and lets Goku place the bean half in. She chews and swallows and almost instantly she recovers. Her rib no longer hurts near as bad and her energy is almost completely restored. She stands up quickly and looks up at Goku.

"Wow, I feel exhausted still but I also feel a lot... stronger."

Goku smiles. "Yeah, taking even half a senzu bean will bring you back to almost full health. I actually have seven of them plus Bulma let us borrow a rejuvenation tank for days that you don't get to banged up."

"Well I won't complain about that. Goku, that was insane. Would those attacks really have killed me?"

Goku rubs the back of his head, a motion Videl had not only seen Gohan do a thousand times but also one that she had begun to pick up.

"Well to be honest, yeah."

"Goku! How do you expect me to advance if you kill me?"

Goku becomes serious and that same chill returns to Videl.

"I warned you Videl, I hope that after today you'll take this more seriously. You had way more energy then you thought and you could have easily blocked my last attack, but instead you allowed yourself to become filled with doubt and you paid for it. It's only going to get harder and harder from here on out. If you don't learn when to let your instincts guide you and when to let them go and stand your ground, even when the odds seem impossible then, I'm afraid you will die."

Videl presses her lips together as she tries to find something to say back but comes up with nothing. Goku finishes.

"You can quit at any time."

That does the trick for Videl. Her glare returns and she aims it at Goku.

"Quit! Are you kidding me Goku! I've never quit before and I damn sure wont start now! I don't care how dangerous this training is, I-will-not-give-up!"

Videl shouts at Goku who continues to hold his own Icy stare. Once Videl finishes her shouting he smiles happily.

"Great! I was hoping you wouldn't quit! I think we've trained enough for today. Lets head back home, I'm starving!"

Videl leans back and slaps her hand to her head and grips her hair.

"You almost killed me and your hungry! Is there any time your aren't hungry Goku?"

Goku giggles and blushes lightly as he rubs his head again.

"Well, not really. Funny thing though, Chichi says the same thing a lot."

Videl can't help but smile. Goku's cheerful attitude was contagious. The two head back to the house and Videl thinks back to the days events as they walk back. She replays that last attack and the first one over and over again.

'I know I didn't have the energy to block that last attack. Then again I didn't think I had near enough to do what I did to the first one ether. Oh, this is so frustrating. Goku says I'm holding back but I can't feel anything. Maybe after I spend some time in the rejuvenation tank I'll be able to figure some of this stuff out.'

Videl continues to replay the events time and time again even during dinner. Still, she is unable to make any sense of Goku's words. As Videl lays down for bed and begins to close her eyes a light coming on in the kitchen catches her attention.

'That's odd. Everyone was already in bed by the time I got out of the shower. Who could be up this late?'

Videl's natural curiosity gets the better of her and she slides out of bed and tiptoes over to the doorway and cracks the door open. She peaks out but is unable to see much of anything so she eases the door open and steps out into the short hall. Videl gently walks over to the kitchen and peeks her head around the corner. She steps out when she sees who it is.

Gohan was sitting at the kitchen table with his hand over his eyes. He was slouching over the kitchen table as he rubbed his eyes.

"Hey Gohan, why are you up so late?"

Gohan looks up at Videl as she takes a seat across from him. With tired eyes he responds.

"Hey V, it's nothing I just had a bad dream."

Videl leans forward on the table. "Wanna talk about it?"

Gohan does his best to smile but Videl can see through it. She could tell Gohan was disturbed by this dream.

"Nah, it's stupid. I'll just grab a glass of milk and go back to bed."

"Gohan, I can tell your lying."

Gohan slants his eyes at Videl. "Oh yeah? How?"

Videl smiles. "Because you suck at it."

Gohan becomes slightly defensive. "Hey I've gotten better at it! Sharpener has rubbed off on me some ya know."

Videl shudders. "Please don't say that. Sharpener may be a good guy but he's still a creep. Before he found out that you and I had officially gotten together he would always try to put his arm around me or there was that one time he tried to grab my ass."

Videl could see the sudden change in Gohan's posture.

"He... Tried to grab your butt?"

Videl was happy at just how jealous and protective Gohan was but she also knew that if she didn't pick her words carefully that they would be wishing Sharpener back soon.

"Uh, well. He tried but I already took care of him. Remember that week he missed school because he had a sprained shoulder that he said was from benching to much?"

Gohan slowly nods. Videl continues sheepishly.

"Well his shoulder was sprained because of me. That and his wrist and elbow."

This caused Gohan to chuckle and smile. Videl giggles as she speaks.

"What? Whats so funny?"

Gohan shakes his head. "Nothing. Just never thought Id end up with a girl like you."

Videl blushes and all but whispers. "What do you mean?"

Gohan smiles warmly and tiredly. The need for sleep was obvious for both teens at this point.

"Your smart and beautiful. Determined and proud. Strong and fast. Your perfect."

Videl is taken by slight surprise. She looks down to try and hide her blush. She fights to find something to say in return but can only think of one word.


Gohan holds his smile for a second longer before he rises to his feet. Videl follows him with her eyes as he walks over to her.

"Come on. Lets get you to bed, you've got a long day tomorrow."


Videl stands back up and walks with Gohan back to her room. He opens the door for her and she steps in. Videl pauses just in front of Gohan.

"Hey, do you think you can lay with me until I fall asleep?"

Gohan looks unsure as he responds.

"Well gosh Videl, I don't know about that. What if my mother happens to walk in or something?"

Videl gives Gohan the best puppy eyes she can. As soon as he sees those it's over. Videl could get anything from Gohan with those eyes. Just for good measure though Videl wines.

"Please? Just till I fall asleep?"

Gohan submits.

"Oh alright. Just for a few minutes though."

Videl smiles and the two walk over to the bed and get under the covers and relax. Videl cuddles up to Gohan and lays her head on his chest and listens to his beating heart. Gohan looks down at Videl and wraps his arms around her. He takes in a deep breath and with it Videl's scent. Before the two know it, they are both fast asleep in each others arms. Gohan's nightmare would not burden him this night.

Deep in space, the evil that has set out for the earth comes to a stop near a peaceful planet. He looks over at it with evil intentions.

"Time for a break. I need to have some fun."

He flies across the vast area between himself and the planet. As he begins to enter it's atmosphere he raises his energy.

Back on the sacred Kai planet Kabitoshin's senses pick up on the energy. He looks over to elder Kai.

"SIR! I sense it again!"

"As do I. Well lets go check it out. Maybe we'll get lucky and we can talk to it instead of fighting it."


Kabitoshin walks over to elder Kai and grabs his shoulder. Elder Kai complains.

"Ow! Not so hard! I'm not young anymore you know!"

"Sorry sir."

After a few seconds, the two disappear from the sacred planet and within a few seconds, they reappear on the small planet. They look up at the sky as a white light plummets down to where they are. Elder Kai looks at Kabitoshin.

"Stay on your toes, I can't tell if he's at his max power yet or not but as it stands right now your stronger."

Kabitoshin smiles confidently.

"Right, I'll be smart. Don't worry."

Elder Kai looks back up to the strange creature.

'Strange, Iv never felt an energy signal like this before.'

The two Kai's were in no way prepared for what they were about to confront. They were about to come face to face, with the end of all things.


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Chapter Eighteen:

Training day with Goku, Pt. Two