That wasn't the end of magick there was still something that played on Merlin's mind. Mab. Of course he had been right to help get rid of her hadn't he? He was sure it was better for the people but as much as he tried to convince himself he did it for them, he knew deep down he didn't. He destroyed her on a personal vendetta the fact that the Christians wanted rid of her also was just a bonus. Uther was dead now and so were Arthur, Mordred and Morgan. Not that Uther, Mordred, or Morgan would have been any help. Merlin had never thought of the after math of this war, the country had gone into ruin. The constant fights over who should get the crown, it went on for years. The people weren't being looked after; many of the children came to him for stories of the old days with Queen Mab.

Ironic in away, Mab was an escape for them, a creature of dreams, some children feared her others saw her as hope. They would never say as much though, they made little games up where they played out the scenes of his story. In some versions Mab was portrayed more as an evil crone in others she was the good fairy who promised happy endings. All the other adults thought Merlin was mad and that magick did never exist, how wrong they were. After he finally rescued Nimue he went to find Frik who refused to be returned to his youth as he couldn't bare to re-live life without Morgan. The three of them left to travel along with Sir Rupert, they slept out side as Nimue was so happy to be able to look and sleep under a real sky again. Merlin couldn't believe even through all of that Mab still came to him when he closed his eyes at night.

'I knew you would regret it.' She jibed even though she had lost the battle so long ago.

'I do not.' Merlin tried to argue.

'You do! The country is in ruins Merlin, and it is all your fault.' She hissed in that cold harsh voice.

They would have the same argument every night in his dreams whether it actually was her, he didn't know. She would then fade to the darkness and Mordred would appear.

'I hated my family, my dim witted mother, that thing not even fit to call it's self my father. Still you managed to kill them all, well done, I owe you thanks.' Mordred smirked.

'It was Mab who killed your mother, not I and you killed your father.' he said calmly.

'Yes but, that was to get me away to train me to help defeat you, other wise she wouldn't have bothered. My father had to die to help defeat you too.'

Mordred faded and Morgan appeared.

'Why did you make hew take my son? Why?! Whewe is Fwik?! I want my Fwick!' she would scream.

Morgan faded and Vortigern replaced her.

'I never thought you'd have the guts to kill someone yourself. You will never feel remorse for my death but what about Nimue's burns? She would never have got them if it wasn't for you.'

Arthur replaced Vortigern.

'You used me as some mere pawn Merlin, you said you were my friend.' He called out sadly.

He would fade and for the rest of the dream he would be on a forest floor just like the one he slept on except Nimue, Frik and Sir Rupert would not be there, Mab would. She would stare at him with those unforgiving eyes and he would look back at her tears stinging at his own. Tonight there was a difference he stood up.

'I may be responsible for some of those deaths but so are you!' he shouted at her. 'You are just as responsible as I!' he was raging, that dream had plagued him for so long.

After the main events finished it was usually just, him, Mab and silence. The experience of the dream got more painful every time he fell asleep. Mab smiled and in a split second she moved and they were face to face.

'For once you are correct Merlin, but you are to blame for thousands, millions, of more deaths.'

Merlin blinked this was a new occurrence it was odd and he didn't understand what she meant. Mab seemed to notice this.

'You must travel to the land of magick and find a wood nymph called Navinia. Only she can take you to Saphire, the seer. She has more powerful visions than either you or I.' she seemed slightly sad.

'Why should I trust you? This is just a dream anyway, your just an illusion. Aren't you?' he said unsure.

She chuckled.

'Oh Merlin if you really thought that you wouldn't bother arguing with me.'