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Alarms blared somewhere behind her, but her sights were set on the man stalking across the street. The cool night breeze tickled her cheeks as she glanced both ways before crossing the street, hardly tearing her gaze away from the man's retreating back. "Hey!" She called out, half expecting him to stop. She darted forward, grabbing the back door of the shiny red van he seemed to be putting something into. "You did not. You did not steal the Declaration!"

By the time Riley had warned him of the approaching mad -but attractive- woman, it was too late, and he had to think on his feet. He scrambled around for the spare copy of the Declaration, but she had wrenched the door fully open, revealing his hiding place. Still clutching the real document, he faced her, mouth slightly agape, and hoping she wouldn't try and snatch it from him.

"Uh...It's not, what it looks like."

Abigail snatched it from him instantly, clutching at it gently, afraid she might damage it more than this man had probably done. "How dare you! Security! Security! Over here!" She screamed, but stayed rooted to the spot - sirens sounded in the distance. "I don't know who you think you are, but you have no right to steal the Declaration! I hope you understand how long you're going to be in jail,

Mr. Brown. Security!"

"Wait no-!" He couldn't believe he'd just let her take it like that! He stumbled towards her, hands grabbing, taking hold of the tube as it stayed in her hands."Listen to me, you don't understand," he glanced up, noticing a large truck pulling up near to them in a hurry. Ian, no doubt. "Please just come with me and I'll explain everything yeah?"

Abigail let out a harsh, undignified laugh. "As if I'd ever come with you! You stole the Declaration of Independence! I'm not going with you anywhere, not even if you dragged me!" She shouted, her voice growing louder. "Security!"

Ben looked over her shoulder, watching with growing disdain as the back and side doors of the van flung open, and the security of the national archives no doubt got closer...

His eyes rested on Abigail, her wild eyes and even wilder hair. She'd be safer with him, the Declaration would be safer with him...What he was about to do would make her angry, though hopefully not in the long run.

He lurched forward, taking her around the waist and lifting her into the air, draping her over his shoulder and diving into the back of the van. He lay her down on the floor and slammed the doors behind him.

"Riley! DRIVE!"

Abigail had moved to back away, but he suddenly grabbed her. She screamed, pounding her fists against his back. She touched metal and something slammed - she was being kidnapped! The Declaration still clutched within her hands, she was flung against the side of the van as the driver - Riley - took off. "You let me go this instant! I'll . . . I'll call the police! This is kidnapping!"

Ben was regaining his composure when the shouting began. Well, he had expected that.

"This is probably the better option." He said smoothly, moving past her to peer at Riley over the seats. "How're we doing, Riley?"

"We're being chased." Riley responded, deadpan, surprisingly calm. Ben wondered how long that would last.

"What is going on!?" Abigail winced at the gunfire striking the side of the van. What had she been pulled into? God the things she did for her job. Never letting go of the document, she stumbled to her feet, leaning forward beside Ben. "This is ridiculous! Let me go! Whoever is shooting at us is probably the police coming after you!"

Ben almost laughed.

"It's not the police." He only wished it were the police. They would've been a welcome break from Ian. "And I can't let you go. Not now, and especially not when you're holding the Declaration like that." He gave her a withering look. "Are you ready to give it to me, yet?"

"The only way you're getting this document is if you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers." She muttered darkly, glancing behind her almost as if she could see who was shooting at them. "Then who is shooting at us? I don't want to be caught up in this mess! This document needs to be returned to the Archives - there's no treasure map on the back of it, Mr. Brown, and you're utterly silly to think so!"

"You got yourself into this when you ran across the street screaming at me like a mad woman!" Ben snapped. "And the person, or persons, shooting at us are the allies of a Mr Ian Howe, the man my associate and I warned you were going to steal the Declaration." He gave her an agitated look. "And I beg to differ, Doctor Chase. And I plan on proving it to you."

Abigail clutched the Declaration possessively. "You stole the most important document in American History! I wasn't about to let you get away with it, not even if you were Benjamin Franklin himself!" She said, her voice inching higher in her anger. "And there's no way you're proving it because I'm not letting you touch this."

Ben gave her a small smile. "Funny thing about the name, Benjamin Franklin." He sat down, leaning against the side of the van, shaking his head. "You have to give me some credit here, Abigail, I did essentially just save you and the Declaration from a van of mad men, the least you could do is be quiet for one moment so I can attempt to explain."

Abigail sat down across from him, the Declaration across her lap. "Nothing's funny about it." She said flatly, reaching up to tug her hair loose from its bun, shaking the blonde curls loose. "Well, as much as I'd like to thank you, I'm not going to, considering the federal crime you just commited. And you have three minutes. Talk fast."

Thankful she has actually shutup for a moment, Ben began, albeit a little unsteadily, as he hadn't expected her to quieten down so easily.

"My friend and I stole the Declaration to stop Ian, who had no plans of treating it lightly once he got his hands on it. We believed, that if we did so ourselves, not only could we take it carefully, but we would test it just as carefully, and return it the following day. This, this has just gone all wrong. You were never supposed to be involved, but Ian would have dragged you into this."

He took a breath, ready to go into so much more depth, but the van suddenly lurched sideways, as something large collided with it. Riley let out a yell and Ben scrambled upright, holding the back of Riley's seat for support. He knew it was Ian.

"Are you okay!?" He called to Riley, who was desperately trying to regain control of the steering and failing.

"No Ben, no I am NOT okay! We're out of control here!"

The van skidded and swerved, hitting a bollard in the centre of the road and finally escaping the road, smashing head on into a tree.

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