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I managed to get home, before the emergency services arrived, I couldn't say whether Hit Girl and Kick Ass had escaped too. I cleaned myself up quickly and changed into an intact costume, before setting out the door once more. I guessed I was meeting Chris near the cinema, but I had to go empty handed.

I felt my phone vibrate, just before I left, "Hey, hon."

"Oh, hi, dad." I said, tiredly.

"You alright?" He asked, worriedly.

"Fine. You?"

"I'm good. Look, I want you to come for dinner soon, there's someone I want you to meet. She's very special to me and I would appreciate it if you would meet her." It was his way of saying he had a girlfriend.

"What does Todd think?" I had wondered if my dad knew anything.

"Oh, he's at a comic conference at the moment, won't be back for a few days. Will you come?" He asked, hopefully.

"Maybe, I have to go dad, sorry. Love you." I put the phone down quickly, dashing his hopes.

The only thing on my mind, was that Chris D'Amico needed to be destroyed.

The sun was setting on another day, possibly my last day, as I ran through all the back alleys, towards the cinema. I climbed onto the roof and waited, preparing myself for the worst. I stayed silent and heard the distant sounds of giggling as a couple climbed onto the roof. I walked to the edge of the roof and dropped down holding onto the ledge and swung helplessly, waiting for them to leave. "I don't know how she'll take it, Kick Ass." I heard a woman say softly.

My precautions for concealment were unnecessary. I pushed myself up, back onto the roof to see a very red faced Kick Ass and Hit Girl. "Douche bags." I nodded in greeting.

"Do you have to be so rude?" Kick Ass, groaned.

"Do you have to be such a woman?" I asked, mockingly. I swear, I saw Hit Girl laugh.

"Why are you here so early?" Hit Girl asked me.

"I had nothing better to do. And you two?"

"We were coming to see if you were alright." Kick Ass lied, badly.

I sat back in my spot on the roof and pulled out a butterfly knife, to occupy my time with. Unfortunately, it meant I had to listen to the love birds be disgusting with each other. "I was thinking that, maybe, we could go on a date tomorrow. You know dinner then I don't know, go back to mine. Watch a film or something…" Kick Ass said, suggestively to Hit Girl.

"Kick Ass, it won't be the first time I've had sex. Just say it if you wanna do it." She replied, half laughing.

Oh dear lord. I groaned, in my head.

"Well, um." Kick Ass coughed and I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you two go and shag each other down there? Get it over and done with so I don't have to hear this shit." I asked, grumpily.

Hit Girl looked at Kick Ass, who then looked at his watch. "We got an hour." He whispered and they vanished from the roof and into one of the alleyways. I growled and rolled my eyes, They weren't supposed to take that literally.

I heard noises from the other alleyway, shouting, jeering and a sob. I crouched in the shadows as Red Mist dragged my brother onto the roof. He was early, unusual for him. "Shut up, you cunt. If you make a sound I will cut off your dick, you hear?" Red Mist screamed, into Todd's terrified face.

"Leave him alone." I growled, pulling out my machine gun.

"Ah, you're early." Red Mist smirked. I suddenly realised it was just the three of us stood on the roof.

"Where are your body guards?" I asked, rounding on the man.

"Around. And yours?" He chuckled, darkly.

"Nearby." I told him, truthfully.

I heard a strange noise from where Kick Ass and Hit Girl had vanished to. I rolled my eyes.

"You have the evidence?" He asked kindly, picking up my brother by his collar. Todd was dirty and his eyes were wide. He looked like he had been drugged, he smelt of stale piss.

"I need more time." I pleaded.

"I warned you." He sighed.

"I got suspended, I just need a few more days." I was never going to give him the evidence but I could have assassinated Chris with the few extra days.

"No extra time, no comprises. I'm sorry, but that's it." He said, almost sadly.

"Please, no." I whispered.

"Look, Todd. She could have saved you. Your own sister could have saved you but she didn't care enough." Todd shook his head so Chris added, "Don't believe me? Look at her!" He threw my brother to the ground and pointed his face in my direction.

"Toddie, don't listen. I-I" I heard a noise and jumped, turning my head away from the scene before me. I turned back to see blood spilling from my brothers throat, a bloody knife in Chris's gloved hand.

"No!" I screamed and ran towards my brother. Chris vanished from view and I heard him hit the alleyway floor, with a grunt, followed by running. I put pressure on the wound but it wasn't enough, Red Mist had make to big a slit.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Toddie." I rocked his dieing body, blood pouring over my hands and body. He looked up at me helplessly and I removed the gag from his mouth. I couldn't tell if blood had spurted onto my face or if I was crying. I didn't care, either way.

His body became lifeless as I rocked him and I roared, like an animal, in my grief. Hit Girl appeared over the ledge of the roof, to find me bathed in Todd's blood, sobbing angrily. "Why didn't you help? Why didn't you help me?" I sobbed, feeling like a child who had been beaten by a bully and betrayed by a friend.

"I didn't- I didn't know." She whispered guiltily, Kick Ass followed her closely and stared down at me.

"Todd." He mouthed and I saw tears fall from his face.

He lent down to touch my brothers body, "No! Get away from him! Fuck off! Toddie." I screamed, holding the corpse close to me.

After a while, after my thoughts became clearer, I led down the body and rose out of the blood pool.

I once said, that my story was not an "I will avenge you" type tale. Now, it was.

I turned from the corpse and ran to the place Red Mist met his cronies. Although I didn't want them there, my team followed me.

All my feelings for Chris vanished, all my feelings for my friends vanished and all my love for life, vanished.

"Stay away, keep yourself safe. If I die, I am passing on the task, of destroying Chris D'Amico to you. You got it?"

"Yeah." They both solemnly replied.

"Don't come to the rescue unless I die. It's been a pleasure working with you both." I told them as I saw a light on top of the roof we were heading for.

I walked towards the roof and climbed up, leaving the pair dumbstruck behind me. I was met by Red Mist and four burly men glaring at me. "It's just me and you this time, Red Mist." I stated.

He nodded and the men climbed down. "I'm sorry I had to-"

"Fuck. You." I said slowly.


"You lost the right to call me that, the moment you murdered my brother. It's The Purple Eradicator to you." I shouted at him.

"As you wish." He responded, quietly.

"You know what I really wish? I wish I'd never met you and I wish I had killed you when I first had the chance." I told him, tearfully.

I heard noises from below me. "I think my team mates found your bodyguards." I stated.

Chris wouldn't look at me and something snapped inside my head. I started towards him at a walk which turned into a run and I hit him square in the face. He yelled out and I smirked. "Why?" Was all he said.

I saw red.

"Why?" I screamed kicking his face. "Why?" I repeated punching his stomach and then kicking his balls. He fell to the floor silently. I pulled off his wig and then picked him up by the hair, "You know why." I whispered into his ear and threw him back onto the ground. I kicked him in the stomach and retreated, wiping sweat from my brow.

I looked over the roof to see Hit Girl and Kick Ass locked in a tight embrace surrounded by corpses. Be happy, for me. I thought, forgetting the man behind me.

I felt hands push me forward and a foot under my feet. I grabbed the ledge as I fell. I swung over awkwardly, keeping a tight hold on the roof I held. "You couldn't possibly think you could win that easily." Red Mist taunted. I turned myself around, This is it. I stared up at the figure I once loved. Kind of poetic really. To die in the hands of an ex lover.

He laughed at me, "How pathetic. There's not even a shred of fight left in you. I never thought it would be this easy or I would have killed your brother years ago." He smiled down at me darkly, "Although, then I couldn't have used you for a quick fuck. And lets face it, it was a… quick… fuck."

I don't really know what did it. All that life, all that love that had left me, came back in one quick burst and I pushed myself up so quickly that not only did I head butt Red Mist but I ended up back on my feet, ready to eradicate him.

I walked towards him slowly but with purpose, his face was covered in blood, "Now, it seems you are wrong. I have a lot of fight in me and you don't seem to have much left in you. Your men are dead, your tower destroyed. I think you knew you were going to die tonight and I want to give you the final blow."

I pulled out one of my butterfly knives. Instead of using it straight away, I performed a spinning back kick. Hitting the man in the face and sending him to the ground with a crash. I flipped open the knife and stared at him. "How does it feel, to know that my face is the last you will ever see?" I picked him up buy the hair and held the knife to his throat.

"Do it." He whispered.

"I think, I shall." I said as I dug the knife in slightly, nicking one of his arteries and slicing his neck to the top of his adams apple. A straight line of blood poured out from the incredibly straight line I had created.

The man spluttered and I left, leaving him to die alone. I climbed down off of the roof, smiling, and walked past the kissing figures I knew as my team mates.

"Come on. I'll make you both a cuppa." I was free. Free of love, free of Chris, free of my fear, free of myself.

When we got to the house I changed and soaked myself in the shower. I got downstairs and realised my companions had at some point changed out of their costumes.

"How dare he?" Mindy cried, as I stood making teas for us all. "Penny was the one who killed D'Amico!"

I wondered what the hell she was shouting at, it turned out it was a news report on the TV. Bud was talking to a reporter, underneath he was titled, "Captain George Budberry."

"He got a promotion? Wow. Well, good for him." I felt so calm, I wasn't even angry he was taking credit.

"What? He did nothing, the fat bastard." Mindy muttered.

"The Purple Eradicator may have killed Chris, but because of her, Bud could crack the case. It's fine Mindy." I was exhausted, mourning inside, I didn't have the energy to be angry too. "Besides, I have to help my dad plan the funeral. And you know what? Being a superhero means we don't get credit for these things. I want to focus on being a superhero, not a cop anymore."

Dave smiled at me, "Good to have you back, Penny."

"Good to be back."

I visited my dad that afternoon and we spent hours comforting each other in our misery. I even went in to work the next day and got up the courage to congratulate Bud. "I can't really take all the credit. The Purple Eradicator was the one who killed him." He explained.

After that, I didn't spend much time as my "mortal" self. My superhero status grew and Todd's comics went on to be published. I became a national treasure. My mum even liked the comics, when she finally came out of prison.

The Purple Eradicator, Hit Girl and Kick Ass became known as "The Termination Triad" to their much loved fans, for a while at least...

A wise woman once said to me, "Life's a bitch and then you die." I was prepared to make it a little less… predictable.

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