Title: Tragedy Calls My Name

Author: phoenixtears07

Pairings: Dark/Krad, Yullen

Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, Humor

Warnings: shounen ai aka guyxguy pairing (you have been warned), some swearing, death, Krad with mood swings

Summary: After Dark sealed the both of them in the Kokuyoku, things were peaceful for a while until Krad hears a voice that does not belong in the Kokuyoku. It sets off a chain of events that throws them into new hosts and a war between demons and exorcists with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Note: I need to stop writing new fics and finish my old ones, but I wanted to try a crossover for once. So, welcome to the first chapter of my new experiment!


Chapter 1

Time was an abstract concept.

Sundials, clocks, calendars, schedules. They were mere tools used to convert this idea into measurements that humans stubbornly clung to for their own peace of mind. After all, mortals only had a limited amount of time to make something of their lives before they disappeared into the distant void of death.

But, they were not human. They were the two halves of the Kokuyoku, the Hikari family's greatest artwork. They were, for lack of a better word, immortal. Forever youthful. And eternally bound to each other.

Light and dark. Black and white. Krad and Dark. Reflections of a reflection.

They were simply shadows of what they had once been and will never be again. Any possibility of becoming a single entity once more had long since been destroyed by the very thing that did not affect them.


Time and the hatred between their Tamers' families.

Had he cared to think about it, Krad would have called the centuries long antagonism an ironic tragedy, for his and Dark's first Tamers had loved each other. It had been a pathetic love conceived from Hikari's loneliness and Niwa's obsession with the former's art, but it had also been born out of respect and equality. And, twisted though their love had been, Krad treasured the memories of that time.

Because he had been innocent then. He loved his creator as a child would unconditionally love his parent. He loved Dark. And because "Father" loved that Niwa; Krad, too, loved the red haired thief. It had been a distorted parody of a family, but it was all he had known. He had been happy and if it could have lasted forever, then that would have been just fine with him.

But, the time he had with their little family ended far too soon.

Tragedy struck in the form of an illness, and the angelic being could only watch in panicked horror as his creator, his Father, wasted away. The once bright soul quickly tarnished and began to fade.

During this time, Krad learned new emotions. Fear. Terror. Sorrow. Hopelessness. Regret.

He shed his first tears as his other half gently rocked him in their private mental world.

Why did his chest ache so? Why did every breath feel as though glass shards were tearing him apart from the inside out? Why? Why? Why?

He had no answers and neither did Dark.

The first Hikari's final moments were spent with his Niwa. And as his creator took his last breaths, Krad desperately clung to Dark as his slender body was wracked with soul-shaking sobs.

Then, the light of his creator's soul disappeared, and Krad tasted the bitter touch of death for the first of many times.


The echo of his agonized scream reverberated in their little world as he too faded away. The last thing he saw was Dark's tear-streaked face.


Awareness suddenly hit him as his senses were flooded with the emotions of another. Thinking it to be his creator's, Krad had excitedly called out, only to be disappointed and beyond confused when a totally different person answered.

The soul was different. The body was different. Where was he? Where was Father?

Memories rushed into his head, and tears threatened to fall. Father was gone. But, where was Dark?

Krad later discovered that his new Tamer was Father's nephew. When he asked about the Niwa, he reeled back as raw fury seared across his senses. And he could do nothing but tremble under the merciless onslaught of negative emotions.

The Hikari blamed the Niwa family for Father's death, and Dark had become nothing more than a traitor in the eyes of the artistic family.

Krad tried to explain the truth of what happened. But, his new Tamer lashed out in return, calling him a filthy liar.

It was a few years later when he met Dark again. His other half had a new Tamer as well, and the young thief had an eye on one of the Hikari artworks. But instead of the happy reunion he had been hoping for, Krad screamed when his host buried a dagger into the Niwa's back. And the thief collapsed like a puppet abandoned by its master.

The angel had never seen so much blood before. Everything was red, red, red. And he couldn't stop screaming. He tried to fight his way out. He needed to get to Dark! His other half wasn't moving! But, his Tamer held him back by sheer force of will.

The Hikari snickered to himself, congratulated himself for protecting the precious artwork and avenging his poor, murdered uncle.

And still Krad screamed until his Tamer lost patience.

"Shut up! 'Dark! Dark!' Is that all you can say? If you're Uncle's greatest masterpiece, then I'd hate to see what he would consider a failure. The Niwa got what he deserved, and that other half of yours is just a traitor. They both needed to die. So, shut up!"

Krad stared at the bloody corpse through his Tamer's eyes. //Why?//

"Why what?"

His chest felt incredibly tight, but Krad did not know why. //Why did they need to die?//

"They're the enemy now. It's Niwa's fault that Uncle is dead. And Dark is on that family's side."

//Enemy? What is that?//

"Enemies are the people you to hate. The ones you need to get rid of before they get rid of you."

//Hate? Is that what I feel?//

There was silence for several minutes. "What do you feel when you look at that?" The Hikari motioned to the Niwa's body.

//My chest hurts, like my heart is being ripped out. Is that pain…hate?//

"…Yes, Krad. You're feeling hatred towards both Niwa and Dark. They've abandoned you, Krad. But I haven't. We, the Hikari, are here for you. We need you. We are the only ones who love you. You are our angel." The sweet words slipped off a poison tongue, coaxing the insecure magical being. "The Niwa are thieves. And thieves always lie. They never cared for you or Uncle. They merely wanted our artwork. The Hikari family is nothing like that, though. We protect our own. We'll never abandon you if you don't abandon us, and we will never lie to you. If you have nothing, then we'll be your everything. How does that sound, Krad? "

The Hikari callously stepped over the corpse without a care in the world.

Krad tried to peer back but his Tamer spoke again, distracting him. "There's no need to look to the past for a love that I am freely offering you, is there?"

The angel hesitated and slowly, hesitantly gave his host his full attention. The "hatred" continued to tear at him, and Krad did not like it at all. //How can I make the pain stop?//

"You have to get rid of the source of that pain. You have to do what I just did, my angel. Kill the thieves."

//And the hatred will stop?//

"Yes, it will."

A plan had formed in the human's mind, and if things went according to his new plan, there would be a permanent Hunter lurking in the bloodline to guard the artworks and get rid of the pesky Niwa clan. The stage was set. The characters were already in place. And a bloody revolution would soon begin.


Over the course of time and generations, true hatred took root in Krad and poisoned his mind, threatening his precarious sanity. He took his second Tamer's words to heart, and his subsequent hosts became his everything.

He quickly lost any hesitance about harming his other half and a twisted cycle began.

Hate begot hate.

The balance between light and dark had been broken, and the light angel was the one forced to bear that cross. And so, Krad lost himself in his own madness, unable to tell truths from lies. Love from hate. Light from dark. It all blended together in a mix of pain and warped obsession with random periods when sanity took hold for a short time until it washed away again under the miasma of hatred.

The cycle continued for four hundred years until Dark broke the never-ending circle by sealing them back into their own artwork.

Unexpectedly, the ritual did not go as planned. They were supposed to merge and become a single entity again but something went wrong in the process. They were sealed, yes, but still separate beings. Remnants of a tragic history. Together yet apart in a void that welcomed and rejected them.

And so, they were left to contemplate their lot in life in the gray void that was the Kokuyoku.


And here Krad was, brooding over his naïveté during his early years. With the balance restored, his mind was clear and sharp again, unhindered by the haze of hurt and fury that ruled his actions for centuries. Now, he was able to look back and see how foolish he had been to hang on to every word his second Tamer had spoken. He had been pathetic then. Weak and stupid and so ignorant of the world he never asked to become a part of.

The wedge driven between him and his other half by the Hikari led to the reason he and Dark were stuck the way they were now. It was too late to fix the wrongs. So, they would be trapped here in this gray void, a perfect blend of black and white, until something, if anything, happened to free them.

The situation did not look promising.

Krad shifted slightly to glance behind him at his counterpart. They were sitting with their backs to each other, so all the blond could see was a pair of ink-black wings and a dash of purple hair.

Regret and loneliness clawed at his belly. He wanted to go back to the way things were before death intruded upon their strange family of four. Back when Hikari and Niwa had been equals, not bitter enemies. When he and Dark could curl up together in innocent bliss.

Krad wanted to apologize but the words wouldn't come out. So, he wrapped his wings around himself a little tighter and tried to muster up what courage he could scrape up.

"What happened?"

The blond nearly jumped out of his skin when his other half's voice suddenly broke the silence that ruled the void. "What?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

Krad frowned at the confusing questions. "What are you talking about?"

A sigh sounded and the rustling of clothes and feathers indicated that Dark had turned to face the angel. "What did I do to make you hate me? Why did we spend four hundred years fighting, Krad? I want to know why I had no choice but to seal us in this place."

The blond curled up a little tighter. Dark's voice was strained as though biting back scathing words. Suddenly, Krad didn't want to apologize anymore. He didn't know if he could handle Dark's rejection.

"Answer me, Krad."

The angel trembled slightly. What could he say? There was no reason for their centuries of hatred and generations of ruined lives.

Krad yelped when a weight slammed into him, throwing him onto his back. A dark blur straddled him and tanned hands pinned his gloved ones to the ground, or what served as a ground in the endless void.

Furious violet eyes bored into wide gold. "Answer me!"

Terrified, the angel struggled to get out of the tight grip, but Dark had always been the physically stronger one. "Get off!"


"Let go of me, Mousy!"


A sharp crack froze the blond. Krad's face was turned to the side, displaying the red mark beginning to form from the rough slap.

Dark's eyes were wide, shocked at his own action. "I-I'm sorry, Krad. I didn't…"

"I don't know."

The thief blinked. "Huh?"

Krad kept his eyes closed, unable to look at his counterpart's face while he made his confession. "I cannot tell you a reason for the last four hundred years because there isn't one."


After explaining about how his Tamer manipulated him, Krad wrapped his wings around himself again. He was surprised that Dark had silently listened to the entire story, but the thief's stillness was also a cause for worry. Dark was not the type to sit quietly for long periods of time.

Where Krad could be perfectly happy curling up with a book in front of a fireplace on a snowy day, Dark would be overly excited and carelessly run outside to play in the snow without remembering to put on a heavy jacket. Krad was meant to be the calm one and Dark the ball of boundless energy.

So, to see his counterpart uncharacteristically somber, Krad felt extremely uneasy. Would Dark hit him again? Would Dark even want to speak another word to him ever again?

Countless questions revolving around Dark's rejection swirled in his mind. Would he be able to handle an eternity of estrangement from his other half?

A bitter laugh wanted to escape his throat. It had been so much easier to just let the haze of hatred control his every thought and action. At least it had been an excuse for his cruel words and unmatched bloodlust. It hadn't mattered then if Dark would reject him or not. All that had mattered was getting rid of the Niwa family and consequently his counterpart. Complicated thoughts and emotions didn't have a role and were easily ignored.

But now, with his sanity intact once more, he was reacquainted with the old pain. Now, he couldn't hide behind his naïveté and call it hatred. It just plain hurt, this broken love of theirs.

Black clad arms reached under his wings and wrapped around him. The angel tensed, expecting pain. But, the arms pulled him against a warm body in a familiar hug. It had been over four hundred years since he had been embraced at all, and the angel couldn't resist the warmth he had been longing for since that fateful night.

"I forgive you."

Golden eyes widened as Dark pulled him into a tighter hug. There was a burning sensation behind his eyes, and it took him several moments to realize why.

The cold, heartless monster that was the Hikari Hunter would have never allowed something as weak as tears, not even in the privacy of his own mind.

But he wasn't that monster anymore. He didn't want to be that again. And the dam broke.

He cried for Dark. For Father. For all those wasted years and ruined lives. For all the twisted truths and embellished lies. For the terrible hatred still seething in him, not at Dark or the Niwa clan but at himself.

And through it all, Dark rocked the shaking angel and shed his own tears.


Hours, days, years. Time didn't exist within the Kokuyoku, so the two angels stayed wrapped around each other. They reconciled and Dark shared countless stories of his many adventures while Krad listened with a small smile on his face.

He pouted when Dark teased him. He laughed when Dark ranted about the grayness of the void. He scowled when Dark playfully stole the cross tied to his hair. He snickered when Dark somehow tripped over his own feet in a rare display of clumsiness, a trait he claimed came from the last wing master.

But, only when Dark was asleep would Krad shed his tears. After the first time he broke down, or was it the second, he tried to keep his turbulent emotions under control. Unlike Dark, who had four hundred years to get accustomed to such human emotions, Krad had been rejecting his during that time. Now, all those emotions washed over him at one time, and he had no idea how to deal with it.

He had enough control over himself to keep his more volatile emotions at bay, but it was difficult and exceedingly stressful. And, Krad had a feeling that Dark was starting to catch on to him. Lately, his smiles were a bit too wide and a little too strained to be real. Dark's suspicious glances hadn't gone unnoticed, but Krad continued to paste on a smile anyway.

The light angel's fingers restlessly tangled into his long hair, making knots and smoothing them out over and over again. Frustration gleamed in moist golden eyes. Hadn't he already shed enough tears by now? Surely there was a limit to the amount of saline liquid that could leak from the eyes. If Dark saw him now, the dark angel would probably be rolling on the ground in hysterical laughter.

Krad could have sworn that he heard about something like this before. Likely something from one of his former Tamers' knowledge and memories. But, what was it? Something about hormones and chemical imbalances and other complicated processes that he hadn't really cared about but looked through anyways out of sheer boredom. Oh, it was something about having more female hormones every so often. Something along the lines of PTS or PSM. But…that was for females…and he was definitely male.

Discarding the useless thoughts, he continued to sulk about his inability to control his tears. Did Dark ever cry this much while getting used to these emotions?


"Hmm…" Krad sighed. Maybe there was something wrong with him.

Though, there was definitely something wrong with the past minute. Like hearing a voice that wasn't his and sounded a little too much like his counterpart's, who was supposed to be asleep.

"What are you doing, Krad? Why are you crying?"

So much for keeping this a secret. Krad prepared himself for the imminent onslaught of laughter.

"Krad? What's wrong?"

The angel twisted a strand of hair around a finger. "Nothing's wrong."

"Right. Because you always cry when there's nothing wrong." The sarcasm made the blond twitch. "Besides, you only play with your hair when something's bothering you."

Krad scowled at his traitorous hair. Not that he would ever cut it though. He liked his hair just the way it was. "It's just an old habit."

"Uh-huh." Dark wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist and pulled the smaller angel to sit between his legs. "Tell me, Kraddy."

The blond frowned at the endless gray before him like it held all the answers to life's mysteries, if only to avoid looking at the male behind him. "Don't call me that."

"Aww, are you being shy? Don't worry…I'll let you make up a nickname for me, Kraddy."

The light angel's frown deepened. "No."

"Such a spoil sport."

Krad was about to respond when the words froze on the tip of his tongue. It took nearly a minute for him to strangle out a full sentence. "W-What are you doing?"

"Hmm…" Dark traced the line of Krad's jaw with his lips then gently nipped. "Is it good?"

Krad kept his mouth shut in fear of being reduced to a stuttering mess when Dark sucked on an earlobe. The dark angel's hand slipped under his shirt to trace little designs on the sensitive skin. A moan escaped the blond, much to his horror and Dark's amusement.

"What's wrong, Krad? I used to kiss you all the time."

True, back when life had just been breathed into them, he and Dark were affectionate towards each other. They would slip into their private world, just the two of them, and satisfy their craving for physical contact. Watching their Tamers', they picked up little things like kissing and hugging. But that was then, when they had been innocent. All those years ago, their kisses were nothing more than another form of contact, of connection.

Now, Dark's touches and kisses were no longer innocent displays of affection. Age and experience and attraction lent an intimacy to the action that hadn't been there before. It gave those touches substance, and every kiss a meaning.

Torn between mentally cursing the purple haired thief and pressing closer to the wandering hand, Krad bit back another moan when Dark sucked at a particularly sensitive place on his neck, most likely aiming to leave a visible mark to gloat about later.

Krad couldn't decide which one he liked better. The simple kisses from back then or the heated ones now.

Dark pulled back to see the flushed cheeks and dazed eyes of his angel. "You stopped crying."

Golden eyes blinked once, then twice. "Was I supposed to continue crying?"

"No!" Dark reached up to trace a finger along a flawless cheek. "I just don't like seeing you cry."

The blond looked away. "Moron. That's why I always wait until you're asleep."

A tanned hand cupped the pale chin to turn the blonde's face back to him. Dark leaned forward and gently pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss, a remnant of a fondly treasured past."I don't want you to hide your tears from me either. I won't laugh or anything."

Krad snorted.

Dark smiled. Only Krad could make that action seem elegant and oh-so-high-class. But then, that was his angel. His proud, beautiful, aristocratic Krad. "How am I supposed to kiss away your tears if you hide them?"

The blonde's jaw dropped slightly.

And, the dark angel grinned at a job well done.

Krad turned a few shades of red before closing his mouth. Only Dark could say the sappiest things and still be his usual arrogant self about it. What a moron.

The blonde created a new shade of red when Dark gave him another chaste kiss.

Really, he still couldn't decide which kisses were better, but Dark seemed willing enough to offer both.

And, he could definitely live with that.


Something pulled him from his slumber. An echo of a voice.

Krad stirred and sat up, searching for the one who called. Dark was still fast asleep next to him, so it couldn't have been the dark angel. He glanced around but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

A dream, perhaps?

But, it had seemed so real.

The blond laid back down and slid an arm around the taller angel's waist but he couldn't completely relax. Something felt off.


Krad tensed when he heard the faint cry. He shouldn't be hearing it. He and Dark were sealed.


It was just his imagination. It had to be.


He pressed his hands to his ears to block the voice. He didn't want to hear it! He wanted to stay here with Dark. They didn't need any intruders into their world.


Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.


Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.


"Shut up!"

Dark jerked awake at Krad's desperate scream. Seeing his angel curled up and near tears, the purple haired angel's eyes darted around searching for the threat. Finding nothing but gray on all sides, Dark pulled the blond into his arms. "What is it, Krad?"

The light angel shook his head. "The voice."

Dark frowned. "Voice? What voice?"


Krad pushed out of Dark's hold. "That voice!"

"Damn it, Krad, I don't hear anything."

"Alma. Alma. Alma."

"Who the fuck is Alma?"

"Alma! Alma! ALMA!!"

"Krad!" Dark lounged for the fading blond, but Krad vanished into thin air before he could grab on. The dark angel stared at the place where his angel had been a moment before. What the hell was going on?


Agony slammed into Krad's conscious. He writhed as wave after wave of pain, both mental and physical, washed over him. //What is this?//

Everything paused. "Who are you?"

A chill slid down the blonde's spine. No, it couldn't be. But, everything was beginning to make sense now.

"Who are you?"

That pain did not belong to him but to another, to the one whose body he now shared.

"Who the hell just talked to me?"

Oh gods, he was in the body of a new host. This wasn't supposed to be happening. Pulling himself together, Krad hid his confusion and cautiously answered his new Tamer. //I am a part of you.//

"Where are you?"

//It would be easier for me to explain if you look into a mirror or any reflective surface.//

A minute later, Krad found himself staring at a child covered in blood and holding a very odd weapon of some kind. A sword both beautiful and terrible.


//You are what is known as a wing master. My host. We share the same body now.//

"But how?" The child stared suspiciously at the angelic blond reflected in the water.

Krad raised a brow. //You are a Hikari, no?//

A long silence settled over them. The boy tilted his head to the side. "Hikari? What light?"

The blond frowned. Something was seriously off about this. //Your name. What is your name?//


//Your full name, please, Yuu-sama.//

The boy scowled. "Don't call me that. And that is my whole name."

Krad studied the child with a critical eye. Was this boy a Hikari? Members of his host family usually had the trademark light blue hair and matching blue eyes, but this child had black hair and dark blue eyes. //May I look through your memories?//

His Tamer reluctantly consented, and the blond delved into the other's past.

The information flooded into him, and Krad flinched at the sheer amount of torture his host had gone through. Humans really were fearsome beings. Especially when their lives were at stake.

From what could gather from the limited amount of data, this did not seem to be his world. This boy hadn't picked up a paintbrush or done anything remotely artistic in his short life. And he didn't seem to be part of the Hikari family, if there was one in this world. The angel didn't know why he had been pulled out of the Kokuyoku and separated from Dark, but for now this boy needed someone, anyone to acknowledge him. Knowing that feeling a little too well, Krad couldn't turn away from this child. He knew what it was like to be alone.

Krad wrapped himself around the light of his Tamer's soul, offering warmth and acceptance to the traumatized boy. //Shall I give you a name, then, little one? One that will not remind you of the boy called Alma?//

Dark blue eyes widened. Though he would never admit it, Yuu was drawn to the angelic being. The blond was offering the very thing the doctors and scientists always denied him, what Alma tried to offer in his own clumsy way. "If you want."

//Then how about…Kanda? It fits you.//

"Kanda?" Yuu mulled over it and silently agreed with the blonde's choice. "You never answered my question from before though. Who are you?"

The angel felt the child unconsciously lean into his warmth. //My name is Krad. Let us get along then, shall we, Kanda-sama?//


Blue eyes surveyed the scene of the ruined facility, which appeared to have suffered from a mini apocalypse. Kanda then glanced at the Innocence weapon in his hand. He had done the right thing, hadn't he? Killing Alma had been the only choice, right?

Phantom arms curled around his shoulders and long transparent hair, the color of sunshine, slipped into his line of vision. //Such thoughts are unproductive and will only cause you unnecessary pain, Kanda-sama. What's done is done. Whether your actions were right or wrong is now a moot point.// Krad pulled his Tamer closer and wrapped hazy white wings around them, cutting them off from the rest of the world for a short time. //Do not linger in the past for it will hold you back from moving forward.//

"Jeez, you talk like an old man. And why are you see-through?"

The blonde angel had no idea how to respond to that statement. //Old man? I am translucent because this form is merely a projection. Though, I am having some difficulty with making this image any clearer. It might be due to the current disarray of my magic. Some time will fix that easily. Well then, shall we leave this desolate place? Ruinous scenery does not induce positive thoughts.//

"…Stop using big words. And where am I supposed to go?"

//Anywhere but here. And, you might want to go pick up that blind man you saved earlier. He's waking up.//

Kanda tensed.

//Do not worry so. You are the only one able to see and hear me.// Nonetheless, Krad disappeared from sight.

The boy sighed, wondering if he was just going crazy.

// I spent a good few years suffering from madness. Believe me, Kanda-sama, you are certainly not going crazy.//

Regardless of Krad's good intentions, the reassurance didn't make Kanda feel any better about his mental state.


~The beginning was a little clichéd, but I couldn't help it. Introspection is fun.

Krad's little breakdown in the middle of the chapter was written in the middle of the night while I was half asleep, and I was too lazy to change it after. And since all I did was go back to fix any grammar mistakes, Krad will just have to stay highly emotional in a grammatically correct way.

And, if I ever get around to writing the next chapter, it'll be in Dark's POV. So, we'll get to see his version of the past.

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