Chapter- 1

Bella's- pov...

I haven't seen Edward since my 18th party were Jasper tried to eat me, it wasn't his fault it was mine i should of been more careful but i wasn't and this is where it gets me. I just wish he would talk to me, it's like he is trying to avoid me or something. I'm now at the minute driving to the supermarket.


Ermmm well i got milk, eggs, cream soda, cake mixing, icing, bread, butter, beer, popcorn, hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate bar, bacon, coco pops, tea bags, coffee, steak, chips, peas. Done.

"Hey Bella."I heard some call behind me, I turned only to find Jacob Black.

"OHHH god Jake i haven't seen you in months man it good to see you, how are you ohh and how's old billy.?"i replied in a rush.

"Ohh he's doing OK and so am i thanks, here let me help you pack."

"God Jake your massive, whats your dad bloody feeding you?."

"nothing I've just grown." he replied laughing.

"That will be $24.95, please", the woman on in front of the register butted in quite suddenly. Little Cow.

"Well i better get going see you later Jake." i waved.

"Yeah see you later bell's."He replied, there's this look on his face and it's not a good look but ohh well.

I pull up to the house 10 minute's later, when i get in side i start putting the shopping away when i'm done i find a note on the table.


I'm out back I've come to talk to you about something please leave a note telling Charlie that you are in the wood's with me.


I wrote to charlie telling i was going into the wood's with Edward and wouldn't be long.

So i walk into the wood's and see Edward, i walk over to him.

"Come have a walk with me Bella." i just nodded and follow on behind him. We walk further into the wood's then he stops by a tree and turn's to me,"Bella we're leaving your not coming with us." I was shocked that he is actually leaving me. "Why Edward why are you leaving...Why...are you leaving me." I felt like i couldn't breath. "Because of what happened and Bella you were just like a pet for me and now I'm bored of you...goodbye love." with that he was gone.

The world around me began to spin. What was happening? Why was he leaving me? My breath caught in my throat. I gasps trying to breath, nothing helped. My breathing, labored even more. The world around my spun faster. I couldn't breath. The world started to fade, before long everything was black.

I woke up a couple of hour's after i woke up, it's dark, pitch black now and it's gotten cold. And the fact that I'm wearing shorts and a vest like top is not helping at all. I feel like my heart has been torn out and taken away from me.I'm alone. I hear something, I didn't look up. But suddenly my name is being called

"Bella swan, Bella is that you.?" I just nodded and hoped he would take me home,"Bella I'm gonna pick you and take you home OK." I just nodded his voice sounded soft warm and inviting. I nodded, falling asleep in his arms.


I woke up in my bed... wait! This isn't my bed. I tried to sit up, but arms held me down. Oh! god please help me. I want my dad. I heard someone coming in i hurried and closed my eyes. "There's no point in closing your eyes i know your awake sweet heart." I felt their hot breath on my cheek.

"OPEN your eye's please or do i have to make you." I opened them and looked into these brown loving eyes i got lost in them, they were my everything.

But when i look down i was just cover with a sheet i had noo clothes on! "What...you...doing." I asked then he started touching me that's when i screamed." DADDY."

Then he covered my mouth with his he was touching me everywhere, i couldn't push him off because he had tied my hand's to the headboard so my arms were over my head somewhere. Then he pulled away i start begging and pleading."Please ... don't do this...i won't tell my...dad please don't I'm...still...a...virgin...pleaseeee."

He looked at me with an evil grin on his face."Well that will do, I'm going to make sure at the end of tonight your not a virgin and I'm soo happy about taking it to."
"HELPPPPPP DADDDDDDDDD." i screamed. he laughed."sweet sweet Bella my sweet Bella you know no one can hear you cause we're in the middle of nowhere."He replied to my scream's. Then he stood up and started taking his boxer's off i just give up and my body shut down but i couldn't shut my eye's all i could do was hope it was dream i wasn't waking up from. He climbed on top of me and trusted into me "Fuck god baby you're so tight mmmmmmmmmm wet so wet." i couldn't move it will be over in a couple of minute's, but god the pain is horrible. "Belllaaaaa." he shouted when he came i felt his release inside of me and he bit my neck i screamed in pain. Then i felt something really pleasurable that made me moan then shout."yesssss." ohhh god i just gave him what he wanted from the start. I black out after that.

I heard voice's, I opened my i eyes to see charlie. "Daddy." "It's OK baby girl dad's here, i can't believe you got lost in the wood." WAIT A MINUTE MY DAD DOESN'T KNOW.

"Wait here I'll go get you a cup of tea." i heard voice's people saying they were leaving i decided to close my eyes.
Then i felt a hot hand on my mouth i stayed frozen in place then heard. "Don't my sweet Bella i will be back for you i love you and don't tell your dad i don't really need that much trouble now do i."

I just nodded, then i heard my dad coming in again. "OHHH Sam you still here go on son you can go home now and rest you must be tired from looking for Bella."

"Ohh yes and thank you chief swan by now." when my dad's back was to him he gave me that look he gave me when he was on top of me fucking me. God i just want to cry and tell my dad but I'm going to. Who is he?

"Dad who was that ?." I asked.

"Ohh that's Sam uley from la-push billy sent for him when i found out you were missing sweet heart and he was right the boy know the wood's."

"Ohhh OK, I'm gonna go up to bed night love uu."

"Good night sweet heart love you."

I walk into the bathroom and got in the shower and put it on burning hot so I could burn the memory of him away. OHHH GOD i remember where I saw him, he was on the la-push beach 1 year ago with Jake, ohh god they have both changed. I walked into the bed room first thing I did was make sure my window's were closed and locked then closed the curtain's. When i finally got into bed after checking all the door's and window making sure they were locked I fell into a dreamless sleep but I cried myself to sleep first I wish I had gone to bon temp's to my cousin Ellie's house...

Sam's- pov...

Fucking hell she was amazing in bed man fuck I'm glad I imprinted on the leech lover hahahaha. She's mine now, and I will be going back for her don't you worry my sweet little Bella your mine and i will be back, I'll be there even when you don't see me.(wink's) It's a good job i stuck my big cock in her and fuck her then bit her, you see i marked her as mine i can find her anywhere now.

Bella's- pov...

5 week later...

I haven't been the same since what happened with Sam and i can't tell anyone because I'm scared he will come back.
I can't keep any food down, i can only keep pickle's and steak down, I'm scared.

"Hello Ellie speaking."

"Ellie I'm scared help me please ...I(sniff)...Need...(sniff)youu."

"Bella what's up ohh come stop crying please stop crying come tell me."

"I was raped, I think I'm pregnant. Ellie I need you." I burst back into tears.

"oohh baby b I'm coming I'm on my way I'll be there in 6 hour's I promise...(sniff)...I'll help you through ...this, god look now I'm crying you thick cow." I start laughing crying.

"You always know how to cheer me up don't you Ellie i love you cousin."

"i love you to baby b now I'm on my way remember to pick me up at 7.45pm okk stay strong be I'll have my laptop and phone if you need me."

"Okkk bye."

"Bye love you."

...She's coming.

Now I'll doo a little cleaning make sure the lock are closed and Bob's your uncle as Ellie say's hahaaaa.

6 hour's later...

I stood, waiting... at the airport. I have never been so scared in my life, I had to drive past the La-push welcome sign. All I could think about was that Sam was going to jump out and do it all over again.

"BELLAAAAA." i was brought out of thought by my big cousin's big gob.

"ELLIE ohhh god I'm so happy your here."i was in tear's again.

"ohh come on baby bell's smile for me. yes that's the smile i want to see all the time through everything OK." I nodded, we got out side and loaded her thing's into the truck and jumped in. We just sang song's and had a laugh on the way home she knows how to keep me happy.


Ellie and me were both asleep on the king sized bed. Only because I am to scared of Sam, to be alone.

"I get nightmares so don't panic if I wake up screaming."

"You won't get them cause I'll scare them away first."

"Tomorrow we are going to the hospital. I've got you an appointment to see the doctor and see if your are pregnant."

"Okk ellie thankss soo much. I don't what I would do without you at this moment." with that she knocked the light off and we both fell asleep I had no nightmare's tonight I think it's because Ellie said she will scare them away, god she cracks me up at time.

Tuesday, May 11th.

God what is that smell fuck I'm gonna be sick...

"Bell's were you at ...god your being sick ohhh come don't cry bell's come on." i was in tear's again and sick all over my top and hair.

"Come jump in the shower and get ready, we have to be at the hospital in 30 minutes and don't worry i will sit in here again and watch over to make sure know one get's in here at you."

"thanks, Ellie i know it silly..."but she cut me off by saying.

"Baby b it's not silly of you I would do the same as you make sure everywhere is lock and have people watching over me making sure no-one get's near me." I nodded and got undressed and climbed in the shower.

"Morning girl's I'm off to the station." Dad shouted from down stair's.

"KK uncle Charlie." Ellie shouted.

"Byee dad." I shouted.

"You know bell's, I actually coming to school with you tomorrow."


"Yess Bell's don't worry everything gone right I start tomorrow and have all the same lesson's as you."

"wooooo" I replied to her.

30 Minute's later.

"Isabella swan" called the doctor.

I stood up and walk to the room and Ellie followed me, when we got in we sat down and then it began.

"Hello Isabella, what can I do for you."she said

"I think I'm pregnant." I said shyly.

"It's OK Isabella don't be shy about that, right i'm going to ask you to lie on the bed we need blood taken is that OK."

I looked at Ellie and she smiled. "Yes it's ok."

Now I'm laying down having blood taking out of me and Ellie is holding my hand, i must have broken her's by now Christ she is hardcore nothing hurt's her.

"Right Ms. Swan I'm going to leave you and your cousin in this room and send these to the lab they will be back in 20 minute's hopefully and I will be back with them okk."she smiled at me and I nodded and with that she left me and Ellie in the room on our own.

"Ellie how do I tell Charlie I'm pregnant, he already thinks I need help cause I'm down in the dump's." I'm crying again.

"Come on Bell's I will help we will think of something okk."she replied I nodded.

"Now you can have five minutes I'll wake you when she comes back."she told me, I just nodded and shut my eye's god I was tired.

20 minutes later**...

"Bella wake up the doctor's back WAKE UP NOWWWWWWWWWW." Ellie shouted down my ear i jumped up from that bed and the doctor was giggling and smiling.

"You know I use to be like this with my cousin nothing could break us apart i had the brain's but she was the hardcore one you didn't mess with we were just like you two." she said and smiled at us.

We laughed and nodded at her.

"Right Isabella let have a look."

"You're pregnant Isabella I will have to get a midwife to come and scan you and see how far you are on ok." I just nodded at her I couldn't breath, I couldn't believe he raped and got me pregnant. I burst into tears, once again.

"Come on Bell's it's not gonna be that bad right I'm gonna be with you through thick and thin of this even when you're sick I'll be holding your hair back for you OK I'm here."Ellie said and put her arm's round me as comfort.

"Thanks but you're not gonna get fat and have to live round here thinking your going to bump into the pig that raped you are you, I just want to get out of here for a couple of months. Hey can we go back to bon temp's please Ellie I beg you please please please I'm beg you with my heart plea."

"okk Bell's but you are telling Charlie a good reason why you want to go home with me just say something like you need a holiday away from the bad memories OK."

I nodded my head then heard. "Where's the mum ?." When i looked up i saw the midwife standing with the scanning machine.

"Right, pumpkin, I need you to lay back and relax please now the blue gel goes on your tummy and nothing happens it's just a bit cold it just to help the scanning stick move round OK." The midwife said.

"okk" I replied.

She put it on and boy she was right it was bloody cold. She moved it towards me so I could see the screen." well congratulations Isabella you're five week pregnant, now i need to know where you want to go for your check ups."

"Well she is coming to live with me in bon temp's, Louisiana so there would be nice." Ellie answered.

"Okk pumpkin give me five minute's I need to inform them and send you detail's over OK."

"yes thank you." i replied. then she walked out the room.

We stood up and walked out after Ellie cleaned me up, she told us i had been expected in bon temp's midwife hospital department.


"I'm pregnant ohh god." I said.

"Don't worry we're all here for you darling."Ellie replied then she started up the truck and start home but she didn't take the right turn she was heading for ... heading for...heading for la-push.


"For a ice cream on the ice cream stand i found on the beach yesterday...your OK with that right."she said.
i couldn't let her know why i was scared of here i just had to go with the flow.

"Yes fine."i replied.


We're both sitting here on the beach it is packed full of people i haven't seen him so I'm doing fine.

"God this ice cream is the best ever Bell's."

"Yeah actually I really love this toffee ice cream with all the bits in it, it's amazing."

But she didn't replied when i looked at her she was staring ahead on to a group of men, when i look one of them was staring back at her...

Then the rest turned round that's when...i...saw...him...Sam uley grinning at me with that evil grin.
I grabbed Ellie's arm and shouted at her. "come Ellie we have to go come please Ellie don't do this to me."i was nearly crying it looked like they we're going to come over.

"Ok OK OK Bella come we're leaving, why you nearly crying ?." she asked."Ellie i beg you with my heart that we have to get in that car and leave now please."i answered.
With that she grabbed my hand and we ran to the car and climbed in she 80 mph just pulling out up the street, when i look back out the window i saw all 8 of them in the middle of the road looking at or truck driving away.

When we got home got home Charlie's car was in the drive way.

"hey girl's how's it going ?."

"OK" i replied to him.

"Hey uncle charlie do you mind if Bella comes home with me tomorrow for a holiday just to get away from here for a couple of months ?."

"WHAT ?"

"Dad i just want a holiday or something and Ellie asked if i would like to go with her and see where she lives and her new house."

"OK Bella but what about school and work ?."

"Well her school will send her work out to bon temp's for her and work will get a replacement till she come's back, we leave in the morning to."

"What in the morning ...fine...you win, But you."He pointed his finger at me."Will keep up with your school work, ring me every morning every night without fail and no partying and I'm taking you to the air port to understand."

We both nodded and went up stairs to pack, God i can't believe he is actually letting me do this. I think he is only letting me do this because he trust's Ellie with looking after me.

Now 2 hour's later and we're done packing Ellie carried the suitcases down to the car cause i can't carry with being pregnant, i know what everyone is thinking Tell you dad he is in the police force, but you don't know how hard it is to tell someone that your pregnant because you were raped !, it would kill my dad knowing he could do nothing to stop Sam from raping and that he wasn't there. I'm just laying here in bed trying to not remember everything Sam did to me...


Well this morning i got up and made myself some coco pop's well they didn't stay down long with the morning sickness and as Ellie said she was behind me the whole time holding my hair back. Then i showered and now I'm ready to leave Fork's.

The car drive was charlie just giving us the same rules as last night and i know if i don't call him every morning every night he will come to bom temp's looking for me.

I give my dad a great big hug and walk to the plane now I'm sitting and leaving fork's and not coming back for months to come, don't worry i asked the midwife if i could fly and it was fine as long as i don't fly after 5 Month... i looked out my window and whispered."bye fork's."...

Sam's- pov...

I saw her yesterday hahaha what a sexy little bitch she is and best bit is Jared imprinted on her cousin Ellie that's what Jacob said she was called.
I'm now on my way to a pack meeting, i change back to human form and walk into the clearing there all there shouting at each other.

"HEYYY SHUT THE FUCK UP NOWWW." I shouted at them, they all went quite.

Jacob started talking first."Sam we have a problem I really don't know how to say this but this morning, when charlie came over to go fishing with my dad i asked how was Bella for you of course he said fine and that...that...her and Ellie left this morning and gone back to where Ellie is from for a couple of month's but he didn't tell me he said was that she wanted a holiday and Ellie asked her if she want to go back with her."

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK"i screamed. Then punched the tree so hard it cracked and fell down i broke my hand with it.

"Jared don't worry man we're gonna find them bring them back to us were the belong first I'm going to Bella's to see if she left anything there saying where she has gone, Jard are you coming with me."

"Yes i fucking am man my bride isn't running from me that quick."he replied smiling the rest of us laughed and followed us...


Standing in her room looking through her things i found a pair of knickers and bra on the bed they belonged to Bella i could smell her on them, that strawberry and vanilla smell. Wait what's that ohhh her a note book hahahhaha not so bright my sweet bella ...Bon temp's here i come...


I own none of twilight or anything to do with it, it all belongs to the amazing STEPHINE MEYER'S!.

I doo own ELLIE..

God this has taken my since this dinner time to write it so you better like it hahaha i kept stopping because i was listening to my music and kept singing with it. Hahahaha.
but it's done and up here...

In this story the Werewolf's are all bad and evil and don't really about anyone or anything but getting there imprint's, yes they have imprinted on them but they don't show it because they are that cold heated, and they do care about them in away but don't no how to show there love.

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