A/N Created out of boredom. And there aren't enough LBP fanfics.

Sackboy was in his pod, wearing one of those baseball caps, fiddling with the buttons on the remote.

Bored bored bored.

He was so bored he invited Sackgirl over. And everbody knows if Sackgirl wants it, she will get it, or Sackboy will die. Eeither way. It was last resort.

Sackgirl flew into the pod and starting running from left to right, rocking the pod. Sackboy just stood slumped over himself, making the depressed/angry face. Sackgirl started jumping on the controller and luckily, fell of, smacking into the window. Sackboy sighed.

"SHUUUUTTTT UPPPPP!" Sackgirl was already shut up, but she shut up anyway, giggling under her breath. "Community level please?" Sackboy sighed. Usualy community levels where just a bunch of bomb survivals, sharks, and more bombs, jumps, and more bombs. Sackboy loved bombs but when they fell from the sky...

Sackgirl sat down feeling annoyed. "GET ON WITH IT" Sackboy just sighed and went onto the remote. Move down... Community... R1... R1... Sackboy's face lit up.

"Epic water level with boss?" Sackboy sqeed, not waiting for Sackgirl's response. Because Sackboy is rich and famous, he has realy fast internet... as in 1000 Mbps. Delicous.

The author waits while the level loads, which isn't very long. The two sacks burst out of the checkpoint, as normal, beaming. Well Sackboy was beaming. The author has to censor Sackgirl swearing her sack-tooshie off.

"YOU *&$£ ^%£££ STUPID LITTLE *&^% ^&%$$ FOOL OF A &^%$ SACK!" Sackgirl hated water levels, she hated when her popit got wet. That meant her dresses got wet. Ohdear.

Sackboy smiled, swimming about happily, before bumping into a giant fish.

Sackboy rubbed his knitted hands together while Sackgirl swore, grinning evily. Sackgirl was going to hate this level.

Sackboy swam back to Sackgirl (who had discovered a scuba suit powerup) and dragged her to the fish.

"Meet fishy!" Sackboy pointed towards the fish, it made a roaring noise. Sackgirl spluttered. "AND?" Sackboy sighed. "You ride it you idiot" He swam up to the fish'es back, grabbing onto the sponge. Sackgirl was so lost in randomness she had no time to swim up and grabbed its tail. The fish made a roaring noise again. "Uh..." Sackgirl shouted to sackboy as the fish stopped moving. Sackboy laughed to himself. Sackgirl was hating this level!

"THE FISH... ITS..." Sackboy ignored her. But he changed his mind when he saw a plasma ball heading towards him. ZAP!

"Shooting... plasma... balls." Sackgirl sighed. Pushing a button, the fish dissolved.

"and how was that epic?" Sackgirl rolled her eyes, collecting bubbles she swam to the level end, where a very angry and feeling-sorry-for-self sackboy was waiting.

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