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Chapter twenty-seven:



The tall figure walks into the darkness. His long un kept hair clings to his sweaty face. He scans the darkness in search of something he wasn't sure even existed.

"I don't see anything old man!" He yells harshly. "Old man?" He says when he doesn't receive a response.

The man turns around and sees the old man standing in the opening of the chamber with a wide grin. "This is your burden now child. The answers you seek will come to you in time."

The younger man turns and runs after the old man. "What are you babbling about? Get back here now!" He yells hoarsely.

The old man simply looks out at the world and takes a deep breath. The young man reaches the mouth of the chamber and reaches out to grab the old man. He is stopped suddenly by an unseen wall. He stumbles back and falls on his rear end. The old man turns back to him.

"It's useless trying to escape. No one ever has." The old man turns back and begins to walk away leaving the younger man in hopeless confusion. "Farewell child. I wish you the best."

With that, the old man slowly begins to fade into the horizon, never to be seen by the young man again.

"Old man!" He screams one final time before the opening to the chamber suddenly caves in, sealing him away for good.

One mans search for a second chance suddenly became his own personnel Hell. The events that would take place next would shake the realms themselves.

The young man franticly claws away at the collapsed opening but his vision soon begins to darken as unconsciousness begins to take him under. His years spent as a fighter, his strength, his speed, the time he served in the military, none of it helped him now. Nothing could, except time.

The young man backs away from the rocky wall and stumbles off to the somehow dimly lit vastness of the chamber where he would finally collapse. It would be many years before he would wake and even longer before he would ever see anything past the walls that now held him prisoner.


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