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"Class. Today there will be two new students joining us today." The homeroom teacher announced. These words triggered a huge discussion throughout the class. Girls? Cute? Single?

"Hey Hiro why do you think they came in this late in the year?" Kobuchizawa -Hiro's bespectacled friend- asked Hiro.

"Eh? Well... Um..." He tried to find a good answer. However before he could reply the door slid open and in walked Hime. On the black board, she wrote her name and turned to glare at the students sitting in the front row.

"My name is Lilianne. If you call me that I will have you hanged." She said still glaring but this time turning to the teacher. Everyone believed her. To them this was a now non debatable fact, if we call this girl 'Lilianne' we're going to die. Hime walked over to the seat next to Hiro and sat down without the teacher directing her.

"Hiro... Isn't that your?"


"OI!" All heads turned towards the front. A red-haired girl grinned back, satisfied at having gotten their undivided attention, proceeded to put her arms up in front of her chest in an X shape. "I'm Riza! Riza Wildman! Daughter of the great warrior Vorg Wildman!" She yelled at them. Riza mistook their expressions of shock as admiration, and nodded to herself in satisfaction. She walked over and plopped down next to Reiri, "Well? What did you think?"

"... Are you an idiot?" She asked her eyes twitching.

"What? I thought it was pretty good..." Riza pouted. Reiri slowly and mechanically reached over and ruffled the red-haired girl's hair much like how one would pet a dog. "Sure..." Riza smiled back nuzzling the hand..


"Good morning... " A girl greeted shyly walking over to stand in front of Hime. No idea how to follow her greeting since the only name she gave was forbidden to be uttered.

"It's Hime. What do you want, you plebeian?" She glanced up at the girl from a cup of tea.

"I... I'm sorry. Hime-san." She apologized, not sure where she went wrong.

"Hime-sama or Oujo-sama. Choose."

"Hime-sama. I'm sorry..." She said still unsure why she was the one apologizing.

"Good as long as you understand." Hime replied crossing her arms.


"Why are you still here?"

"Umm... I thought I... I mean... We could be friends..."

"Friends? Perhaps you could be my servant." Hime smiled sadistically and placed her hand in front of the girl. The intention was clear. She wanted her to kiss it. The girl dropped to one knee bent over and pressed her lips against the little silver band wrapped around Hime's finger. The princess smirked and patted the girl on the head. "Well done, my slave."

"H-hai, oujo-sama." The girl looked up at her "new" mistress expectantly.

"... So what is your name?"

"Sa-sayuri Nozomi." She replied turning a rather pretty shade of pink.

"Sayuri." She said and nodded in approval. The girl smiled, bowed then ran back to her group of friends their nonsensical chatter turning into white noise. Hime smiled as she watched her new servant go. Perhaps she'll get her more servants thanks to this girl. School, after careful consideration, wasn't so bad.


Riza was absolutely certain people were stalking her. Heck, she even saw them. Always either three or four girls hiding around corners and following her like they were her shadows. Reiri told her not to mind, it was the same when she first started attending this school. She also told her to just approach them one day and ask them what they wanted. So that's what she did. The results were unsatisfactory to say the least.

"You bitch! Reiri-sama deserves better." One of the girl yelled back when she finally confronted them.

"Wait wait wait. You're Reiri's fangirls?" She asked frowning.

"Of course we are! And... And then you came along... And now we lost her. You're just a transfer student! Learn your place!" A girl yelled swinging her leg at the red-haired girl.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" She yelled blocking the kick and quickly dashed out of the way. "Why the hell are you all so obsessed with her?"

"She's amazing."

"So beautiful!"

"So sexy!"

"Our goddess!"

"She's a vampire!"

"Wait wait wait! How do you know she's a vampire?" Riza asked surprised at their 'compliments'.

"She told me once, when she was drinking my blood." Which triggered a murmur of consent.

"She also complained about a red-haired werewolf." Another girl interjected.

"Yeah, and don't you have red hair and very close to Reiri-sama?" The same girl who just tried to kick Riza asked glaring daggers. The rest of the group nodded their heads in agreement. They started to talk amongst each other trying to find another reason to beat up Riza, which gave Riza just enough time to flee. Of course, the werewolf could have taken them all on but it was against her honor to fight a defenseless opponent or opponents in this case.

"Ne, Riza-chan what are you doing running away from a fight? I didn't think a great warrior like you would do such an unthinkable thing." A teasing voice came floating from above Riza. "I guess even great warriors are scared of something. For you it must be rabid fangirls."

"Reiri, please, keep your rabid fangirls away from me." The redhead yelled back.

"I thought this was part of my many charms, Riza-chan!" The raven-haired vampire said floating down with her white umbrella landing on Riza's shoulders. "Go my trusted steed! Onwards to the bed we share."

"Already? But school just ended!"

"Never too early nor ever too late, my pet!"