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Just so Perfect: chapter 10 (only half the chapter)

It was strange, walking through an almost deserted Castle town. As nearly everyone was up at the castle to once again celebrate their heroes saving the day, the streets were left empty, the flickering flames in the torches on the building walls dancing across the only two figures walking down the cobbled street.

Red's hand was warm in his own, and as Blue glanced upwards at the bright stars that were twinkling innocently in the sky, he didn't think he'd ever felt so content. Vaati was gone, for the last time. Zelda was safe. There was a new Four Sword, so Hyrule now had its protecting Light back again. The old Four Sword had proved that the five of them were indeed their own separate person now, a thought that somehow, even after everything that had happened today, felt like the best thought of all. The old Four Sword rejecting them meant they could live out their lives, grow up, grow old, never have that niggling thought in the back of their minds that actually…they shouldn't be here, that the only reason they was existed because they didn't return the Four Sword, that Link was the one who should really be here.

None of that mattered anymore, because the Four Sword accepted them as different people. They were not Link, they were simply themselves.

Blue and Red walked in silence back to their house, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it felt so peaceful and warm, despite the chilly late autumn air, that Blue would have been quite happy if they'd walked on for hours, just holding hands, just being near each other.

At least that would have been the thought, if he didn't know exactly what the two of them were going to be doing the moment they stepped into their house.

A very faint pinkness rose to Blues cheeks at the images that flitted across his mind, and he quickly glanced across at Red. Red, to his surprise, was looking down at the ground. His eyes were shielded from view by the bangs over his face, but his lips had a slight downward turn, as if he was upset.

The blush on Blues face faded instantly, and as they turned together and walked down the path to the front of their house, that warm peaceful atmosphere seemed to have been ripped away. Not entirely sure for the minute what was wrong, Blue gently let go of Red's hand and put it in his pocket to bring out his keys. After swinging the door open and stepping inside, the awkwardness feeling more uncomfortable by the second as Red didn't say a word or even look up, Blue turned around in the doorway and looked at him.

"Um," he started awkwardly, "…look, if you wanted to stay for that ceremony thing you only had to-"

Red's head shot upwards, his bright sapphire eyes staring at Blue with such a sudden intensity that it stopped Blue's sentence in its tracks. Blue's slightly shocked eyes stared back at him for just a few fleeting seconds, before two silent tears fell from Red's eyes and he suddenly lunged forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Blues chest, knocking him backwards as they landed in a pile on the wooden slated floor, the front door slowly and quietly swinging shut of its own accord behind them.

"R-Red?" Blue stuttered at the sudden movement, Red clinging to him tightly, his head buried against his chest, "What wrong? What is it why are you crying?"

Red wasn't crying like he normally did though, those loud, over-the-top wails which he always used to do in the olden days, wails that usually resulted in Blue whacking him hard on the head to shut him up. These were silent tears, tears that Blue wouldn't have even known Red was crying if he couldn't feel the wetness they were leaving on his tunic.

"It's just…" Red said softly against Blues chest, voice only slightly wavering through his tears, "I was just thinking…what if we really had gone back into Link again…we wouldn't have been walking home together just now."

"Red." Blue said solemnly, a lot gentler this time, slowly wrapping his arms around Red's back as they lay there on the floor.

Somehow, Blue had been expecting this. He stared up at the ceiling, cradling Red's soft, silent and occasional shuddering form against his own, letting him cry out what could have happened today.

With all the sudden preparation for this ceremony immediately after the battle, being herded into the castle with only enough time for a shower (to which Blue was VERY grateful for, as he desperately needed to disinfect his face after what Vaati did to it) before they were being attended to by servants getting them dressed in the Hyrulian Guard armour and shoved into the room behind the throne room, it gave any of them very little time to think over what had happened. There had been no time to stop, no time for any mind to think about what could have happened, that their lives may very well, in one way or another, have ended today.

Blue guessed that walking back to their house in silence gave Red's mind time to finally process everything that had happened to them, and Red, being Red, let his emotions poor out the sadness he felt.

Blue felt a bit pervy now, having only had one thought on his mind as they'd walked back to house, while Red next to him had evidently been trying to hold back the tears the entire time.

"It's okay Red," Blue said softly, kissing the top of his head, "We didn't go back into Link did we? We're all still here." He chuckled lightly to try and lighten up the mood, still gently rubbing Red's back. "….we're still together." He added quietly.

Red slowly looked up at Blue at these words, wiping his eyes with his hand as he did. He still looked sad.

"Come on," Blue said, throwing him a quick smile before leaning up on his elbows, Red moving off him and kneeling to one side as Blue stood up and straightened his crumpled tunic, both of them having discarded the armour at the castle. Blue looked down at Red and smiled again, holding out his hand, "Do you want a hot chocolate? It was cold out there."

For a moment, Red did nothing but stare up at him. This scene felt oddly familiar, Red on his knees in tears, Blue standing over him, darkness around them as neither of them had turned on any of the lights yet….

A small smile flittered across Red's lips. The image of that dark forest, the happy shouts and laughter from the Fair drifting through the trees, Blue battling an internal struggle….and Red, on his knees on the grass, saying to Blue for the first time that he loved him.

"No," Red replied, that sweet smile back on his face, the tears now gone completely, "I just want you."

This had somewhat not been the answer Blue had been expecting to hear. That faint pinkness rose to his cheeks again and he suddenly felt very stupid standing there with his hand outstretched. Soon though, a matching smile spread over his lips, and he let his arm fall back to his side as he sighed.

"Well, you'd better get up off the floor then. Unless you really want to do this down there." He added with a cheeky smirk, which made Red blush cutely, before he giggled, practically bounced up from the floor, and grabbed Blue's hand pulling him through into their bedroom.

It was like the tears from only a few seconds ago had never happened. As soon as Red had pulled Blue into their bedroom he leant up and gave him a fiery kiss, arms wrapped around his neck and hands buried in his hair, Blue's hair tie disappearing to the floor somewhere.

"Red" Blue laughed into the domineering kiss, not able to keep the light happiness he suddenly felt from filling his brain, especially at Red's sudden possessiveness. Slightly out of breath Red giggled and pulled back, a deeper blush on his cheeks.

"Hehe, sorry," he grinned sheepishly, "I've just…wanted to do this…you know…" his eyes shifted embarrassingly, though the grin remained on his face, briefly biting his bottom lip.

Blue smiled at him, a sudden wave of affection pulling him closer to Red as he gently cupped Red's right check, running his thumb softly over his lips. At the touch of his hand the grin faded from Red's lips, and instead he just looked up at him, blushing, a look of adoration and…anticipation, shining through those blue eyes.

Blue too had wanted to do this, by the GODDESSES had he wanted to do this! With a lot less of Red's fiery kiss, but with just as much passion flowing through it, Blue leant down and pressed his lips firmly against Reds own, just that one little touch sending a jolt of pleasure straight through him. He parted his lips, tongue roaming hungrily over those lips he knew so well, darting inside that velvety mouth, Red's tongue playing with his own as they danced across each other. Lazily at first, but then more forceful and heated, Blue cupping Red's other cheek holding his head in his hands as he ravished his mouth.

Red could feel his knees begin to buckle underneath him, his head spinning, someone somewhere was moaning and he had a feeling it was probably himself. Oxygen deprived they both parted at the same time, but only long enough for one breath before Blues tongue was battling against Reds once again, a battle it was most definitely winning as Red now melted against him, not caring about the moans that were escaping him, just knowing that this was the greatest kiss of his life and he never wanted it to end.

Blue too it seemed didn't want it to end, for he kissed him over and over again, pausing only for quick short breaths before pressing their lips together again, tongues swimming against each other, the heat rising so fast.

A small trickle of saliva made its way down the side of Red's chin as Blue devoured him, brain to fuzzy to care about anything except the kiss and the hard heat pressed against his own where they stood together.