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Chapter Thirty-Six: Transmission

Matt hadn't been the only addition to the quiet wharf. Another NPA officer named Aizawa had come into the equation as well. They were two of the men that both Matsuda and Yagami had reported as seeming 'off' after L had shown himself.

Now they knew why Mello supposed.

He had watched them for a short while but neither of them had moved or faltered in their attention. Mello turned his gaze back to Matt after that; there was nothing more he could do for the moment. And although it might have seemed sappy, but if those were his last moments he didn't want to spend them glaring at Aizawa and Mogi. What a horrible last image...

"I'm sorry Matt..." he whispered against the others mouth; he ignored the hard stare directed at him by none other than Aizawa.

"For what?" Matt blinked at him and from that close Mello could just make out a hint of green behind the orange lenses.

"For getting you stuck in this mess." and for many other things there wasn't time to say.

"You know I don't mind. I'd rather be here with you than safe and worrying about you." Matt told him with a small smile and a shrug that jarred Mello's arm through their semi-clasped hands.

And not for the first time Mello felt guilt. If he had not been so damn revenge ridden then the three of them would have been able to live happily. But instead Near was dead and soon they would be as well. It wasn't the life they could have lead... should have lead, and Mello regretted it with everything he was.

Matt squeezed his hand tighter and Mello did not expect Matt's other hand to caress his scarred cheek or Matt to kiss him despite the sound of disgust Aizawa made.

He opened his mouth to the other, in what would probably be their last kiss, and let his mind drift to something simpler for a while, just feeling Matt and Matt him. It felt like giving up. Mello had never learned how to give up though.

He let his fingers drift over the curve of Matt's ass and start to creep into his back pocket where there was always some sort of weapon sewn into the fabric, releasable only by pulling on the loose inside thread. It usually had to be resewn after every washing.

"Remove your hand or I will blow it off right now. L wanted you alive not uninjured." Mello froze and reluctantly pulled his hand back. He had almost had it. Though Mello wasn't exactly certain what he might have done with it. Kindly ask Aizawa to come closer so he could cut his throat?

Mello flicked his gaze over to the cop and regarded the gun pointed at him. Either Aizawa really didn't want them making out on the spot or he somehow figured on a weapon. It didn't really matter either way.

There was a horrible screeching sound and Mello's eyes immediately locked onto the sliding metal door. The one letting light into the room. The one that had people coming inside of it. Time was up it seemed.

Mello held onto Matt for a moment longer before moving to stand next to him. He was far from afraid. Angry and disappointed, resigned even, but not afraid. Mello watched as a scruffy and hunched over figure made their way over. L was finally here.

His hair was still a rat's nest of untamable raven fluff and he still wore the jeans and long sleeved shirts exactly as Yagami had described. Time had not changed a thing since Mello had first laid eyes on him.

Mello watched on as the two NPA officers backed up, guns still trained on him and Matt, until they reached L. They spoke in hushed tones and from the deep frown Aizawa wore he wasn't pleased in the least, yet when L moved closer Aizawa still flanked his left side.

"Hello Mello, Matt." L greeted, his left foot moving up slightly to scratch his leg and his thumb pressed by his mouth. Mello hoped he bit himself.

"It has been a long time since I have last seen you." L continued on, though Mello saw no point in it.

"I can't say it's good to see you." Mello sneered at the detective. L moved his thumb to press against his bottom lip, slightly distending it in the process.

"Really? That's too bad. But down to business at any rate..." L murmured, eyes wide and owl like just as Mello remembered them. He couldn't understand what he had been thinking in choosing him to aspire to.

"I suppose I should commend you three, or two in this case, for being so capable of holding your own for this long. I hadn't even suspected any of you were alive until nearly six months after you were supposed to have died. Matt certainly did everything he could to cover your trail, even killing a man to hide your exit of the country." L said with the same deadpan voice, though the last portion had Mello looking over at his lover.

Matt had-

"Yeah Mello. I couldn't trust that guy to keep quiet. He was in it for the money and would have sold us out for a larger amount." Matt told him softly, so softly Mello doubted anyone else had heard.

Mello didn't know what, if anything, he should say. He had known that Matt had not told him or Near the entire story as to how he had gotten them out of England but he had never thought Matt would have been forced to do that...

He nudged Matt's side and smiled at him.

"As touching a reunion as this is, I believe it is time to take my win. Goodbye Mello. You might have made a good successor if you had not been so single minded." L broke in, making Mello scowl at him.

Both Aizawa and Mogi still had their guns pointed at him and Matt while the third man seemed to have disappeared altogether. Mello supposed it really didn't matter where he had gone to. There were so many things he regretted doing, and not being able to do and he hated that he had dragged Matt down with him.

Mello believed that Yagami was smart enough to figure everything out. The case had been left in good hands and he was certain L would be brought down someday.

Mello shut his eyes and felt Matt lean ever so slightly closer to him; he gripped the redheads hand harder and could feel the beating of their hearts from the pressure.

He could still see L's dispassionately blank expression and felt Matt flinch slightly as the guns were cocked. His body jerked from the sound, from the almost timed release of more than one gun.

As the shots continued Matt's hand slipped from his and all Mello could feel was pain.

-End Transmission-

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