His eyes slammed shut, he hit an unconscious form, only to be greeted by a gloating Mab.

'Well? Still think you made the right choice Merlin?'

'I…no…I mean…' his heart hurt so much even in this dream land it hurt to breath, to talk, to think.

Mab chuckled darkly.

'I'm so glad it was worth destroying me.'

Something clicked with in him.

'It wasn't real was it? It was an illusion just like when you made me watch the others?' it started of an announced thought and ended in a growl.

'Don't be so stupid! I'm dead, so to speak, what kind of power do you think I have?' she rolled her eyes.

'No you don't, but I'd bet that Saphire did. She would have used her last breath to make me regret destroying you.'

She glared at him seeming actually offended.

'I'd never do that to one of my creatures just to get revenge.'

Merlin laughed.

'Mab I have known you a long while and that is exactly what a twisted bitch like you would do.'

She slapped him and in anger Merlin tried to strike her back to his shock she knocked him down just like she had all those years ago.

'You have your power back!' he sounded surprised as he lay on the ground.

'No, this is only a dream Merlin. I'd thank you not to anger me like that again, you should remember I am here because I died fighting for creatures like Saphire.' She hissed in her hoarse voice.

'The only thing you fought to save was yourself!' he tried to use his own power but to no avail.

'Oh Merlin.' She laughed, in a split second she was beside him. 'You can't use your power here.'

'Why not? It's my dream!'

'I am a goddess of dreams, something of a mother to you,' He snorted. 'And because I can.'

'Ok, then why did you drag me here to see something you had dreamt up? So the rest of people can kill me when I leave. I still have my power you know.'

She nodded.

'You mistake my intention that honestly was the future; I could never imagine such a place.'

He considered for a moment that the place was real.

'So you showed me to torture me for the rest of my life. How very Mab of you.'

She drew her head up and drew her cloak away from him.

'Well yes and no. You get a choice in this-'

Merlin raised an eye brow.

'A choice? That's a first.'

Mab glared at him.

'I tire of your interruptions Merlin.'

'You've been interrupting my life since before I was born.'

'Oh shut up and listen to me!' she hissed clearly annoyed now.

He sighed.

'Your choice is wake up and feel the same heart wrenching pain of what you have done affect you every day until you die or…help me. Bring me back.'

Slowly Merlin turned so he could lock his eyes with hers he then burst into a fit of laughter. She stared at him like he had gone insane.

'You aren't being serious?...You can't be serious…You're actually being serious aren't you?'

'Oh good you've caught up.'

'I would rather die a thousand deaths than help you.'

The reaction she had been expecting.

'I gave you your precious Nimue back didn't I?'

'No. Your magick wore off.'

'You always were forever underestimating me; my magick does not wear off.'

He shook his head silently.

'Of course it doesn't that would be too simple. Kill Mab, nope she still comes back. Turn a religion nope she's still here. Blow up the world; she'll get a Seer to destroy her "creation." You're like a sickness!'

She laughed at him again.

'Enough of the dramatics Merlin.'

He glared at her showing pure hate and got to his feet.

'I may feel a lot of pain and heart ache, the world may blow up, I still wont help you, the people are better of without you.'

Her eyes widened in shock.

'Even if it means death?'

Merlin walked over to her they were inches apart and he spoke in a deadly whisper.

'Especially if it means death. That'll be the end of you, so why don't you do world a favour and just go to Hell.'

She looked down and seemed to shove him away.

He realised he had woke up.