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It's Easier to Lure Zombies with Blood than Axes -20- Settle for Less

Cas read the document, her face instantly paling. Looking for a release, she punched the hick in the arm and fell back into her chair.

"I blame you Soph," she mumbled.

The blondes beam faltered into a slightly confused look. There was still a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. "Why me? I'm not the one with the sperm."

Cas let out an aggravated groan. "'Cuz everything can lead back to you."

Sophie pondered on the thought. "Well, yes. That's true, I suppose."

By this time, Coach had also seen the sheet, leaving Ellis the only one in the dark. He rubbed his arm and crouched in front of the flustered girl.

"Did I do somethin' wrong?" He asked uneasily. "If I did, I'm s'rry and I won't-"

Cas lifted her hand and placed a finger on his lips. "It wasn't just you."

Ellis tilted his head in confusion. It was like watching a cute little puppy—one that didn't know what one plus one was. Cas wanted to tell him—to see his reaction—but she couldn't push herself to actually say it. That would be admitting it to herself.

"This one time, by buddy Chels told me she was pregnant on April fools. Of course, I totally bought it," Cas informed.

Sophie groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Oh God. The two of them procreating. We're doomed."

Ellis glanced back and forth between the two girls, his mind finally clueing in. Within a matter of seconds, he had the girl in his arms and spun her around in excitement.

"Aw man! I get ta be a dad! I can't wait ta tell Keith!"

The four laughed at his enthusiasm, not even Cas had expected his response. He started asking questions, continuing even as there was a knock at the door. Sophie went to answer it.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is."

Everyone turned to the door, finding a boy and a girl accompanying Lillian. Cas immediately pushed away from Ellis and ran to the door, pulling the two into a hug.

"Missed you too," Chelsea chuckled.

Cas finally released them and took a step back, bumping into Ellis.

"Uhm, this is Ellis, my uh, boyfriend," Cas informed, then turned to the others. "That's Nick, Sophies boy toy, and that's Coach."

Ellis and Coach offered a wave and a nod, but Nick just shot daggers at the girl.

"Actually, we were just talking about you," Sophie told the two, "Cas told us about that April fools day prank."

Chelsea raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"N-no reason!" Cas paled. Ever since that April fools the two had an inside joke of sorts about who would have a kid first. Cas didn't want her to know she had won. At least for now.

Her friend's eyes moved between Sophie's smirk, Cas' panicked look, then at the hick behind her. It didn't take much for the bright girl to come up with a logical conclusion.

"Is an 'I told you so' in order?" She asked with a grin.

Cas winced, suddenly finding her feet more interesting. "Might as well get it over with."

Chelsea just shrugged and poked her friend's stomach. "Knew it would be with a pretty boy, though."

From behind, Nick snickered at the comment.

"'Least I'm not a 'boy toy'," Ellis shot back immaturely.

"Least I didn't knock someone up," Nick shrugged, using a full blown southern accent.

"Now that a'int funny, Nick."

"Oh?" The man replied, "It is for me."

Ellis felt an odd sensation in the pit of his stomach. It wasn't like he had planned to get Cas pregnant. Hell, no one would want that to happen during a zombie apocalypse, but now that all was said and done, there was no use dwelling on it; or insulting his girlfriend for that matter.

With a scowl, he marched up to Nick, his fists balled.

"Sorry Overalls, but I don't go for-"

Before he could finish, Ellis landed a solid punch across the conman's face, causing his to stumble backwards.

"Boy, what are'ya doin'?" Coach questioned as he moved towards the two.

Nick held his hand out, blocking him from assisting. His other hand was pulled back, then thrown at Ellis in the same manner. Before they could do much more than that, Coach and Brandon stepped in.

"Just let me teach the kid a lesson," Nick muttered angrily.

Coach shook his head, keeping a firm grip on the man. "There's no need for it."

In reality, there wasn't. They'd finally made it to safety and now they decided to take out their anger on each other. It didn't make sense.

"Come on, Ellis," Cas cooed as she placed a hand on his arm.

It took a moment, but his body relaxed and he turned to her with a frown. Nick did the same as he straightened his jacket.

For the time being, Cas disregarded her friends' presence and pulled Ellis away from the group and up to their room. Once there, she sat him down on the bed.

"S'rry," he mumbled.

"It's... okay," she replied, "though, you didn't have to hit him."

He immediately shot up as the words slipped from her mouth. "But he was-"

"It doesn't matter. Just ignore it," she suggested.

A pout formed on face. He couldn't help it if he felt that strongly about it.

With a sigh, Cas moved forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Just relax, 'kay?"

He nodded reluctantly and pulled the girl closer. It was evident where that would lead to.

The noises that came from the room upstairs made Sophie face-palm. They had friends over for crying out loud! She made sure Nick was seated and holding ice to his cheek where Ellis hit him.

"He got you good," she said, grinning.

"I thought you were on my side," he stated.

"I am," she agreed, "but in my house there will be no unnecessary fighting. Got it?"

"He started it!"

She blew a raspberry at him, "aren't you supposed to be the bigger man?"

The comment shut him up immediately. She turned to her lost friends, greeting each one in the appropriate manner.

"Stay for dinner?" she asked. Her gaze rose to the ceiling, "they'll be down for food eventually. And hey, at least she can't get pregnant again."

The three friends sniggered, following the blonde into the kitchen. Coach left the house to work on the tool shed he had been building. Nick, unknowing of what else to do, followed the group into the kitchen area.

As she danced around making dinner, the four caught up. Sophie was told of Andrew's unfortunate passing and Sophie told a very clipped version of what happened to her and Cas.

"Cool! I wanna see your feet!" Lillian exclaimed.

Showing off her disfigured feet seemed to excite the others, spurring on a more detailed account of the happenstance.

"Yes, yes," Sophie said, "that was when Nick first realized his love for me." She grinned at the man who was sporting a scowl. "He even jumped in front of a witch for me. Show them your scars, Nick."

"Do I have to?" he grumbled.


Sighing, he pulled his shirt open to show the scars that ran up and down his torso. Once again shock and awe spread through the group. Their adventure hadn't been this cool; the military picked them up right after the Andrew incident.

As Sophie was putting the meat on the grill Lillian leaned over and whispered in her friends ear, "You've got him whipped."

She grinned, "You have no idea."

After dinner was served and their guests had gone back to their complex, a sort of pondering silence lapsed over the family. Somehow they all drifted back into the kitchen—the seemingly most social room of the house.

Sophie washed and put away dishes, Coach tidied and straightened the table, and Nick, Ellis, and Cas were sitting at the island.

Cas seemed in deep thought before a small smile wiggled its way onto her face.

"So Soph," she said, catching the other girls attention. "What's the plan?"

Sophie couldn't hold back her grin caused by nostalgia. "Well Cas, I say we stick to the road. See what we find."

And the silence was lifted.

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