Title: Just so Perfect (part of the Just So series, sequel to Just so Blue)
Fandom: Legend of Zelda – Four Swords (manga)
Pairing: Blue/Red (with mentions of Vio/Shadow and Green/Zelda)
Genre: romance/fluff
Rating: Will be a much higher rating, but for now PG – PG-13.
Summary: "I can't wait for our 18th birthdays." – it had been a phrase from Red that had been in Blue's mind all these years, and now nearing their 18th birthdays, what exactly was going to happen?
Authors Notes: Yes, this is a sequel to a sequel ^^; lol I think I'll just entitle everything the "Just So series" lol The story certainly seemed to be popular and I love writing this little world and romance I've given Red and Blue, so as I said I'd probably be back with more, here I am! Enjoy!! And I totally couldn't think what to call this story after using up "Red" and "Blue", so excuse the corny title LOL So yeah, this is a sequel to Just so Blue, which in turn is a sequel to Just so Red.

Just so Perfect


"What is this?! You call yourselves soldiers!? This is pathetic, not one of you is yet worth the honour of being part of the Hylian Royal Guard! Get on the floor and give me fifty push-ups, now! All of you!"



"No way!"


The grumbling soldiers in training reluctantly fell to the dusty training-yard floor, already exhausted from their hard days training for their instructor, the sun burning brightly and making the heavy armour they wore even heavier, sweat pouring from their brows. Their instructor, known to the soldiers as Master Blue, stood with his arms crossed glaring down at his students.

Blue was now 17 years old, and just like he had hoped, had become the instructor for the new soldiers wanting to become part of the Hylian Royal Guard. He'd train them, hard, offense and defence, physical fitness, sword skills, hand-to-hand combat, anything and everything that would make them the perfect guard for the castle. He wasn't a lax Master either, and if the men and women who applied didn't work themselves to the greatest of their potential, didn't prove to him that they were working to their very limits and beyond, then he didn't let them join. If you didn't make Master Blue happy, then you could kiss your career goodbye, at least that's the saying the soldiers had amongst themselves.

Blue pretty much remained in the same blue tunic he'd grown accustomed to, but wore his armour over the top of it. He'd grown much taller, about 5 foot 9, and his hair had grown enough to have it back in a short ponytail, the familiar bangs of hair still framing his face.

"Oh man, I can't take much more of this." whispered a soldier to the one next to him, struggling to do the demanded push-ups, having only joined the week before and still trying to get used to Blue's insanely intense training.

"Keep at it," the other one tried to grin, "It'll all be worth it once we become the royal guards."

"But, come on!" the first soldier said, panting, "The Master…he's younger than most of us here….younger than me….how did he get this job?"

"Where have you been?" the other quietly laughed, having been training here for a lot longer and found these push-up a lot easier, "He's one of the heroes who saved Hyrule, I think he qualifies whatever his age."

"Yeah but-"


The new soldier flinched at his name and collapsed to the ground, watching the brown boots that walked in front of him. Peering upwards, he saw Blue glaring down at him, arms still crossed, and he grinned sheepishly up at him.

"If you have energy for talking then I'm obviously not training you hard enough. Seventy push-ups."

Tyron gaped open mouthed at him, before pouting annoyed and getting back up to his hands and knees, "Yes sir."

In the walkway alcove next to the training yard, Zelda and Green walked together heading towards the main inner-castle courtyard. The moment the once-as-one Links had returned from their travels around the country to rid it of any remaining monsters, Green had been at Zelda's side the very next day, official Hylian Royal Guard uniform and armour replacing his green tunic, though his uniform kept a bit of green in the fabric just for old times sake. Green had grown to about the same height as Blue, but kept his hair in the same style as it was when they were younger.

Green and Zelda walked side by side, fingertips occasionally brushing each others as they walked, small smiles on their faces. At a sudden mass groan from the soldiers in the yard to their left though, they looked in curiosity.

"Eighty push-ups!"

They grinned in unison, amused as they saw Blue once again torturing his students.

"Well, at least I know my guards will be the best in the country." Zelda smiled.

"Yeah, if Blue doesn't scare them all off first." Green smirked.

"Ah hello Zelda, Green."

The two of them looked back ahead of them to see Vio, smiling politely as he walked towards them carrying an armful of books. Vio had become the tallest one of them all at 5 foot 10, and had grown his hair out long past his shoulders, some long bangs falling over his chest as well as over his shoulders. This seemed to suit him though, what with the long ankle-length dark violet coat he wore, that when unbutton as it was now (showing simple black trousers and shirt underneath) would flutter out like a cloak as he walked, just like his hair.

Vio had become Zelda's advisor, but also worked on his own side projects dealing with inventing new potions to help out the guards and general day to day life in the castle and town. At the moment and for a while now, he'd been working on a potion for Shadow to take to make it so he could have a physical form during the day. So far any attempts hadn't been successful, in fact the last potion he'd got Shadow to drink made his lower half revert to shadow form while keeping his top half solid, meaning he was stuck waist up from the floor for a good few days before Vio could reverse it.

Green and Blue had had a good laugh about that.

"Hey Vio!" Green grinned at him, raising his hand in greeting, "Any luck with Shadow yet?" he asked, as Vio's Shadow waved at him from the floor.

"Not yet, but I think I know what I did wrong last time, I just need to figure out now what it is I need to do right." He smiled apathetically, before turning to the training scene in the yard and smirking. "I see Blue's still making sure no one ever applies for the guards ever again."

"Aw don't be mean," Zelda smiled brightly, "He does a wonderful job, the soldiers who get through his training have been perfect guards."

"One hundred push-ups! You know I can do this all day!"

"You gotta feel sorry for them though." said Green, a sweat drop forming down the side of his head as he smiled helplessly at the poor soldiers.

"Oh I shouldn't worry for long, look the cavalries just arrived." Vio smiled, pointing at a familiar red-capped head peering round a large wooden door on the opposite side of the training yard.

Out stepped Red, and like Blue he kept his red tunic look and cap, his hair still the same shorter fluffy style it had been. Unlike the others he hadn't grown as much, seemingly to stop now at 5 foot 5. He held in his hands a plate covered by a white cloth, and looked around the yard for a moment until he spotted Blue, a large smile brightening his face as he walked towards him.

"Pyrus! Don't think collapsing at 78 push-ups will make me feel sorry for you!"


Blue's harsh glare immediately melted from his face when he heard his name being called by the sweet voice that was Red, and as he turned to see Red walking towards him a bright smile lit up his face, "Red!"

He seemed to be unaware of the smirks he was getting from his older students, and the curious what-the-hell looks coming from the newer ones. It seemed this was a reaction some of them had seen before, but knew to keep their mouths shut about it.

"What are you doing here?" Blue smiled at him, automatically reaching out to brush a stray strand of hair out of Red's eyes, more smirks coming from his students.

"I brought everyone cookies!" Red smiled happily, removing the white cloth over the plate to reveal a pile of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, still steaming from the oven.

"Heh," Blue mumbled awkwardly, "Red…these are soldiers, in training, I can't give them cookies." He whispered quietly, but Red didn't falter.

"But they've been working really hard haven't they? Don't you think they should have a little reward? I baked enough for everyone! And I baked an extra one for you so you get two." he added, that same cute smile still on his face, the same smile that made any argument Blue may have been trying to come up with flutter away from his brain in an instant.

"I…I don't…" Blue's cheeks blushed a little, his eyes glancing away, glancing mistakenly towards his students where the newer ones of them who hadn't seen this strange rather cute side of their Master before had stopped doing push-ups and were now staring at him, some looking like they were about to burst into laughter.

Instantly Blue's face turned bright red in embarrassment.

"T-TWO HUNDRED PUSH-UPS!"he exclaimed completely flustered, Red giggling beside him before he walked over to the soldiers.

"Don't worry he won't make you do two hundred." He said, bending down to help up one of the new soldiers, who looked slightly terrified and amused all at the same time. "Here, have a cookie!" Red smiled brightly, holding the plate out to the soldier. The solider looked nervously towards the still flustered looking Blue as Red stood there offering him this cookie, silently trying to ask what he should do, not wanting to anger his Master any further.

With a large embarrassed blush still on his face, Blue finally crossed his arms and turned away with a huff, "Fine, everyone gets a 5 minute break, eat your cookies then we get back to work."

A large sigh of relief emanated from all the soldiers as they rose from the ground to take a cookie, thanking Red very much for coming to visit them (Red's cookies, cakes and sweets were famous now in Castle Town since he opened up his Cake shop), before they collapsed to the ground to rest for Blue's ordered 5 minutes.

Once the soldiers were eating and chatting amongst themselves, Red returned to Blue who was now sitting on one of the steps that led up to another large wooden door behind them, deliberately facing away from his students and arms still crossed in a huff. Red sat next to him, and poked the plate into his arm softly, "Two cookies left for you Blue." He smiled.

Blue glanced at them for a second, an angry pout on his lips. He looked towards his students who were all busy eating and talking with each other, before turning to Red and gently placing the palm of his left hand against Red's cheek, leaning over to kiss him quickly and softly on the corner of his lips.

"Thanks." He muttered, that little blush back to his cheeks as he took a cookie, and stared deliberately at the floor not wanting to know if any of his distracted students had actually seen that, which some of them unfortunately for him had.

"So that's Red." Tyron sniggered quietly as he ate his cookie, trying not to look as though he'd been looking at them.

"Yep," grinned the same older soldier from before, "Master Blue's one and only weakness."

From the alcoves Green, Vio and Zelda were smiling. Well, Zelda and Green were smiling, Vio still had that same smirk on his lips. "I never tire of wanting to tease those two, but even so…" he watched as Red brushed one finger over Blue's bottom lip, brushing away a couple of cookie crumbs, before Blue quickly took his hand away before his students saw, blushing again, but still holding Red's hand as he took the other cookie, fingers intertwining where they sat together.

Vio's smirk turned into a rarely seen charming smile, "….I have to admit they are pretty perfect together."

End of Prologue

AN: First chapter won't be for some weeks yet as all my college deadlines are coming up. It may be the last few days in May before I get the first chapter out.