Professor McGonigall was talking to some new students, Harry could hear her even though he was in the great hall and she in the entrance hall, there were four of the new students, two boys and two girls, the voices were vaguely familiar but Harry didn't care too much to try and figure out who they were. "New students" he mumbled to the red head on his right, "oh yeah, any idea who?" Ron said interestedly, Harry shrugged and put his head on his arms as Ron looked down at him. Ever since the battle of Hogwarts the previous June Harry had been down and miserable, lack of purpose, Hermione called it. Ron flushed at the thought of his brown eyed girlfriend and Harry chuckled as his head came up off his arms and he looked in the direction of the doors, two girls had just come through them looking sleepy. The boys stood up and went to them, "hey" the younger, red headed girl smiled at Harry as he folded her into his arms and kissed her tenderly Ron and Hermione grinned at the sight, when they were together Harry and Ginny were happier, Harry in particular seemed to lose his 'lack of purpose' as Hermione so often called it, he was a whole other person when Ginny was around.

The four friends went back to the Gryffindor table and had breakfast and talked and laughed, or rather didn't laugh, at Ron's terrible jokes. After a while Ginny said "have you seen the new students yet?", "no, I heard them though," Harry replied as they left the table, "their voices seemed familiar, but I can't think where I've heard them before", they were just through the doors to the entrance hall where the headmistress was still talking to the four new students, just then the blonde boy looked over at them and was stunned, "Harry?", Harry looked round and was equally surprised, "Roxas?".