Title: Tragedy Calls My Name

Author: phoenixtears07

Pairings: Dark/Krad, Yullen

Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama, Humor

Warnings: shounen ai aka guyxguy pairing (you have been warned), some swearing

Summary: After Dark sealed the both of them in the Kokuyoku, things were peaceful for a while until Krad hears a voice that does not belong in the Kokuyoku. It sets off a chain of events that throws them into new hosts and a war between demons and exorcists with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

AN: I used a mix of the anime and manga for the DN Angel part of the story. And, I sort of twisted Dark's personality. Just a little warning for those who like Dark's canon personality.


Chapter 2

Dark loved Krad.

It was as simple as that. He had loved the blonde angel ever since their separation from the Kokuyoku, from each other. Perhaps, he had loved his other half even before they had been cruelly torn apart. Krad was his everything, his reason for living, breathing, existing. His world revolved around Krad, and Dark would have done anything for his blonde angel.

But, as for their human counterparts, Dark hated them as much as he loved his other half. He hated them with a passion for keeping him separated from his everything.

He held a modicum of respect for the Hikari only because he had created the Kokuyoku, but that respect didn't make him like the human any more than necessary. With the Niwa, though, Dark despised him. He hated being imprisoned in that human's mind. He hated being dependent upon the redhead.

His only consolation was the fact that Niwa and Hikari were in love with each other. And as such, they saw each other quite often. This meant more time closer to Krad.

Unfortunately though, the blonde had developed some weird idea of the four of them being a family. Dark hadn't understood the logic in that, but he pretended for the sake of his other half. He buried his true feelings for the humans in the back of his mind and acted as though he, too, loved the Niwa and Hikari.

And time passed.

Hikari became ill and Dark found new reasons to hate his creator. As the illness progressed, Krad began paying less attention to him, and jealousy wormed its way into Dark's heart. Everything was about "Father" now, and the dark angel didn't like it. Krad should only care about him. So what if their creator disappeared? It was a good thing, right? It would be one less obstacle in the way of them being together.

But, Krad didn't know of his true feelings. So, Dark buried his jealousy. He hid away his ugly thoughts and feelings to try and comfort his suffering angel.

As the Hikari died, Krad clung to him. It was the first time the blonde shed tears, and it pierced Dark straight through his chest. It hurt to see the other's pain, but the only thing Dark could do was hold him, rock him in their private world.

"It hurts, Dark. Why does my chest hurt?"

Black wings wrapped around the fragile blonde as Dark closed his eyes. "I don't know, Krad."

Then the light of the Hikari's soul vanished, stolen away by death, and Dark realized just how wrong he had been. Their Tamers were not the problem. Death was the greatest obstacle between him and Krad because it was taking his everything away.

As the blonde faded with an agonized scream, Dark could only tremble as his name echoed in the space now occupied by merely one angel. Dark broke the stifling silence as he screamed his own pain because he had never felt so alone before. He had always had Krad. He had always been able to at least sense his other half. Now, there was only an empty void where his everything should have been.

And Dark hated it with every fiber of his being.


Love was a very confusing and painful emotion.

Dark had decided that early on, after he was separated from his other half when the first Hikari died. His own Tamer couldn't handle the loss. And to be honest with himself, Dark hadn't been able to handle his own separation from Krad.

After his own brush with death when the Niwa committed suicide, Dark woke in a new Tamer at the first stirring of the human's love.

The dark angel could faintly sense his other half. That meant Krad probably had a new Tamer as well. Hope sparked in his chest at the promise of meeting his other half again. Dark was starving for any contact with his light angel.

When his host snuck into the Hikari mansion to steal a painting, Dark felt Krad's presence strengthen with every step. Excited, the purple haired angel tried to take over, uncaring of the place and time. This distracted his host long enough for a Hikari to slip a dagger into their back. And, they collapsed as their life's blood pooled around them.

Dark looked up at the attacker and noted the light blue hair and eyes signifying a Hikari. But, he could also see the frightened gold flashing in those merciless blue eyes. Unable to physically speak, Dark mentally screamed his counterpart's name over and over again.

The Hikari uncaringly stepped over his host's body and walked away, leaving Dark to stare desperately after him. But, he never looked back. Krad never looked back.

Darkness crept over his vision as death claimed his host. ((Krad…))


From that generation on, Dark and Krad were pitted against each other. Fighting for a cause Dark could not name.

He didn't know the reason for the hatred and creeping madness that gleamed in icy golden eyes. Had he done something wrong to his counterpart? Couldn't he just apologize for whatever it was so they could go back to the way things were?

But with each generation, Dark watched his other half drift further and further away. Early deaths marked the passage of time. And, the darker angel began to resent.

Dark drowned himself in his own lies the same way Krad lost himself in his madness. He slowly convinced himself that he cared about his human hosts, and he turned his resentment into anger.

But, the pain remained. Every time he had to face Krad, Dark felt his chest tighten. He still loved the icy blonde, but the distance between them widened with every meeting and consequent fight.

And so, Dark continued to lie to himself.


Four hundred bloody years passed before Dark couldn't take it anymore. He stopped holding back his attacks. He did whatever he could to make Krad bleed and hopefully die. It was so easy to allow the burning anger to strengthen his attacks.

But then, he inadvertently witnessed a moment of Krad's periodic sanity when Hiwatori Satoshi, the last Hikari, slept over at the Niwa home.

Dark had woken the instant he sensed Krad take over his host's sleeping body. Minutes passed to an hour but the blonde did nothing more than stare out the window. Calm golden eyes glanced at Daisuke and Dark tensed, half-expecting an attack.

"I don't want to have too deep a connection with you…Niwa…"

The dark angel's eyes widened in surprise at the blonde's sincere words.

"I…I actually…really envy you…"

The soft confession had been made with an almost wistful tone. Without elaborating, Krad stood and gently picked up the slumbering redhead, placing the teen onto the bed. With a last lingering look, Krad turned and left via the window. The only proof that he had been there was a single white feather lying innocently on the ground.

Once he was sure that the blonde was gone, Dark carefully took over Daisuke's body without waking him. He stooped down to pick up the snowy feather. All his anger and growing resentment melted away into confusion.

Crawling back into bed, Dark cradled the feather to his chest as he reminisced about better days. Ignorance had been so incredibly blissful then. Purple hair gave way to short spiky red locks as Dark retreated back into Daisuke's mind, taking the white feather with him. Since it was part of a magical being, he could pull it with him into the mindscape.

Nothing remained to show that Krad had been there at all.


"We don't have a full form. No matter what we wish for, no matter what we pray for, IT WILL NEVER COME TRUE!"

The words Krad spoke to him during the Second Hand of Time incident echoed in his head as he finally found himself face to face with Argentine, this foolish thing that dared to steal one of his toys and make a fool out of him. Dark stared at the blonde being responsible for all the drama.

Black rage seethed through his entire being. He could hear his Tamer screaming his name, but Dark ignored the persistent voice. His hand whipped out and grabbed Argentine's face. He could feel his nails lengthening into razor sharp claws, and Dark was sure his pupils had contracted into cat-like slits. Physical signs of his true nature usually hidden behind his false mask.

He cruelly smashed the blonde's head into the stone surface, taking pleasure in causing the other pain. This brat, Argentine, had no right to meddle in his affairs, so he was going to teach this piece of worthless shit a lesson.

(Hold on, Dark!)

Dark snarled at the interruption. He wanted to hurt this bastard. Rip. Tear. Break. Maim. Kill. He needed it, the thrill of ripping away a life. It was an addiction he could never get enough of, so who did this human think he was to stop Dark from indulging in this desire? ((Shut up, Daisuke!))

The memory of Krad's voice continued to resound in his mind.

"In the deepest place of your heart, you must have hated the humans who summoned us to this world, where we do not belong…"

Dark's lips curled, revealing fangs, at the truth of those words from his angel. But before he could harm Argentine any further, the tower began falling apart, forcing him to let go of the blond.

(Harada-san is trapped in that tower!)

The dark angel looked up just as the girl fell. He knew he would never be able to reach her in time. Then, a blur of white and gold appeared seemingly out of nowhere, catching Risa midair.

Shocked, Dark immediately identified the being. He would have recognized the long golden hair and snow-white wings anywhere. "Krad?"

Why? Why was his angel going out of his way to catch some girl? Dark clutched his chest as a stab of pain pierced his heart. He couldn't have stopped the sense of betrayal from seeping into his world even if he tried.

Did Krad hold some form of affection for Risa?

Raw possessiveness tinted his vision red as he stared at Risa standing far too close to Krad for Dark's peace of mind. Krad belonged to him! No one else had the right to even touch his angel! Dark clamped down on his emotions before his Tamer could sense them. With one last glare at the two figures, he abruptly retreated back into Daisuke's mind.

The redhead fell to his hands and knees from the sudden transformation. "…Dark…?"

The dark angel ignored his Tamer while silently fuming at his blonde's possible betrayal.


Questions ran laps around Dark's mind as he tried to piece together the complicated puzzle that was his other half.

He made the decision that would end the long war between Niwa and Hikari. And as the gray void closed around the two angels, Dark turned his back to his counterpart. He had no idea what to say, how to reconnect with the only one he could ever love.

Rika had been a passing fancy, a splash of kindness in a hateful world, and Dark hadn't been able to walk away. But even as he whispered to himself that he loved the woman, he knew the desperate litany was nothing more than another lie, another excuse to distance himself from his blond angel. And in the end, Dark could only acknowledge that no human could ever replace Krad in his heart.

And now with the gray void of the Kokuyoku surrounding them, Dark could no longer lie to himself. The stark truth of his ugly emotions stared straight back at him, and he could no longer escape. There was no Niwa to pretend to like. There was no Hikari to steal from. No human woman to distract him. Only Krad. Just like it had been before their fateful separation four hundred years ago.

No…it wasn't the same. He and Krad no longer had the closeness from long ago. There was nothing but tension between them now. Four hundred years worth of lies and deception separated them, and Dark didn't know how to fix it or even where to begin.

The thick silence grated against Dark's nerves. It wasn't in his nature to sit still and think circular thoughts. He was active where Krad was passive. And so, Dark blurted out the first thing that came to mind if only to break the stillness of the void.

"What happened?"

Dark breathed a silent sigh of relief, glad that he hadn't asked something stupid.


His angel's voice sounded a little hoarse. That couldn't be good.

The dark angel pushed aside that thought and asked the question that burned in his mind since his second Tamer's untimely death. "Did I do something wrong?"

"What are you talking about?"

Obviously, he and Krad were not on the same page. Maybe he should have thought this out a little more.

Dark sighed and turned around to face the blonde. The snow-white wings were defensively wrapped around the lithe figure. The dark angel's gaze traced the streamlined feathers and moved to the long golden hair tightly tied back. The silver cross inlaid with intricate gold vine-like designs adorned the end. Their "father" had crafted the cross for Krad as a present. He remembered the blonde's awe and excitement over his first and last material gift. Dark recalled getting a gift from his creator as well, but he couldn't remember what happened to it. He had probably tossed it somewhere the first chance he got.

Dark pulled his mind back on track.

He really hated this. Dark wanted to wrap himself around his angel again but he also wanted answers. He wanted, no needed to know. "What did I do to make you hate me? Why did we spend four hundred years fighting, Krad? I want to know why I had no choice but to seal us in this place."

His voice had been strained and a little too harsh, and he felt a little guilty when he saw Krad flinch. But, the answers were so close.

When Krad refused to answer, Dark lost patience. He tackled the blond and pinned his angel down. "Answer me!"

He easily kept the blond down despite the desperate struggling. Dark tried to calm Krad down by calling his name, but his counterpart didn't seem to hear him. He didn't know how it happened; but the next thing he knew, Krad's face was turned away with a reddening mark forming in the shape of his hand. Dark stared wide-eyed at the discoloration, shaken at his own action. It scared him that he could do that without thinking. "I-I'm sorry, Krad. I didn't…"

His angel wouldn't even look at him. Dark inwardly panicked. What if this pushed Krad even further away?

"I don't know."

Dark slowly blinked in confusion. "Huh?"

"I cannot tell you a reason for the last four hundred years because there isn't one."

…There wasn't a reason?


Dark officially detested the Hikari family. Family member of his creator or not, that brat had no right to lie to Krad that way. That Hikari fool had no right to take away the only one he had ever held dear.

Damn them. Damn them all. It was their fault. Four hundred years of bloodshed lay on the Hikari family's shoulders, not Krad's. His angel hadn't known any better at that time.

It was also his fault for not connecting the puzzle earlier. Who had constant contact with Krad? Who else could turn his angel against him? The answer had been right in front of his face the entire time, and Dark mentally beat his head against a brick wall for being so stupid, for believing that Krad would abandon him for no reason. It was his fault for letting the lies and misunderstandings degenerate to the point where Krad lost his sanity.

He was dark where Krad was light. His angel wasn't meant to harbor negative emotions, not to that extent.

Even in the beginning, Krad loved their creator and even the Niwa while Dark hated both humans. Dark symbolized the shadows within the human heart, and Krad represented the radiance. Dark was made for destruction where Krad wielded the healing arts. That was the way of things. That was their balance.

But, when that blasted nephew of his creator manipulated Krad, the balance was disrupted and Krad paid the price with his sanity. His angel's magic became erratic and consequently destructive, harming himself, his Tamer, and everyone around him.

And as a result, Dark's magic had been affected as well. He had been unable to call upon his wings and more destructive abilities, which forced him to resort to using a familiar and hand-to-hand combat.

This explained so much.

He and Krad were reflections of each other. What happened to one would affect the other, just to a lesser degree.

It was how Dark could feel love for Krad. He would never be able to experience the emotion as fully as Krad. What he felt was merely a shadow of what Krad felt for him, but it was enough. It was more than enough.

Dark glanced at the dejected ball of white feathers sitting in front of him. Krad had wrapped himself in his wings again. Was his angel expecting rejection? He crawled forward and gently reached past the shield of feathers to hug the blond. He felt his angel lean into his touch and tightened his hold. "I forgive you."

His whispered profession made the blond tremble. He held his angel as Krad finally released his pent up emotions. It was centuries overdue.

He didn't know when his own tears stated falling but he couldn't care less. He finally had his angel back in his arms. And for the first time in four hundred years, Dark felt at peace again.


Dark should have known that something was bound to happen to disrupt their peace. When had life ever been fair to them? Sealed into the Kokuyoku or not, fate would eventually find a way to torment them.

And it happened when Krad woke him, screaming about some voice. Dark strained his ears but the only voice he heard was Krad's.

"Who the fuck is Alma?"

Alma? Dark had no idea who that was. His eyes widened when his angel began to fade, eerily reminiscent to the time when the first Hikari died. A cold fist squeezed his chest. No. This couldn't be happening. They were supposed to be sealed forever!

Dark desperately lunged for the blond, but grasped only thin air when Krad completely vanished. What the hell was going on?


His voice echoed, reflecting the sound back at him over and over again.


Dark sent out energy blast after energy blast, hoping something would give. Surely he could break out of this thrice-damned void.

When he ran low on magic, he slammed his fists into what served as the ground until his knuckles were bloody and bruised. And still he raged.

Why? Just when they had found some happiness in this fucked up place…


He couldn't sense Krad. Why couldn't he sense his angel? It was just like when Death came calling for the first time.


Dark didn't know how long he tried to break out. He went through every spell he knew. He tried combining spells. He tried using raw magic. Anything and everything he had at his limited disposal. And nothing worked. He was still trapped while his angel was who-knows-where. What if Krad was in trouble? What if his angel was hurt and waiting for him?

He restlessly paced, seething with nothing but his erratic thoughts for company.


Dark froze in his tracks. Mana? What or who the hell was that?


He glanced around, searching for the source of the voice. Could this be what Krad heard?

"…Please…wake up…Mana…"

Dark looked down at his hands, which were becoming transparent. "Oh, hell…"


His world turned black.


Mental anguish slammed into him. Dark shuddered slightly at the onslaught then let it wash over him and away. It wasn't his so he had no interest in it.

A dim spark flickered in his mind's eye. Faint. Familiar. Excitement churned in Dark's stomach. It was Krad. He could sense his angel again! Though, Krad seemed to be far away if the dimness of his light was any indication.

That was odd. The Hikari and Niwa families may have hated each other, but one rarely if ever strayed far from the other. Artist and thief. Without the Hikari, the Niwa could not steal. Without the Niwa, the Hikari would have no one who could truly love their art. They, like he and Krad, balanced each other out.

A closer, silver light intruded and pulled his attention away. Tainted with a lifetime's worth of sorrow and pain, this light's tragedy called to Dark. His lips curled slightly in distaste. It was a mortal's soul. The negative emotions called to him, but he was reluctant to get any closer.

So, he had new Tamer.

The sealing should have prevented this from happening. But, something was off. He hadn't been woken by his new tamer's feelings of love, far from it. This…was different.

Intrigued despite himself, Dark drew closer to the light to look through the other's eyes. The boy, his host, was kneeling by a toppled carriage. Dark could make out the unnaturally still body trapped beneath the pile of wood, metal and glass. A warm, sticky substance seeped through the boy's pants. Dark admired the crimson fluid. His true self, hidden beneath layers of masks and lies, itched to leaned down closer to the substance. It wanted a taste of that blood, made rich by creeping death and agonizing wounds.

Dark shook off his morbid desires and caught a glimpse of his host from the reflection off a shard of glass. He stared in growing horror.

This wasn't right. This boy couldn't possibly be a Niwa. The brown hair and brown eyes held none of the Niwa's distinctive fiery presence. Hell, the boy wasn't even Asian, much less Japanese.

And now that he thought about it, carriages shouldn't even be in use anymore.

((What the hell?))

The boy jumped in surprise. "Mana?"

Dark glanced at the reflection again just to make sure, but the brown hair and eyes remained the same. ((This is seriously fucked up…))

His host warily glanced around. "W-Who's there?"

The dark angel sighed, already tired of having to deal with a brat. He just wanted to go get his angel and find a secluded place. But, that obviously wasn't going to happen any time soon. ((I'm a voice in your head, kid, so stop talking out loud before someone hears you talking to yourself and throws you into some institute. I can hear your thoughts.))

'Oh…who are you?'

((Name's Dark, kid. You?))

'Allen Walker. Is…is Mana alright? Why isn't he moving?'

Dark didn't have to check for a pulse to know that the man was dead, but the boy's timid thoughts made him feel a little sorry for the kid. So, Dark gentled his voice. ((He's not going to wake up, kid. Your Mana's dead.))

The boy sniffled and Dark faintly felt the warm tears track down his host's cheeks. The angel sighed. Kids were definitely not his forte.


Dark didn't particularly like graveyards. They were boring. The dead couldn't provide the entertainment, the excitement he needed to thrive. And besides, Krad wasn't here. That automatically made visiting the graveyard a tedious chore. Unfortunately, his host wanted to be close to the only person who had been kind to him.

Jeez, this kid was like a kicked puppy. Pet him a few times and he'll follow you to the ends of the earth.

Dark tamped down his snide thoughts. He needed Allen to trust him, and uncharitable thoughts tended to achieve the opposite effect. So, Dark was once more reduced to reluctantly befriending a human he would rather do without.

Trying to change his train of thought, he looked up at the moon. The full orb glowed an ominous red, the foretelling of a destiny paved with suffering. Dark snorted at the symbolism. The kid already had plenty of problems. Not to mention the silent presence of another being in the boy's mind.

Dark had tried to prod the other presence into doing something, but he merely got the impression of a shadow grinning at him. After a while with nothing to show for his effort, Dark left it alone. If it didn't want to do anything, then that was fine with him. He would just have to keep a close eye on it.

An abrupt shift in the magical field alerted Dark to an intruder. The magic radiating from the intruder felt odd to him. He had never encountered such magic before, so he decided to keep still and observe. He wouldn't interfere unless the boy was in imminent danger.

"Mana Walker…Shall I resurrect him for you?"

The malicious voice had Dark's hackles rising. Resurrecting the dead? Was that even possible? He pulled back, drifting deeper into Allen's mind. Dark didn't want the sorcerer accidentally sensing him.

So, he watched. Dark watched as his weak-willed Tamer called his father back from the dead. He felt the thick, disgusting magic emanating from the metal skeleton. He experienced his host's blinding pain as the resurrected soul cursed his son. Dark bit back a snarl when a piece of that man's soul and tainted magic entered Allen's left eye. And just before he had enough and interfered, something very interesting happened.

Allen's left arm surged with another kind of magic that Dark was unfamiliar with. It felt lighter, more forgiving than the suffocating feel of the dark magic from the skeleton and the sorcerer. The new magic transform the boy's arm into a claw that cleanly sliced through the black skeleton.

Dark didn't relax until the sorcerer's presence vanished. Satisfied that his host was alone once more, he shifted forward to carefully examine both the cursed eye and the blessed arm. He noted that the boy's hair had turned white, and the eyes had lightened to gray.

Well, well. This host may prove to be more entertaining than he first thought.

That was until Dark realized that the blessed arm was sentient in its own right. He swore.

((Damn it, kid, it's getting really crowded in here! You better not pick up any other stray things.))

Allen slowly blinked in confusion. "Huh?"


Three years passed.

Dark had decided early on that life with Cross Marian was awesome. Every night brought danger and excitement in the form of swindling and debt collectors. He was having the time of his life.

Allen, on the other hand, was convinced he had ended up in Hell and Cross Marian was the devil in the disguise of a drunken womanizer. Night after night of gambling and running wore him out, but that demon known as his Master refused to stop racking up the bills. And the hammer. Bloody hell, he had nightmares about that hammer.

Dark had warmed up to Allen over the years, though he still wasn't happy about having a Tamer again. He was with Allen through everything. The manual labor. The endless debts. The nightly gambling. He taught his host how to pickpocket when gambling was out of the question. Dark watched as Allen found his first friend in the boy, Nalei, while they were in India. He was a comforting presence when Nalei became an akuma. He encouraged the boy when Allen consciously killed his first demon.

And through it all, Dark inwardly reveled in the negative emotions Allen always seemed mired in. He drank in the boy's sorrow and pain like they were drugs. Wanting more. Craving more. Dark could only lie to himself for so long. He existed because of these darker emotions, and he couldn't continue exiting without them. But, Allen knew nothing about this, and Dark wanted to keep it that way.

Likewise, he would never let Krad see this side of him. His angel didn't need to know how bloodthirsty and twisted Dark could be. Krad should only see his more caring side. The part of him that would do anything for the blond.

Dark was pulled out of his musings when Allen's terror flooded him. He looked through gray eyes to see Cross advancing with the hammer in hand. It always amused him to see Allen become completely terrified of a simple tool, but he could understand the boy's anxiety. That hammer played a part in many a killing of Allen's brain cells.

"I hate that place."

Then the hammer swung down. Dark winced as it made contact and Allen fell unconscious. ((Whoa…you still alive, Al?))

Dark was met with silence. Well, he hadn't been expecting an answer anyway.

"I know you can hear me."

The dark angel turned his attention back to the redhead. Who was he talking to?

"Why don't you come out so we can talk face to face…Dark, was it?"

His eyes widened in shock. How did Cross know about him? He doubted Allen would confide in the man. He hesitated for a moment before shaking off his stupor and took control of the body, the familiar sensation of the transformation steadying his nerves. Once the change was complete, Dark settled into a comfortable position and eyed the General sitting across from him with a wineglass in hand. "How do you know about me?"

Cross smirked slyly. "A little bird told me."

Dark narrowed his eyes at the man. Despite what anyone thought, he really didn't like these manipulative games when they struck too close to home. "Let's not play games, sorcerer. What kind of bird are we talking about here?"

"A very pretty one with white feathers and gold eyes."

He hissed a breath at the description. "And did you get a name?"

"He called himself Krad."

Dark leapt to his feet and lunged at the redhead. Grabbing the collar of Cross's coat with clawed hands, he pulled the General up. Cat-like violet eyes drilled into the other's burgundy eye. "Where is he?"

Cross held up his hands, inwardly mourning the now broken glass of red wine on the ground. "There's no need to get violent. I was planning on telling you from the beginning."

The dark angel sneered and let go. Backing away, Dark painstakingly calmed himself. Killing Cross would hinder more than help. Once he was back to his usual appearance, he casually leaned against the far wall. Distance was good, otherwise, he might give in to the urge to hurt the redhead until he found out Krad's location. Speaking evenly with a calm he did not feel, Dark clenched and unclenched his fists to distract him from his more destructive desires. "So? Where is Krad?"

"His host is an exorcist for the Black Order. Coincidentally, my idiot apprentice will be on his way there once he wakes up from his nap."

Dark raised a brow at that. Nap, indeed. "How long have you known about me?"

Cross nonchalantly shrugged. "I wasn't certain until a few months after I picked the two of you up."

"That long?" Dark glared menacingly at the redhead through a curtain of violet bangs. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I saw no reason to." Cross motioned to his golem, and Timcampy flew over to the fuming angel. "Take Tim with you. He knows the way to Headquarters."

Dark silently watched the General walk away.

"Oh, and send Krad my regards, will you?" With that, the redhead closed the door.

Dark forced down the automatic jealousy that sprung up from Cross's parting statement. He didn't want to think about any possible relationship between his angel and that redhead.

He, instead, mused over the new information. Finally after three years, he would be reunited with his angel. He wondered how Krad was faring. A gentle nudge from Timcampy claimed his attention, and Dark held out a hand for the golem to land. His eyes traced the golden wings and the cross shaped design on the golem's "face" to the tufted tail. "You know, you kind of remind me of Krad. Though, he probably wouldn't be happy about being compared to a golem."

He stared at Timcampy for a few more minutes in deep thought. Something had been set into motion. He felt as though things were going to be hectic from here on in. Whether he wanted to get involved in anything or not, Dark knew he was going to have a role to play in this war. Even if he couldn't care less about the continuation of the human race, he didn't really have much of a choice.

So if he had to get involved, he could at least be prepared. That meant he needed wings. Dark knew he could call upon his own wings now, but he didn't want to hear Allen complain about the unavoidable pain.

There was only one other option.


Dark felt bad about pulling Wiz from retirement, but he did miss the strawberry-loving familiar.


The rabbit-like creature appeared out of nowhere and immediately jumped into Dark's arms to cuddle. He had missed his master.

"Hey, how are you, Wiz? You look the same."


Dark placed the rabbit onto his head, and Wiz happily burrowed into the nest of purple hair. Timcampy flew over to investigate the new arrival.

Dark sat down to watch the two interact. After an hour, he finally felt Allen wake up. "Awake now?"

(Huh? Dark? What happened?)

"Your Master hit you with that hammer of his and left."

Allen jerked completely awake as the memories returned. He shuddered. (I hate that hammer.)

"I'm sure you do, Al." Dark petted Wiz one more time before handing control back to Allen.

The white-haired teen stretched then winced when his head throbbed. "Oww…" He jumped when a white rabbit-like animal hopped into his lap. "Uh…"

((He's Wiz, my familiar. I figured since you have Timcampy now, I should have a pet too!))

Allen hesitantly patted Wiz's head. "…I see…"


((Oh, and Wiz likes strawberries.))

"Right…" Allen picked up the familiar and looked around the empty room. He spotted the broken glass and wine staining the floor but wisely decided not to ask. "The Black Order. You know the way, don't you, Tim?"

The golem nodded.

Dark sat back, feeling almost content. Soon…


AN: And that's my twist on Dark and Krad. I didn't explain how Dark and Krad work very well in the story, so here's the more in-depth explanation.

Basically, they are like Yin and Yang. Dark is created from the "darkness" (sorry for the pun) of the human heart. In other words the negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, hatred, etc. And Krad is the opposite, representing the positive emotions.

But like the yin-yang symbol, Dark has some of Krad's characteristics and vice versa. That's why Dark can love Krad. But, since his ability to feel positive emotions is severely limited, Dark feels more obsessive possessive of Krad and only Krad. Still, he hides his real self because he doesn't want to "taint" Krad with his more morbid view of things.

And looking at this from Krad's side, Krad is more of a natural healer than fighter, though, his connection to Dark does allow him to use harmful magic.

So, why did Krad go completely psycho? Well, when the second Hikari host screwed up Krad's view of the world, he also screwed up the balance between Dark and Krad. Since Krad's not supposed to channel that much hatred, he began losing his mind. And voila! The creation of the Homicidal Blond. (Yes, it is capitalized)

The unbalance also affected their magic. Krad's became unstable, hurting him and his hosts. It affected Dark by taking away his ability to call out his real wings and limiting his more destructive powers.

When Dark sealed them back into the Kokuyoku, the balance was restored and everything worked out from there.

And, that is my long explanation of whatever the hell is going on.

Next chapter, Dark and Krad are reunited while Allen and Kanda meet for the first time. There will also be more interaction between Dark and Allen since there wasn't much this chapter.