Sequel to "The Purple Eradicator," so read that first otherwise this will make no sense, to any readers who haven't read it yet.

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Rated "M" because there will be worse language, more brutal violence and I have a feeling sexy times at some point. And as always my crappy comedy will lighten up the chapters.

"NYPD, open up!" I shouted though a door, to drug dealers, who may or may not have been inside the flat. I nodded at a guy who ran and hit the door with his shoulder. I rolled my eyes at him when it didn't open and booted the door open with one fowl kick, thoroughly embarrassing the guy who had tried to open the door, his name was Lieutenant George "Bud" Budberry.

I went by Inspector Penelope Conway those days.

There was a white guy sat on a chair, tied up and gagged, my team ran to him. If I had been The Purple Eradicator, I would have caught them. Was all I could think. I hadn't been her in over six years and now I was a high flying policewoman, one of the youngest Investigators in the country and miserable.

Since I had left the superhero scene, I had tried to convince myself that I was happy, but I just wasn't. Chris, Dave and Mindy were still part of the superhero scene. Chris was still causing havoc and I was still in contact with Mindy, I didn't see her very often but she turned out to be very useful. Dave wasn't even mentioned around me any longer, after what happened between him and Todd. I was working loosly with Marcus but I didn't see him very often either.

I watched the crime scene from afar, every now and then barking orders. My American accent was much broader and I felt everything that made me, me was being lost.

"Hey." Greeted a low voice.

"Hey, Bud." I looked at the reasonably attractive man. He had deep blue eyes, that made me think of Dave.

"You alright?"


"You wanna grab a drink tonight? It's on me." Bud was my on /off boyfriend, my only regret. Oh, he was nice enough and attractive but he wasn't…

"What did you have in mind?"

"What do you want?" He smiled at me sweetly. He was really starting to irritate me. Sometimes women like the man to take control. Unfortunately, Bud never took control.

"Anything but coffee, I'm sick of coffee."

Bud laughed heartily, his laugh was what attracted me to him, it was like how everyone imagines Santa's laugh to be like, but there was less 'ho ho ho' about it.

"How about 'Lucy's?'" I usually didn't go there because it was always so packed but Bud was built like a rugby player, he pushed people out of the way with ease, so I agreed.

"Sounds great." I smiled at him and looked back at the scene, every now and then hearing, "Ma'am?" or "Boss?"

Me and Bud met later on and he bought me a very large vodka and coke. I knew what he wanted straight away. "Bud, I'm tired, not tonight."

"What? It's just a drink, Penny." But he gave me a suggestive smile.

I shook my head and felt my phone vibrate. There was a text from my dad, "Wmt atpw toqmw mit?"

I replied, "Dad, put on predictive text again. I have no idea what you just said. X"

"Sorry, hun. You busy tomorrow night? X"

"No, why? x"

"You want to have dinner with me and Todd? 'Round 7? Haven't seen you in a while. X"

"Sounds great! See you tomorrow! X" I couldn't help but smile, I missed my dad. I missed his big bear hugs, his soft southern accent and his warm smile. I hardly saw my family anymore, because of work.

I had changed a lot since my superhero days. I was hard assed but weak willed when it came to men.

I woke up the next morning lead next to Bud, with a banging headache. I clambered out of the bed and pulled my clothes on, before hastily leaving the house.

I arrived at work after having a quick shower and changing into my uniform, hating myself for giving in to Bud. I sat in my office for a while doing paperwork, anything to avoid my on/off boyfriend, until I was texted by one of the C.S.I's. Kathryn was the new girl on the team she texted me asking me to go and find her.

I did what I was told, happy to get out of my office, passing Bud in the hallway, "Hey ba-"

"Don't." I carried on walking ignoring his loud, aggravated sigh.

"What you got, Kathy?" I asked, as I found the woman.

"This, I didn't know who else to ask." She looked a little confused, and utterly terrified.

"Calm down, what is it?"

"It's the gag that was used on the guy yesterday. I put it in the box and forgot about it, Taylor's going to kill me."

"There'll be no murders on my watch. Let me have a look." The girl handed me the fabric gag, and I realised why she panicked.

In bold, black permanent marker was written, "Present for you. We need your help. H.G."

I couldn't help but smile. "Who's 'H.G?'"

"I think it is Hit Girl, she was one of the superhero's back in the day. Good job, Kathy. I think our victim might not be just a victim." I handed her back the fabric and managed to get an interview with the "victim."

It turned out that he, as expected, was one of the dealers and surprise, surprise a girl attacked them and took the other two men, while they were brewing some meth. I sighed, God, she's good.

I ignored Bud throughout the rest of the day, I think it annoyed him to my delight. Eventually, I could leave work and go visit my dad and brother.

Dad opened the door and embraced me. "I've missed you."

"Like wise." Was all I could mutter into his shoulder, before he let me go.

I smiled at Todd and he hugged me tightly. "You look tired."

"Nice to see you too, Toddie."

Dinner was quiet, none of us knew what to say. The last time I went over and mentioned Bud my dad ended up ranting about how strange our relationship was. There wasn't an awful lot to talk about…

"So, what have you heard about this, Red Mist bloke? You caught him yet?" I almost choked on my food when Todd asked.

"Um, n-no he er, turns out to be quite hard to catch." I could have caught him, if I wasn't so busy keeping away from his case file. "How's writing comics going?" Todd was still living at home with my dad, and he was one day 'going to be the best comic book writer in history!' According to my dad.

"Nowhere. I can't think of anything to write about." He groaned.

"How about a female superhero? You could use one that used to be around." My dad suggested.

"Hm, maybe. Who's was that one that was around erm, who saved you from being killed?" He interrupted himself.

"The Purple Eradicator?" I replied, shocked he still remembered my alter ego.

"Yeah that one. People took pictures of her right? She was hot, if I remember correctly."

My face fell and I held my fork really tightly, "Don't ever say that again. Ever."

The light conversation stopped automatically. I relaxed and smiled forcefully, "Sorry, it's been a long day."

"So, er, what do you know about her?" Todd asked nervously.

So, I told him the story of the first time The Purple Eradicator and Red Mist met, changing a few details so he didn't put two and two together, for example I said she was hit by a baseball bat not a crowbar.

At the end of the evening, my dad walked me to the door, Todd was busy writing the first instalment of 'The Purple Eradicator.' "You sure you can't stay?"

"I'm sorry I've got work tomorrow." I smiled at him and opened the door.

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You'd tell me if anything was wrong, wouldn't you?" He look worried.

"Yes, dad. Why?"

"You don't look… happy anymore. Before college, you were happy. When you were with that Chris boy, you were happy. You're not happy anymore. Maybe you should give him a call."

"No, dad. He probably wouldn't even remember me." I kept off the subject of Bud again.

"I doubt that. You need to make new friends, find a new guy. If you can find time to visit your dear old dad, you can find time to socialise." I thought that was the end of our discussion but of course… "What about Dave Lizewski? He hasn't been around for a while."

"Todd hates him." Dave and Todd had been in a huge argument. Dave generally told my brother, he was a waste of space.

"Dave was a good looking, good natured chap-" I knew his intentions were good but I started to tire of the conversation. I didn't need a man to make me happy.

"Good night dad!" I yelled as I walked away, down the road.

"Think about it!" He called back.

I had moved out of my house but soon after I moved to the other side of New York, my dad fell ill. Todd couldn't handle it, so like a dutiful daughter I moved in nearby, ten doors away to be exact.

I heard a rustle in the bushes beside me, and placed my hand on my gun. I got to the house and opened the door, but something felt wrong.

I pulled my gun out of the holder and put my back against the wall. I turned into my living room and found no one there, but I could feel something strange. I heard something move behind me, turned and lifted my gun. Only to find myself looking down the barrel of someone else's.

"Penny." Said a voice, coldly.

"Hit Girl." I stood up straight and put my gun back in it's holder.

"You shouldn't disarm yourself so quickly." She scolded, keeping her gun pointed at my forehead.

"If you were going to kill me, you would have done it years ago." I reminded her and she backed away.

I saw her for the first time in ages. She was almost eighteen and a beautiful eighteen year-old at that, tall, slim and her eyes shone brilliantly. Her face still had a hard quality to it, but there was a hint of a smile on her lips. She had changed her short bob of a wig, to a long haired wig with a ponytail. Her outfit was pretty much the same but she wore high heels, instead of work boots. And when the hell did she get breasts? She was a fully formed young woman.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?" I asked, astonished by her.

"Red Mist."

I walked to the fridge, and acted like the two words hadn't affected me. "What about him?"

"His industry has grown. Us superheroes and you cops can't catch him alone. You have access to his file. You can catch him. You could save hundreds of lives."

"I can't, I have to much involvement in this case, and I couldn't catch him alone."

"The Purple Eradicator can! And that was six years ago, come on, grow a pair!" Hit Girl said stormily.

"I'm not her anymore, Hit Girl!"

"But you're miserable! Being her made you happy." Hit Girl tried the same technique as my father to no avail. I ignored the conversation and changed topic.

"Thanks for the present earlier, it was much appreciated. But can I ask where the other two are?"

"Oh, in a warehouse somewhere. Will you come back?"

"It's not my life anymore, Hit Girl."

"Then why aren't you calling me by my real name?" Hit Girl said quietly, I had no answer. "I'll send you a message soon. Think about it."

She then left through the front window and I was stood alone.

I'll admit later on in the evening, I went upstairs to my room and took out my old costume. Still battered and bruised from it's last fight. I sat at my computer considering buying a new jacket, pair of trousers and a wig. I needed more to disguise myself. What am I doing?

Although I considered pressing the 'x' button on the page, I didn't. I found myself clicking 'buy.'

Maybe it is time for her to rise out of the ashes.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, there will be action in the chapters to come, don't worry. Tell me what you think. :D