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While pacing around the living room of Bobby's house the evening after Melinda's call, Sam finally had the nerves to call his father and by some strange miracle he heard his father voice.


Sam sighed in relief, "Hey, Dad, it's Sam. Something happened to Dean."

Hearing his youngest voice sound somewhat upset and mentioning something wrong with his eldest, made John reply back, "What about Dean, what's wrong with him?"

"He's sick, and uh…the doctors say there's nothing they can do. Um…but, uh, they don't know the things we know, right?

"Listen to me son, where are you and where is Dean?" John's voice was filled with concern and worry now. Sam looked at the phone before replying, he knew his father would leave a hunt, if either of them were in serious trouble.

"At the hospital in Iowa, near the town of Cherokee and I'm at Bobby's house." he told his father

"Okay, I'll be at Bobby's place in three hours and you fill me in on what happened then." He said, before hanging up.

Bobby came into the room with a smile on his face, which was what caught Sam's attention.

"What is it Bobby?"

"Joshua, he called me back. Told me about a guy in Nebraska. A specialist, who can help Dean out."

"That's awesome news, so we just have to call Melinda back and let them know" he said, already pulling his cell phone out and dialing her number, while Bobby left the room to get a beer and something to eat.

At the hospital

Melinda stopped kissing Dean and moves back, realizing what she'd just done in that moment. Dean noticed and did his best to make the atmosphere less tense.

"I'm sorry for doing that an…" before she could finish her cell phone rang and she quickly pulled it out to see it was Sam calling "Hello Sam, what have you got?"

"Bobby has a friend named Joshua, who knows a guy in Nebraska, who can help Dean."

"That is awesome, thanks Sam. I'll let your brother know."

"You're welcome. I need go now, I hear Gracie crying for me." he said, hanging up to go check on his little girl.

After Melinda disconnected also, Dean started to question her, curious of the call. "So who called"

"Sam, he said that some hunter guy name Joshua has a friend in Nebraska, who can help you. So once the halls are clear, I'm getting you out of here and to Nebraska. I think Sam is going to meet us there."

Dean sighed ""You're not gonna let me die in peace, are you, even after what I told you?"

Melinda smack him on the arm then groaned, "Yes, we are going to save you and if you still have the same deep feeling for me, maybe we can figure something out." she winked at him, before leaving the room to check on a few things.

Bobby's Place

Sam finally managed to get Gracie to take a bath and eat something, when the door bell rang, followed by the voice he knew so well - his father had finally arrived. Picking his daughter up from the high chair, he walked into the living room to see John hugging Bobby then looking at his son.

"So fill me in on what happened to make Dean sick or whatever it is the doctor said." John went over to the couch and sat down.

Sam sat down beside him, still holding his daughter, who smiled. "Granpwa" she squealed with delight upon seeing John. The older Winchester's face lit up and he reached out, taking his granddaughter into his arms, while Sam began to explain, what Melinda told him. Bobby joined them, while Sam was speaking.

After he finished, John spoke up, "So this is what going happen, Sam and I will go to Nebraska and meet up with Dean and Melinda to see this specialist."

Sam nodded, readily agreeing with his father and so did Bobby "I'll watch the rug rat, while you both head out on this trip."

The young Winchester concurred with letting Bobby watch his little girl and was just about to say so, when his cell went off. Picking it up, he heard Melinda's voice on the other end.

"I got to say sneaking someone out of a hospital is kinda tricky." she said, holding on to the phone with one hand, while her other arm was holding on to Dean as they walked down a flight of stairs.

Hearing this, Sam chuckled "Believe me, it's not but we've done it a lot over the years. Where you at now?"

The young female huffed with relief, when she saw the exit door. "Going out the door and to the Impala. Once we get to Nebraska I'll call."

"Okay, I'll be there with our dad as well"

After they talked for a few more minutes, they both hung up.

Across the state line, in Nebraska, an elderly lady screamed in horror as a man broke into her house and knocked her to the floor, menace and anger edged onto his face.

"You better tell me, where you're so called faith healer husband is now!" he yelled, pointing a gun at her.

"Okay, he's upstairs sleeping, please don't hurt him, he's tired from healing people."

The man chuckled, knocking her out then rushed up to the bedroom, where the old man was asleep on the bed. Walking over to the bed, the assailant smirked as he pointed the gun on the elderly man.

"Meet your maker, you scum bag. I know who you are and how you really heal people!" He cocked the weapon and pulled the trigger


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