Chapter 22: A night to all

^^Ren and Aya^^

"Where are we going?" Ren ask to the girl who was driving

"to your house." She said as she yawn

"What time is it? How long were we driving?" he asks as he looked at the window and looked at the starry sky.

"it's one in the morning. I AM driving for 3 hours." She emphasized those words to correct what Ren just said.

"That long?" He looked at the girl again. She was pretty, there's no doubt even though she haven't have enough sleep she still looks like a princess who is about to go to the ball. "Why are we even going home anyway?" he ask as he check his phone. "I thought we'll both escape the real world."

"We already did. It is wrong for us to always escape something that we shouldn't, it will make us coward." She said

"But all people are coward. All people are scared of something even the toughest guy living in this world is a coward, I bet that person deep inside is scared of something." He retorted. Aya knowing that Ren wouldn't let this topic go just sighed.

"Also…" She said to start another topic "It is our prom later. And I still haven't have enough sleep." She sighed again. She really miss to do a lot of things

"Later? Already?" AYa looked at her unbelievably "I forgot." He laugh

"You are something. What will happen to me later? How can I be beautiful if this eye bags are hanging on my eyes." She growled and a 'Shit' escape from her mouth

"Your problem is too small. I haven't even have a clothes to wear." He laughed again

"I am a girl. Those are small problems for guys, but for us girls that is a major problem." She said

"But I have another bigger problem…." Ren was interrupted by Aya's growl

"Hey… stop it… this is not about who has the bigger problem… All I want to do is to take you home so I can go home too. I have to do a lot of things…Make-up…the dress… I have to call my friends...Also" She was stopped when she felt Ren's hand touched hers

"You don't have to be so conscious of your appearance…You are already beautiful…more than you ever think…" Ren said sincerely. He wasn't lying it was true Aya was beautiful. He removed his touch and put it on the back of his head "Why are you so interested anyway prom is just an event where people will just dance…nothing special." He said

"For us girls prom is not just any event, we've always dreamed of it. In Prom we will look beautiful, we will feel special…we will….." She stopped when she heard Ren fake a cough and look at her as if saying 'stop day dreaming please.' Aya glared at him then she straightened her back "anyways… I want to attend the prom because I'll be the prom queen." She said confidently. She was waiting for Ren's reaction but nothing was heard so she look at Ren that's when she saw the funny looks Ren was giving her "are you making fun of me?" she asked feeling irritated

"No…" Ren laughed "Prom queen… you are making fun of yourself… how can you be so confident… you are not the only beautiful in the school." He laughed not minding the scary glare Aya was giving him "Look… not only because I told you you're beautiful you can be so sure of yourself… have a little shame…." He stopped when Aya pinch his legs

"Shut up!" Aya shouted and Ren did "I know I'll win the title 'Prom Queen' because I never lose to any competition. I am Aya anyway nobody can beat me." She said proudly.

"But Mikan did." Ren said unintentionally and just when he said that he saw how Aya's mood and face changed and he want to punch himself for his stupidity. Here he is with the girl who helped him and cared for him sacrificing her precious schedule just to make him a little bit happy now this is what he'll give her… screw him…. "look I'm sorry…"

"You don't have to…anyways…."She stopped as she turn the car to the left "There is no competition between us… I thought there is but I was wrong…." She stopped and silence was heard. She knows Ren wants to know more he was just scared that if he ask she might get hurt so she do the initiative to tell him "I love Natsume a lot, but long long ago I know he doesn't love me the way I wanted him to love me. For me that time Mikan Sakura was a nobody I never thought she could make me feel hell. It was too late too realize it but the worst thing I wanted to happen come, that is the day when Natsume find the girl he wanted to love."AYa looked at Ren who was looking straight ahead "Are you listening to me?" She asked thinking that talking and telling her story was a waste of time

"Of course." He said

"Should I continue?" She asked again "If you don't want to hear my story I can just shut up."

"Continue please…I want to hear your side." Ren said

"I know I put Natsume on a situation he never wanted. That is because I was selfish, when you left…" She trailed as she looked at Ren to see if he really want to hear her out and Ren just nodded "When you left I felt so alone, I feel so down thinking that maybe someday not only you and my parents will hate me and leave me I was thinking that maybe Koko, Natsume and Ruka and the others will get tired of me and they'll just disappear. I don't want that to happen. Natsume was the one who showed me that he wouldn't leave me. Every bad event in my life he was there to support me not leaving my side. It's not hard to realize that I already love him more than friends, but one time when he told me that he can't love me I felt so ugly so tired of everything, rejection is all people's weakness. I change…. Not in a good way… because if I change in a good way then maybe I will still be the weak Aya and I don't want to be weak…I'm tired of being weak…I'm tired of hearing and seeing people leave my side because they get tired of the taking care of the good and weak Aya… I hate being alone…" She stopped as she tried stopping her tears "just like what I said before I know that one day Natsume will find the girl he wanted to love… to bad for me because that day has come. You know….I am much greater than Mikan I have everything that she might want…." She stopped when she heard Ren say something

"Here you are again with your confidence…. Mikan has everything you have." Ren said

"Really? Okay as you said so let me rephrase my sentence, I have everything that a girl wants… but Mikan has everything that I would want to trade to what I have… I never thought she would be the girl… Who would have thought anyway Natsume hated her just seeing her make Natsume's blood boil… but when I ask Natsume one time why he hated Mikan his answer gave me a hint that Mikan Sakura might be my worst enemy."

"What did he said?" Ren asked

"He said 'Cause every time I see her she makes me feel something I'm not sure of… I don't know…'" Aya then laugh as she reminisce that time how Natsume really hated the fact that he was so attracted to a girl

"I can't believe Natsume is so insensitive… Imagine he said that to you." Ren laugh as he imagine Natsume's look.

"I know. If you just saw his face it was an epic… He can't believe it also, Mikan was the first girl he was attracted with anyway… Don't you think it's funny?" she asked Ren

"What is?" Ren asked back

"Them… It's funny it's seems like fate is bringing them together… yet it was also separating them…. Don't you notice it? It feels like in their story both of us are the antagonists. I bet if ever they have children and they'll tell this story they're children will hate us" Aya laughed and Ren followed.

"You talking about this…. Does that mean It's alright for you that the two of them end up together? Are you letting him go?" Ren became serious

"Why do you still need to let go of something that was never yours anyway. I was actually inspired by someone ….so I guess yes it's okay for me for them to be together though it actually hurts."

"Inspired by whom?" Ren asked

"By you…" She looked at Ren then gave him a big smile "When I saw you saying it's alright to Mikan though I know you're hurt deep inside…." She stopped when again Ren interrupted her.

"You were inspired by that?" He asked with questioning look

"let me finish… When I also saw how you said goodbye to the person you love the most… when I saw you cry… That's the time when I realize how mature you have grown… I saw how you changed from a boy who has a bag full of pride to a guy who is putting down his bag of ego I saw how you've change in a good way… At that time I realize how I wanted to become like you… Maybe even better than you…" She stopped

"But you swear that you'll get Natsume whatever happens…." Ren said

"Let's just say I've known my limits… guess I've also become like you but maybe better." She laughed. "You know one author said that in Love never hold a script wherein you're not the lead actress/actor because it will just hurt you…" She stopped the car and look at Ren "Guess we've both learned our lessons…" she smile

"That's the Aya I knew… You are more beautiful with your real smile… Just smile always it make my heart flutter." Ren said and it makes Aya blush

"I know we wouldn't be like before but… let us be friends….let's start all over again let's grow together…" aya stopped and pinch Ren's leg

"OUCH! What was that for?" he rub his leg then Aya smile sheepishly "Okay! It's a honor to be friends with Aya the girl full of herself" He smiled sheepishly "Thank you."

"For what?"Aya asked

"For everything… guess you really change even better than me… don't ask anymore… just accept my thank you." Ren said and Aya just nodded

"It's your turn to drive…I'm tired…" She said and Ren frown

"Oh men… I'll take back my thank you…" and they both laughed….

****Mikan and Natsume****

"How could you?" Mikan ask in an angry voice "You didn't even tell me I have to wear something decent." She said as she lightly punch Natsume's arm and he laugh

"I told you we're having our own prom." He said as he look at the girl who was pouting

"I thought you were kidding." She said

"Not my fault… It's okay anyway… even if you put make-up and wear the best dress and shoes nothing will change anyway." He joked which is the worst joke he ever did because right now Mikan really feel down.

"Okay I want to go home." She said seriously feeling offended at what Natsume said

"I was joking." He defended

"and jokes are half meant true." She said as she pout "I know I'm not as beautiful as the other girls you…" Natsume shut her up by putting his finger on her lips

"SHHH… Let's not ruin our night because you didn't have to chance to impress me." He said again

"Impress you? Oh please…." She said as she looks outside the window

"'Natsume I Love you'" Natsume quoted what Mikan said when she confessed before and Mikan glared at him

"That was a long time ago. I don't like you anymore" She said as the car stopped and Natsume put his both on Mikan's legs

"Really?" Natsume teased as his hands went upper and upper Mikan's body "OUCH!" he shouted when mikan slap his both hands

"What were you doing?" Mikan said as she cross her arms around her body.

"I was joking." He excuse and caress his hands "that hurts."

"Well that wasn't a good joke/… anyways tell your naughty hands not to touch any part of my body." He looks at natsume and murmur something about being with a pervert.

"Hey…" he was about to touch mikan's arms when she readied herself to slap Natsume's hand again "Okay fine …I wouldn't touch you…"

"GooD!..." She exclaimed

"For now….."Natsume finished as he continue driving…

"Ahhh….. We're back here. It feels so good to be here." Mika said as she put her arms in the air as she inhale the fresh air.

"Look at the surrounding please." Natsume said feeling a little bit down. Mikan did what he said and she felt happy. Flowers are all around, different flowers with different colors, a table with food and a banner saying 'OUR PROM' and a very bright light was surrounding the entire place.

"Wow… You really are making me feel like I am some kind of princess." She joked as she continued on gaping at the place.

"You didn't even notice it, actually you have no intention of noticing it not unless I told you…. It is very insulting." HE said as he dramatically bow his head and Mikan lightly slap his arms

"You're not good at acting…." She stopped and she gave Natsume a big smile "Thank you… I love it…" She was stopped when Natsume put his hand on her face.

"I love you too." He said with deep sincerity and love. "So much to be exact." He grin as he saw how speechless and shock Mikan was.

"I told you…You are not good at acting." Mikan joked to break the tense she was feeling.

"It is because I am not joking." He said and at the exact time Mikan cover her face with her hands

"Oh My Gosh…." She trailed

"What do you mean Oh my gosh?" Natsume asked as he tried to remove Mikan's hand

"I don't know…. What should I say? What should I do right now?" She asked. And she knows right now she is acting stupid, but who to blame? Her love of her life was confessing to her

"Why ask me, you're the girl… Stop covering your face, will you." NAtsume said as he continue to remove Mikan's hand from her face but mikan was strong.

"No… I look ugly… Why not ask you, it's your fault I don't know what to say." She accuse and NAtsume laugh

"We are acting stupid." He stopped and Mikan remove her hands and Natsume saw how red Mikan was " So stupid…." He said before Mikan could say something he just kiss her right away.

"Just say yes. I am commanding you." Natsume said after the kiss.

"But …" Mikan was stopped by Natsume

"No buts… whether you like it or not you'll say yes." He said and Mikan laugh

"Yes." She said as she throw herself to Natsume "This is once in a lifetime you know… every girl dream of being with their love… Oh My gosh!"

"but you were acting as if you don't want me earlier." He said

"But I think all girls do that when this thing happen…Of course I was shocked" She said with a laugh

"So you were just imitating them?" Natsume ask

"Of course not! I told you I was shocked." Mikan defended

"and you say YES." He said with happiness

"Of course it's you so I'll say yes… BE shock if I say No." She smiled as she hug Natsume tighter. "I love you."

"I know because you were really in love with me long long ago." He said as she kiss Mikan's hair

"Shut up!" She said with a giggle then the next thing she was back to her serious mode "But Natsume do you know that one author said that 'Never hold a person if you know you'll also let her go.' So I'm telling you don't hurt me." She warned

"I wouldn't …Promise." HE said before he claim her lips.

End of Chapter 22…

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