Chapter 7

For the first time in her life, Blair woke up to the sound of a person moaning.

It took her only a few moments to realize that person was her. She wasn't entirely sure where she was-and the massive headache causing her mind to throb wasn't helping either-but she was sure (very, very sure) that something euphoric was happening between her legs.

By the time she mustered up the strength to open her eyes, she could only glance down long enough to see a dark haired man eating her out before fireworks erupted and she closed her eyes once again.

As she came down from her high, she felt a shift in the bed and suddenly Chuck was by her side again-grinned like a cat that caught the canary when her eyes fluttered open once more.

"Good morning" he greeted.

"I think you just cured my hang-over" Blair told him.

"Really?" he asked.

Blair attempted to sit up, but then the room started spinning and she plopped back onto the pillow.

"Ugh, no, not really" she said, reaching up to stroke his chin "but it did feel really good."

"Well then it's a start" he replied, leaning down to kiss her "How does coffee sound?"

"Heavenly" she smiled dreamily.

Chuck began to slide off the bed, but Blair grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her. She brought his head down to her once again and kissed him deeply-allowing him to push his tongue past her lips and dance along hers.

"What was that for?" he asked when he pulled back.

"You're just really sexy" she told him, taking in his bed-head hair and slight stubble growing in.

He smiled back.

"So are you" he said, running his hand over his bare stomach before climbing off the bed.

After sliding his boxers on, he went down the hall.

Thinking it much to bright in the room for her liking, Blair threw the covers over her head and waiting for Chuck to come back.

The door creaked open much sooner than she anticipated.

The second a body flopped down next to her however, she knew immediately who it was.

"Morning sunshine" Serena laughed, shimmying underneath the covers next to Blair.

"You're awfully chipper" Blair commented "I see passing out does you wonders."

Serena stuck her tongue out.

"I'm immune to hang-overs; I have years of underaged drinking to thank for that" she told her.

"I'm sure Lily would love to heard that" Blair said.

"Yeah..." Serena began, pulling the covers back to see her friend's face "So about last're okay with everything that happened right? I know I can be a bit much when I'm drunk."

"Yeah, I'm good-I promise" Blair told her, glancing at the door "He's something else, isn't he?"

"I knew he'd be a good lay" Serena agreed "and he definitely took a liking to you."

Blair scoffed at Serena, who was wiggling her eyebrows at her.

"Oh please, this is just a one night thing."

"Normally one-night things don't end with the guy making coffee, he must be in love" she teased.

"Shut up!" Blair said as she wacked Serena with a pillow.

Serena lifted her hands to shield her face.

"Ow, you made me bite my tongue!" Serena pouted.

"I can kiss it better" Blair told her, leaning forward and kissing her softly.

"Hope I'm not interrupting" Chuck said as he appeared in the doorway with a tray of three mugs, "Feel free to continue."

Blair pulled away and rolled her eyes.

"I think we're good, thanks" she told him, accepting the mug he presented her.

"Hey Chuck, would you mind if we took a quick shower before we left?" Serena asked him.

"That depends, am I invited to join the two of you?" he asked.

Serena grinned at him.

"I suppose that would be acceptable" she told him.


Forty-five minutes later, Blair was sliding back into her clothes from the night before while Serena dried her hair in the bathroom. Chuck was sitting on his bed, watching Blair walk around the room to retrieve various items and studying her every move.

Blair winced as she put her aching feet back into her black stilettos.

"Heels are so unaccommodating for walks of shame" she explained.

"Who said anything about shame? Besides, you won't be doing much walking-I have a car waiting for you downstairs whenever you're ready" Chuck told her.

Blair looked shocked.

"Are you sure? You don't have to..." she began.

"It's not trouble at all, really. In fact, I insist" he said.

Blair smiled in gratitude.

"Thanks" she said.

"No problem" Chuck said.

He looked at her current ensemble for a moment before getting up to retrieve two long dress shirts. He gave one to Blair.

"You may want to use this to cover up for the ride home, it's cold out there" he explained.

"Oh, thank you" Blair said as she slipped the soft cotton over her arms.

They stood in his bedroom in silence then, waiting for Serena to get ready. For the first time since meeting him, Blair noticed that Chuck almost looked unsure of himself-as if he was nervous.

"Hey" she said, walking over to him "I never told you last night...but I am."

"Am what?" he asked.

"Glad I came" she answered.

"Well, that makes two of us" he said, pulling her to him by her hips and kissing her soundly.

"Hope I'm not interrupting" Serena teased as she walked into the bedroom "please continue."

Blair pulled back and made a face at her friend.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked, throwing her the spare dress shirt.

"Whenever you are" Serena said with a knowing look.

Blair turned to look at Chuck.

"We really should get going" she told him.

"I understand" he nodded before leading them to the door.


"Bye Chuck , thanks for a great night" Serena said to him, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

"You're very welcome" he told her, kissing her hand in parting.

"I'll be downstairs waiting in the limo" Serena told Blair before whispering in her ear "No rush!"

"I'll just be a minute" Blair said as she gently pushed her out the door.

"So..." Chuck began when they were alone again.

"Thanks again for the shirts...I have this thing this afternoon but later on I can swing by and drop them off with the front desk or your doorman-" She started.

"-Or, you can just come up here and give them to me yourself" he told her, invading her personal space once again.

"I could" Blair sighed, pressing her forehead against his "but wouldn't that break every rule of a one-night stand?"

Chuck tilted her chin up with his finger and slanted his lips over hers.

"Fuck the rules" he said, bringing his lips down to her neck "I want to see you again."

Blair felt her pulse begin to race at the implications of his words.

"There's this little French restaurant hidden on the other side of town, I want to take you there tonight" he told her "Say 'yes, Chuck'."

A small smile spread across her mouth as she pressed her lips to his ear.

"Yes, Chuck" she whispered.

Chuck lifted his head and grinned.

"Come by around 8?"

"I'll be here" she told him.

With one last kiss, Blair glanced at him over her shoulder-wondering to herself who this handsome stranger really was.

She was looking forward to finding out.


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