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November 2nd 2006 – Gracie's 2nd Birthday

The Winchesters and all the Singers drove down to California to spend Gracie's birthday with Jessica's three family remaining members at Leslie Moore home. The house was located near the coast, so it overlooked the beach, which was three miles down the road. They arrived at the house late in the evening.

At the first rays of the sunlight shinning through the window, Melinda woke up, so she could start setting up Gracie's party with Katie Moore, Becky and Leslie's help, while everyone else was still sleeping. Since it was a fairly warm day, Leslie thought it would be good to set up the sprinklers, just in case the temperatures were getting hotter, as the weather in California tended to do quite often.

"I think it looks good," Becky said as they sat down on folding chairs in the backyard and looked over their work. The party area was set up with pink decorations; the theme was Disney Princesses, since Gracie loved them a lot.

"Remember, how we said last year that maybe we should go into Interior Decorating?" Becky asked while eating some of the chips that were supposed to be for the party. The table was covered with plates and other stuff common for birthday parties.

Melinda nodded with a smile. "Yeah I remember, why you ask?" she looked at her with curiosity

"Well I'm going to take classes at the local college to learn interior decorating. I'm good at it" Becky revealed, which made Melinda get up and hug the younger girl.

"Congrats Becky" she replied then sat down again, just as dean came over with the cooler. It was nearly noon now and the heat was beginning to go up.

"Hey this looks great," Dean said, the cooler still in hand, placing it down on the ground and giving Melinda with a flirty smile. The young woman didn't notice the flirty look; instead she continued looking at Becky.

"Becky is the decorator, I just watched," She said then she noticed the knowing grin on Becky's face that told her the other girl thought the two of them were an item.

"Thanks Dean! Anyway, where is the birthday girl?" Becky asked, looking around

"Sammy is getting her dressed for this heat, but I really need to head inside and help Katie with some other stuff" Dean excused himself, heading back inside.

Once he was gone Becky spoke up, "So are you and dean dating? I can see the way he looks at you."

Melinda shook her head in reply, "Nope, we aren't dating and that will never happen. Dean is one of those guys, who like to sleep around then leave before you wake up." Both girls continue to talk about this for a while, before changing the conversation to other things.

It was around noon, when everyone else came out to start the party. Stella was running through the sprinklers with Gracie on her hand. The little girl squealing with delight as the water splashed her face. Jared was also running through the sprinklers, trying to cool down from the high heat that is occurring. This was the first birthday of many more to come for which Sam was present, yet he felt that Jessica should have been here also. On this day Sam knew Jessica was watching over Gracie and over all of them. Bobby was standing by the two Winchester boys, while John sat with Leslie, both of them involved in conversation.

"Today is the anniversary of my wife death." John whispered to Leslie, so the others wouldn't hear him. This day was supposed to be a happy, special day for Gracie.

Leslie placed a comforting hand on John's hand "Someday you will move on and maybe meet someone special. No one should be alone and I can tell you have been for quite a while." she told the eldest Winchester.

John sighed, knowing Leslie was right, maybe it was time he moved on and he knew Mary would have wanted him to.

When Kate walked out with the last of the food, placing it on the table, she called them all over eat. "Food is ready, come get it, before bugs show up" she said, grabbing a plate to fill it up for herself.

Soon everyone else got up and headed over to fill up plates of food. Sitting down at the table Sam ate his own food, while feeding his daughter, who was wrapped in a towel.

"No, I down't liwke thawt!" the little girl said, turning away as Sam tried feeding her some of the salad that Kate made.

Dean chuckled as he watched, "See little brother, not many people like salads and that includes my little niece." He said, which earned him a glare from Sam, who put the salad back on the plate and fed his daughter some of the rice instead. Thankfully this was more to Gracie's liking and she ate it.

When everyone, including Dean, who has three plates of the extra food left on the table, finished their meal, Gracie went back to getting wet with Stella. In the meantime Kate and Melinda headed to the kitchen to get the cake and ice cream. John helped Leslie bring out the presents from inside the house, while Becky and her brother Zach sat on folding chairs besides Sam talking with him about things that have occurred in their lives. Sam never told Becky or Zach what really happened to Jessica, not wanting his two friends to think he was crazy.

"Dawdy, now more wet" Gracie said to her father, as the little girl shivered a bit.

"I'll be right back, I'll go change her." He said, excusing himself and heading inside with his daughter.

With the cake and ice cream sitting on the table, they all waited until Sam came back with the birthday girl. And minutes later a squealing happy Gracie ran out the house, wearing a Cinderella dress with a tiara on her head.

"Look who here - Princess Gracie." said Melinda, as she walked over to her niece and knelt down to her level.

"I'm a priwnecss" the little girl said, whe Sam came out the house to join everyone. Kate picked up Gracie and placed her on the chair behind the cake, so the little girl could blow out the candles. After they all sang 'Happy Birthday', which was videotaped by Becky, Kate started to cut the cake into pieces. Sam grabbed two plate to feed his daughter, who ended up getting some ice cream on her Cinderella dress.

"Nwo itws diwrty, i'm nowt a princwess" the little girl got upset.

Sam cleaned up the stain a bit, "Baby girl, your still daddy princess, no matter if you have the dress on or not!" He said which made Gracie's face brightens up with a smile that made anyone's heart melt.

After everyone ate the amazing cake made by Leslie, they sat around as Gracie started to open the gifts that were bought for her. When all the of them were unwrapped it was time to clean up the mess and Gracie ended up playing with Bobby's kids, while several people did the clean up. Sam and Dean went into the living room where John and Bobby were watching some breaking news.

"I'm Tom Tucker with WNTNH 4, bringing you breaking news from Peoria, Arizona. A house fire in a suburban neighborhood killed an engaged couple. Ava Wilson and her fiancé Brady Wittmore perished in a house fire that seemed to have started due to electrical problems."

After that the news it went to a commercial. No one in the room said anything for a little while, until Sam finally broke the silence, "Someone's going after special kids. I don't think that house fire was an accident." He said to the three men in the room, who all nodded, agreeing with the youngest.

Somewhere across the state, a young man, hidden from view, his eyes black and yellow, smirked as he watched the house burn down, while fire fighters try their best to extinguish it.

"Two down and only a few more go, before I finally get him." he said to himself then vanished from the place to go and find the other ones.

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