Question Existing.

One: What Am I'm Living For? PT 1

I look in the mirror, studying the figure before me.

Long wavy raven hair that overflowed my shoulders.

Sharp hazel eyes that strangely turned jade whenever I was emotional.

Pouty lips, a narrow nose, flat cheekbones and straight eyebrows.

My hips were a wider shape, my breasts were a normal size and a curvy butt.

You could say I was a attrative twenty-two year old, barely single and had lots of friends.


Ever since was born, my parents was disgusted of the birth mark covering three fingers on my right hand.

After having two healthy babies, my mother was truely horrifed of my so called "Disfigurement" and instanly placed me up for adoption.

Failure after failure of no other family wanting me, this angered her so that she dumped me on a cold and windy night when I was five months old.

I was taken in by the Harrisons, a very posh couple that ran out of luck of having children.

They said it was God that granted their long-awaited wish at last.

I was baptised, given the name Natalie Rihanna Harrison.

They spoilt me rotten: girls only school, over twenty presents for my birthday and Christmas, trips around the world and going to movie premires meeting my favorite actors/actresses.

But it all changed once I turned eighteen, my happy life would become a instant nightmare.

A woman I didn't reconise suddenly arrived at my party to drop the bombshell: she was my mother.

At first, I thought she was mad or drunk at the time, refusing to even listen to a word she said.

But when I looked at the couple I proudly called them my parents, their sad gazes was enough for me.

I would never forget what happened next.

Everything around me was a target, they were instanly broken to pieces.

Guests ran out of the house, screaming in pure terror of my angry rage.

I threw the food everywhere, leaving constant stains on walls or the carpet.

My insane yelling and pointing my finger at my so called mother lasted for several minutes.

It was only my father that came to slap me across the face that I shut up finally.

I stared at him coldly, he didn't know where to look then.

After a while, everything was explained to me in a calm manner yet they could see I could get angry again.

My true father left my mother after abounding me, he couldn't take the fact that she was so cruel to dump me because of my fingers.

She demanded that I had to go with her so that we could catch up the years we werrn't together.

I refused straight away, no way on this earth would I be anywhere near her.

But to my sickening horror, the Harrison's placed a contract on my lap.

By the time I would turn eighteen, I would have to return to my mother no matter what.

I wasn't allowed to be called Natalie Rihanna Harrison anymore.

I had to be Jaime Rachel Greene.

Their signatures were written in front of me what looked like in blood instead of black ink.

"I won't argee with this!" I pleaded but no-one listened to me.

She took a pen out of her clucth bag, slammed it in my hand and roared "WRITE IT!" in the most chilling tone of voice.

My eyes were on the Harrisons, tears were falling down their faces but they just stood there and did nothing.

"Please!" I begged, over and over again.

"I will not tell you twice, bitch. WRITE IT NOW!"

Slowly turning to face her, the intense hatred burned in a dangerous height.

"Do it, Jaime, or you will regret the day you were ever born!" She warned, coldy.

"I already do regret it" I hissed.

All the sudden, I ripped up the contract right in front of their faces.

She tried to stop me with her claw-like hands but I stood up way too fast for her.

Every single piece fell on the floor like flakes of snow.

One pair of angry eyes burned back at me, a nasty sneer was across her face.

"How dare you?! You just torn up the protection we were offering you!" She screamed.

"I don't need any from you lot. I'm a adult now." I said, coldly.

Mrs Harrison went to me but I backed away, the guilt was across her face.

"I'm so sorry, Natalie." She sobbed.

"That's not her name, it's Jaime!" She snapped.

"Get out of our house, Miss Greene!" Mr Harrison demanded, pointing his finger at the door.

"Not without my daughter!" She replied, sharply.

Shaking my head at them, I headed up the staircase while they argued at the top of their voices.

I slammed the door and sunk to my knees, sobbing my heart out.

How could all of this be hidden from me after all these years?

Never have I been so betrayed and heart-broken in a matter of a few hours.

There was no way I was going with her or staying with the Harrisons a moment longer.

So I grabbed a bag, threw a few clothes and other things in it, then escaped out of the window.

Climbing down the tree, I jogged out towards the road.

With one more look of the house that protected and lied to me for so long, I turned away to start walking.

To Be Continued In The Forth-Coming Chapter That Will Be Up Very Soon.