Theatrical Trailer

The theater was entombed in near complete darkness as the advertisements cut off and the gathered audience waited impatiently for the movie they had spent money on to come see to start. Several groups of people were talking in low voices, adding to the background din of popcorn being munched on, sodas being sipped and the hum of the theater's air conditioning filling all corners of the stadium seating with frigid air.

The screen came to life and showed the familiar green screen proclaiming that the following preview was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America and then it went black again. Then the preview began and the screen slowly began to brighten.

The skyline of a major metropolitan city was shrouded in thick black smoke and the audience heard the distant wails of emergency sirens and the screams of the city's inhabitants. Panning over the city now, the camera showed the true level of destruction below. Fires raged out of control and people were running everywhere, but whatever they were running from was off camera.

Abruptly the screen went black and then slowly the city came back into view, although it was clear that some time had passed. Many of the high rise buildings were missing from the skyline, others were so heavily damaged they looked charred fingers reaching up into the dark sky for salvation. Ash covered the streets, vehicles were strewn about in piles of rusted machinery looking as if they had once formed barricades that had obviously failed and not a sole moved in the city.

"We had no warning of what was to come…" A vaguely familiar voice said as the camera moved to ground level giving a close up view of the destruction.

"There was no prophecy or all powerful chosen one to save us all…" There was a brief flash that showed a man in black armor striking down a boy who wore similar red and gold armor and then the image changed to that of another city whose inhabitants were fighting for their lives.

"There was just a great darkness that descended upon us all…" A pair of up armored Army Humvees screeched to a halt and opened fire with their heavy mounted weapons. In between the handful of muzzle flashes a large horde of dark creatures could be seen surging towards them.

"And snuffed out the light of our world." The weapons stopped firing, screams marked the transition to darkness as the screen went blank and then all was silent.

"If only we had known what was coming…" There was a flash of reddish pink light and a horde of monstrous creatures ran past the camera too fast to be seen clearly and behind them walked several men and women clad in medieval style plate armor, their faces obscured in shadow.

"If only someone had the chance to go back and do it all over again…" the screen went black again and then the movie's title zoomed out until it fit the screen, blue light flickering behind the ice blue and white lettering.

"My name is Cody Martin,"

"And this is my story…"

The Chaos Demons

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