Title: Alice Harkness and the Philosopher's Stone
Chapter: 1/24
Fandom: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Rating: Mature Teens
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Remus
Author's note: This is a re-write of the original Alice Harkness and the Philosopher's Stone. I have spent the past few weeks reviewing this story and have added approx. 10K to the original.

The Girl Who Lived

The morning of the first day of November dawned bright and clear, if not a little chilly considering the time of year. Up and down the country, the strangest sights had been spotted. Sparks in all different colours flew through the air, and people in the strangest attires seemed to appear out of nowhere, talking excitedly about 'the biggest victory' and 'being free'. Many ordinary people dismissed these as figments of their imaginations, or some kind of cult.

In Cardiff, the sandy coloured cat who had been sitting at the end of Dogfield Street, watched the world go by and wondered at the idiocy of people. It was almost like they wanted to announce their existence to the rest of the world, instead of staying secret like they had for centuries.

Like everyone else, she had heard of the victory almost immediately. She, however had business to attend to and couldn't focus on celebrating when innocent lives had been lost and when there was still so much uncertainty. She had been sat in the same spot since nine that morning and, as soon as the sun set later that day, there was a quiet crack and a tall, thin man appeared through the darkness and headed down the street towards her. His hands were stuffed in his pockets of his long blue and gold robes, and there was a knowing grin on his face when he finally came to a stop in front of her. "I should have known you'd already be here," he said by way of a greeting.

The cat glared up at him, before she pushed herself into a standing position and began to transform into her human form. "I've been here all day," she informed him, smoothing her shoulder length blonde hair. "Is it true what they're saying?" she whispered fearfully.

Immediately the humour disappeared from his face and he suddenly looked his age. "I'm afraid so," he murmured, heaving a regretful sigh.

Her hand flew up to her mouth as she gasped in horror. "What about Alice?" she questioned urgently. "She can't be…" Deep down she knew that the child couldn't have been hurt, otherwise the man before her wouldn't have been able to keep his composure long enough to explain the issue to her. He would be out looking for vengeance; there was no doubt about that.

He reached out and placed a gentle hand on her arm, squeezing softly in an attempt to sooth her worries. "Easy, Rose," he spoke softly. "She's alive and well; just a little shaken up, I would imagine. I asked Donna to collect her for me."

Rose Tyler sighed in relief, before frowning deeply. "Donna?" she repeated a slight note of incredulousness in her voice. "Are you sure that's the best thing? I would have thought you'd go for her yourself."

"I would have liked to," he agreed. "The Minister called an urgent meeting to discuss the events of last night and I was unable to leave."

"What about-?" Rose was cut off when the unmistakable 'whoosh' of a Portkey being used cut through the quiet evening.

They turned around to see a red-headed woman walking towards them with a small bundle in her arms. "Doctor, Rose," Donna Noble greeted, flashing them a tired grin as she approached.

The Doctor nodded his greeting as he eyed Donna critically. "Was it as bad as we expected?" he asked softly. He brushed the blanket back to reveal the baby and sighed with relief when he saw for himself that she was okay.

"Worse," Donna answered with a sigh. "We're lucky this little one survived," she added, smiling affectionately down at the sleeping bundle in her arms. "Unfortunately, Lucia was not as lucky."

The Doctor and Rose exchanged a confused look. "Only Lucia was there?" the Doctor questioned urgently.

"Yeah." Donna nodded. "She was there, all crumpled and everything. The house was almost completely destroyed. Alice really is lucky to still be here," she added, swallowing around the lump that appeared in her throat.

"But there was no sign of…?" Rose whispered, exchanging a concerned glance with the Doctor.

Donna shook her head. "There wasn't even a single sign he had ever been there," she confirmed. "It's like he knew it was…" Her eyes widened as she realised their implication. "You can't think… You don't think he had anything to do with this, do you?"

Rose grimaced and smoothed the front of her robes down for a moment. "He wasn't there," she reminded Donna. "You said it yourself; it was almost like he knew something was going to happen. Why else would he have not been there?"

"But he was one of Lucia's best friends!" Donna hissed, unable to accept what they were saying; surely it was ludicrous. "You know how close they were! I can't believe he'd do something like that to her. It has to have been a coincidence that he wasn't there!"

The Doctor raised a hand, effectively silencing Donna tirade. "He was their secret keeper, Donna," he informed her, regret for letting Lucia make that decision clear in his voice. "You know how the spell works and its nature. The only way Alice and Lucia could have been found was if someone gave away their location. I've been in meetings with the Ministry all day and the best Aurors have been sent out to find him."

Donna sighed heavily and closed her eyes, clutching the baby in her arms a little tighter. "Sirius Black a traitor," she whispered, a tear trailing down her cheek and she quickly brushed it away, angry at herself for crying. "Who'd have thought?"

Again, the quiet of the night was disturbed. However, this time it was a roar of an engine and the three of them were almost blinded by headlights that were surely bright enough to guide in landing aircraft.

"Uh oh," the Doctor murmured under his breath, knowing immediately who had just arrived. "That can't be good."

Rose winced and nodded her head. Like the Doctor she knew that the new arrival meant an argument was going to ensue in the next few moments, and it wouldn't be pretty. "This is going to get messy," she stated as the large motorcycle dropped from the air where it had been flying and landed on the road with a bang.

The bike skidded across the tarmac and came to stop with a screech a few feet away from where the trio were standing. "Where is she?" Jack Harkness demanded, shutting off the engine and jumping off the bike, stalking over to them with a furious expression on his face.

"She's okay," Donna assured him, taking a step forward and reaching up with one hand, pulling the blanket away to prove that Alice was perfectly fine and sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware of what had happened around her during the previous day.

A look of relief washed over Jack's face at the sight of his little girl and Donna felt her heart break in sympathy for him. "Thank you," he whispered, reaching out to take his daughter from the redhead.

"Jack, I don't think that's the best idea," the Doctor argued, before Jack could take Alice.

The blue eyed man turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow with an incredulous expression on his face. "Excuse me?" he said slowly. "What's not the best idea?"

"Are you sure Alice going with you is the best thing for her?" the Doctor asked softly, clearly trying to not get angry with the young man that was standing in front of him.

Jack, however, had no such qualms and loudly exclaimed, "I'm her father! I don't see how that's not the 'best thing for her'!"

The Doctor sighed heavily and closed his eyes momentarily. He opened his eyes and glanced over at Rose, but the look on the blonde's face told him that he was on his own. "The Wizarding Court deemed you unable to look after her," the Doctor reminded him. "You're the reason Lucia had full custody of Alice to begin with, don't forget."

Jack's jaw fell open in shock as he stared at the other man; he was sure that he couldn't have just heard the Doctor right. "You bastard," he hissed, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about," the Doctor stated, losing the last of his control as he jabbed his index finger against the centre of Jack's chest. That action seemed to annoy Jack even more as he growled and slapped the hand away. "You're irresponsible and impulsive, Jack. You're a danger to Alice when you can't control your nature like this."

Jack growled and took a step forward, only to find his path blocked by Rose. "Jack, please calm down," she pleaded with him. "I know you're angry but…"

"How did you even find us?" the Doctor demanded over her shoulder. Rose sighed heavily and moved back over to where Donna was standing, muttering that the Doctor would deserve whatever he got from Jack.

Jack scoffed and rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "Did you really think I was going to trust Lucia not to take Alice away from me?" he snapped. "I've had a tracking spell on her since the day she was born."

The Doctor's mouth fell open in surprise. "Jack, those kind of spells are illegal!" he practically shrieked.

The younger man raised a disbelieving eyebrow. "Are you seriously going to tell me what's illegal and what's not? You have no right to lecture me about staying within our laws, Uncle. Don't think I don't know that you've had tracking spells on me since I was a baby."

Rose sighed heavily and stepped between the two of them once more. She had a feeling that, were she to let the argument continue any further, one of them would say something that couldn't be taken back and their already rocky relationship would be destroyed. And that wouldn't get anyone anywhere. "Will you two stop?" she snapped, glaring at them both with equal ferociousness in her eyes.

Jack huffed in annoyance, but knew better than to argue with Rose and fell silent as instructed. He averted his eyes from the Doctor (just looking at him made him want to keep arguing) and felt his eyes narrow when he saw a street sign telling him where they were. It was the street he knew Lucia's sister had moved to when she'd married her disgusting husband.

"Let me get this straight," he said menacingly, turning back around to face the Doctor despite the glare Rose was sending in his direction. "I am her legal guardian if Lucia isn't around to take care of her. But, instead of doing the reasonable thing and leaving Alice with her father, you saw fit to take it on yourself to ship her off to Muggles? Muggles who, by the way, don't like our kind and don't know anything about her true nature. Not to mention that they don't know how to handle what she'd need for the rest of her life?"

The Doctor sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Don't be like this, Jack," he pleaded. "I'm trying to do what's best for Alice in the long run."

Jack scoffed and turned on his heel, pacing a few steps before turning and walking back to them. "You're not doing 'what's best for Alice'. You're trying make up for not being able to protect Lucia, I get that. But taking my daughter away from me isn't going to bring anyone back."

"You arrived on a motorcycle, Jack!" the Doctor cried, his voice slightly higher than normal and his face red with anger. "You don't have a job; you're not even twenty-one for crying out loud! How are you in any way capable of taking care of a baby?"

"I'm not the only young father in the world, Uncle. Others adjusted and so will I," Jack swore. As an afterthought, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand. Turning his back to the trio, he waved it and whispered an incantation under his breath. Seconds later, the motorcycle had been replaced with a sensible, family sized car; complete with a child's safety seat (Transfiguration had always been his best subject at school – even Rose, who taught to subject, looked impressed at how easily he managed to conjure the vehicle).

Once he was satisfied that the car was acceptable, he slid the wand back inside his pocket and threw a smug look at the Doctor. The older man didn't react to Jack's look, but the set of his jaw made it obvious to anyone that he was irritated and clearly biting the inside of his cheek to stop himself from saying something.

Jack turned to Donna and reached out to take Alice from the redhead. "Thank you for getting her," he said, smiling gratefully and pressing a kiss against her cheek.

Donna flashed him a watery smile and carefully transferred Alice into his arms, gently shushing her when she stirred at the disturbance. "Be careful," she whispered, cupping Jack's cheek.

"Donna!" the Doctor shrieked, breaking his anger-filled silence.

Jack smirked but managed to keep quiet as Donna winced and looked over her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Doctor. But Jack is her father."

The Doctor's eyes widened and he spluttered, "B- But…!"

Beside him, Rose reached out and placed a soft hand on his arm. "John," she whispered, her soft voice almost lost in the night. "I think she's right. Jack is all Alice has; she needs him, now more than ever."

At her words, Jack smiled gratefully and cradled his daughter closer to his chest. He opened his mouth to speak, but found that he couldn't when his throat constricted as emotion threatened to overcome him. He coughed lightly and tried again, "Thank you," he said, looking between Rose and Donna. He threw a glare at the Doctor, before turning his back on them and heading towards his motorcycle – car, he mentally corrected himself with a small shake of his head.

He had barely gotten more than ten steps away from the group when he heard the Doctor call his name. He stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around as he waited for his uncle to speak again. "I'll be keeping my eye on you. If I even think you're about to do anything that will ruin that little girl's life, I'll go to the Ministry and do everything in my power to take her away from you. Do you understand me?" he asked, a hard tone in his voice that neither Rose nor Donna had ever heard him use before.

Jack wasn't surprised by the tone or the words that were being thrown in his direction. If anything, he had expected the Doctor to threaten him with something similar. Their relationship had been rocky since Jack's seventh year at Hogwarts and it had been getting progressively worse since then.

He took in a deep breath and seriously considered heading back towards the Doctor and ripping his throat out like his true nature was telling him to do. One look down at the slumbering child in his arms was all it took for Jack to calm down and realise that there was more at stake than just his own life (he would be sent to Azkaban for sure); he had Alice to worry about now.

"I understand you perfectly, Uncle. I guess I'll just have to draw inspiration from the only father figure I've ever known, won't I?" he retorted, continuing onto his car without saying another word.

To Be Continued