Attack of the Killer Sludge!!!
By Moony

Note: I wrote this in science class last year, while trying to bug my friend "Bob" AKA Christie. I think it worked out quite well, as I can use this story as a threat to this very day. . .

Chapter One

Remember the episode when Izzy got his curiosity stolen by Vademon? Demidevimon used signs warning Izzy of sludge (Which I'm sure is Digimon fodder in the japanese version_ and one of the signs said "Beware of Attack Sludge!"
Luckily for Izzy, Demidevimon was just lying and there was really no Attack Sludge. For if there was. . . they may not have survived. . .


One day, two Digimon (Demidemipabukabuterikorogabugatomegademimon and Insertnameheremon) were midng their own business, talking about how Pikachumon had transferred from another anime, and how the stupid rodent couldn't even talk, when they suddenly heard a noise. They turned, nervously scanning the horizon, before shrugging and going back to their conversation.
Foolish, foolish Demidemipabukabuterikorogabugatomegademimon and Insertnameheremon didn't realize that what they'd heard was none other than. . .


They continued their stroll, blissfully unaware of the pink, shaving cream digi-dung that was stalking them, baring its pink digi-fangs, its pink digi-eyes glistening with the anticipation of drawing digi-blood.
Insertnameheremon stopped. "What's that music?" it asked. Its companion shrugged.
"Sounds like we're in a horror movie or something."
Insertnameheremon scrunched its forehead. "Forget that," he said "What's that smell?"
Then it pounced, riping mercilessly at Demidemipabukabuterikorogabugatomegademimon and Insertnameheremon, spilling their digi-guts and turning their digi-inards into digi-mush.
Content, the sludge continued on its way, looking for more victims. . .


I have one thing to say: I'm SORRY!