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It Ended With.

Chapter 1

Nos es tantum tener quondam

Hermione's stomach lurched again. It was the eve of the wedding; it also was Harry's birthday. She rushed from the couch and hurried to the bathroom. "Hermione? Are you ok?" Ginny's tired voice came through the door, Hermione quickly flushed the chain.

"I'm fine...just nerves!" Hermione replied. She threw water on her face.

"You've been sick nearly every morning..." Ginny broke off to yawn. "Shall I get mum?"

"N-No! I'm just nervous...I feel fine already!" Hermione ran a hand through her hair. It wasn't nerves. Hermione was sure of that. But she didn't know what else it could be. She brushed her teeth and tied her hair back into a messy bun. She opened the door carefully. Ginny had gone back to bed.

Hermione moved carefully over the many sleeping bags to her own to pick up her laptop before creeping into Mr Weasley's office. She turned on her laptop and began reviewing the research she had done over the Deathly Hollows. She hadn't shown this information to the others until she was 100% sure.

"Let's see...three brothers all Perceval...hmmm..." Hermione went onto the internet. "Aha!" She said after a while. She leapt up from her seat and quietly crept back into the bedroom. As she entered the bedroom she noticed Harry sitting on the window sill. The early morning sun shined softly in room. "Harry?" She whispered.

He turned and gave her a small smile. "Hey...couldn't sleep?" He asked. Hermione shrugged her shoulders. He noticed the laptop and smirked. "Or you wanted to do research?" She blushed and smiled.

"You caught me." She placed the laptop down on table near her and sat next to Harry. "What did you see?"

"I don't understand them to be honest...they're just flashes..." Harry said breaking off to yawn.


"There's a man. Old and scruffy...he keeps speaking in German... and then it changes and then I'm..." He broke off suddenly.

"What is it? What did you see?"

"No." Harry said in a pained voice. Hermione touched his arm softly. He flinched at the contact. "It was just a dream."

"I won't tell Ginny." Hermione said glancing at the sleeping female Weasley. Harry shook his head.

"It was just a dream." He repeated. Hermione bit her bottom lip.

"Harry..." She muttered. "Happy Birthday by the way!" She gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks..." He said smirking. Hermione hurried over to her bag and after some careful rummaging she pulled out a small parcel. She thrusted it into his hands.

"Open it." She commanded. He chuckled as he opened it. It was a large empty crimson coloured book.

"It's a..."

"It's a diary." Harry stared at her. "When we go travelling...it's something to record it." Harry stared at it. It was original and it would be fun to tell their adventure to the world. Imagine it...How Harry Potter saved the world- the true story.

"Thanks...I mean it Hermione." He looked up at her and smiled. They were interrupted by Ron who let out a loud yawn.

"Heya Harry...Hermione." He said in a tired voice. He rubbed his eyes and stared at his two friends. "What time is it?"

"Nine thirty. Come on, Fleur's parents are arriving any minute. Mum's getting frantic!" Fred said entering into Ron's bedroom.

"We have been ordered by mum to give you the chores of the day...ok...ok...Ginny?" George said appearing next to his twin brother. Ginny raised her head and glared at her brother. "You have to organise the bouquets along with Luna." Ginny groaned and placed a pillow over her head. "Neville?" Neville let out a small moan. "You have to help Fred with setting up the marquee and also arranging paper napkins...Ron and Harry...now we all know it's your birthday Harry but you two have got to get rid of the gnomes in the garden."

"Better do that before the marquee is set up." Fred said. Ron let out a loud groan. "Also Hermione you and George have to that table thing." Hermione stared at him confused.

"You mean the seating chart." She corrected him. Fred waved his hand at her.

"Details. Details." He said.

"CHILDREN!" Mrs Weasley's voice seemed to shake the room with her voice. "DOWNSTAIRS NOW!"

"Imagine what it'll be like tomorrow." The twins chuckled together. They left the room to let the sleepy teenagers to get dressed. As they all came downstairs they were greeted by Mrs Weasley and Fleur.

"Hermione I have a favour to ask." Hermione stared to Fleur then Mrs Weasley.

"What is it?"

"My cousin Marine is ill with zee grippe." Fleur replied. "I need you to fill 'er in." Hermione looked to her friends for some help.

"Excuse me?"

"You're replacing her cousin at the wedding...you're a bridesmaid." Mrs Weasley said in a kind tone. Hermione swallowed hard. "Like Ginny is."

"Oh." She managed to say. "Thank you." Ron and Harry had to stifle a chuckle.

"I 'ope you like pink." Fleur said smiling. "Now we must get you ready." Hermione glanced at Harry for some help but he just grinned happily. "Upstairs now. Come." Hermione turned round and went back up the stairs Fleur following her.

Mrs Weasley turned to the table where most of the small party were digging into some toast and scrambled eggs. "I don't see why you lot are grinning for. You'll have to cover for Hermione." They groaned in response. "This is Bill's big day and I shan't have you lot moaning and groaning over every little chore. There will be big trouble if I hear one more moan. Yes Ronald I'm looking at you."

Ron bent his head down when his mother rushed upstairs to help Fleur with Hermione. "Come on." He said with a sigh.

Soon they were all working on their chores. "Come here you little git!" Ron cursed as he ran round the garden trying to catch a gnome that had stolen Harry's glasses. Fred and George were howling with laughter as the same gnome put the glasses on.

"Whack it! No don't jinx it! Whack it!" The twins advised. Ron glared at his brothers. By the time it was midday Harry and Ron had cleared all the gnomes away. Well...they didn't say anything when Mrs Weasley admired her 'new' gnome statues.

Meanwhile a very unhappy Hermione had to wear a V-neck Tea length pink satin chiffon dress with pink shoes with an inch of a heel. "I must admit 'hat your chest is very big." Fleur said as she loosened the chest area a little bit. "You look very pretty." With a wave of her wand she made the mirror appear in front of her. Hermione felt her breath catch in her throat. Even if the dress wasn't Hermione's taste, she did look pretty. She twisted the ring on her ring finger. The guy who had given her that had made her a promise that when the war was over they'd get married. But the same guy was being held hostage by his family for letting them down on killing a great wizard.

"One day you shall meet a man like Bill." Fleur said softly. Hermione smiled at this. "Or maybe you 'ave already found 'im?" Hermione blushed and nodded. "And zat ring proves it?"

"Yes." She said after a moment. She turned and faced Fleur. "It looks beautiful." Fleur nodded as she moved the mirror back.

"I know."

Hermione hurried upstairs to Ron's room, she had just escaped Mrs Weasley's chore list. She knocked on the door. "I'M DOING IT!" Ron shouted from the room.

"Ron it's only me." She replied. She heard the sound of something being shuffled then the door opened.

"Come in then." The room was cleaner than earlier. Hermione noticed something black under his bed. "I had to hide it somehow." He explained. "Everyone else's is in that beaded bag of my mum's."

"Wow...you managed to use the expandable charm!" Hermione exclaimed. Ron stared at her surprised.

"The what charm?" Ron asked.

"The expandable charm!" Hermione exclaimed. "Honestly Ronald." She smirked and ruffled his hair.

"Very funny Hermione." He said as he used his hands to straighten his hair out. "How's bridesmaid duty going?" Hermione lay back on the nearest bed.

"Horrible! I have to show people to their seats, I have to do a toast...it's bad enough about the dress!" Ron smirked. "And I have to dance!"

"I'll dance with you, I'll make sure you won't fall flat on your face as you trip on your heels or dress." Hermione threw a pillow at him. "Hey! I'm saving you from Uncle Jim...he has wandering hands." Hermione let out a small groan. "Then there's cousin Bernie...he likes to believe that every girl fancies him...he's only 10."

There came a sharp knock at the door. "We're cleaning the floor!" Hermione shouted. The door opened and in came Neville, Luna and Ginny. "Hey guys...where's Harry?"

"Mum's teaching him to dance." Ginny replied. "She knows we're up to something. She saw me and Harry chatting and she said I had to make the Delacour's bed up. She forgot I did that yesterday."

"Then we have to do our plotting at night." Ron said lying next to Hermione on the bed.

"So where are we running to tomorrow night?" Luna asked sitting in a chair near them. Neville leaned against the door watching them.

"Well after the reception we run to..." Ron turned to Hermione.

"Grimrauld's palace I presume." Hermione replied. "How did you leave things with your parents?" She winced as she remembered that Luna was an orphan like Harry and that Neville's parents were in St Mungo's suffering from dementia and was 'living' with his grandmother.

"Gran's ok with it. She made me pack eighty jumpers though." Neville replied pulling a small face. "Luna's been staying with us."

"She's been very kind. She's lent me a woollen jumper and thirty woollen socks." Luna added happily. "My Uncle Bart, dad's brother, gave me three hundred gallons to spend."

"Does he think we'll be shopping for You-Know-Who?" Ron asked chuckling slightly.

"Ronald!" Hermione said glaring at him.


"No. He wants me to spend it on us." Luna said giving off her happy smile. Neville walked over and wrapped his arms round her.

Hermione looked away from the display of affection. Ginny gave her a sympathetic smile. "So do we know where we're running off to?" Ginny said looking towards Ron and Hermione.

"Harry hasn't told us yet." Hermione replied.

"RONALD!" A cry came from downstairs. Ron went white.

"Shit Mum!" He leapt off the bed and stared at the others. "We better go! She'll have a bloody fit if she sees us all together!"

"She already knows something's up." Ginny added. They scrambled out of the room and hurried to different positions.

By the time the sun was slowly going down Molly Weasley had decided that it was time to call it a day. She had sent them all up to have a wash etc before coming down again. Molly watched as her two youngest children followed the others to get ready. She felt a sudden sadness wash over her, her world was in a war and her youngest children were going to fight in it never minding how she felt.

"Everything is changing." She whispered. She stared out into the blood red sunset. It looks like the sun had been killed...She felt the salty tears run down her face, with a shaking hand she got the dish cloth and dabbed her eyes.

She had to pull herself together. She had to get Harry's birthday meal organized! She glanced at the large clock in the hallway. "Seven o'clock? They'll be arriving any minute!" She exclaimed.

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