Title: Gin's Notebook

Fandom: Bleach

Rating: T, just to be safe since I'll be adding a lot. Swearing, mild adult situations, I assume.

Description: Gin's been keeping a book of funny jokes and pranks, he's letting Orihime borrow it.

Disclaimer: Bleach is created and owned by Tite Kubo, I merely pay homage to characters and a story I love.

"Orihime, Gin Ichimaru has leant you this book to ease the boredom of your stay at Heuco Mundo," Ulquiorra said.

"What is it?" Orihime asked.

"It appears be paper, loose bound with scraps of smaller paper tucked into it. There also are words," Ulquiorra answered dryily.

Orihime sighed deeply. "Just let me see it, ok?"

The title read:

Gin's Book of the Best Jokes and Pranks:

Everything from notes about odd things I've found out to terrible one liners to supposedly true stories others have told me!

A/N #1: Some of these are journal like entries, some are straight up jokes, or joke routines, some are just amusing observations, and some are tales that don't originate from Gin but are stories that he's found out about and has recorded.

A/N #2: This is an ongoing series. I will be updating regularly as I get inspired, hopefully about once a week.