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An hour later they spotted the Shtriga on its way into Michael's room. The boy was still awake, sitting up in bed and watching it coming for him. Sam and Dean got their guns ready and waited, watching the creature get closer and closer to Michael. It couldn't be killed unless it was feeding. The camera started to fritz out, affected by the presence of the supernatural entity and finally the Shtriga latched onto the kid and started to feed.

Dean and Sam burst into the room, yelling at the Shtriga and waiting until Michael rolled off the bed before starting to fire. When the shooting ended, Dean called out to check if Michael was all right and to warn him to sit tight and wait a bit longer, before he went to check on the Shtriga. Advancing on the fallen monster, he was unable to tell if it was alive or dead.

It was alive. The moment Dean glanced away and Sam lowered his gun, it moved, grabbing Dean by the neck and flinging him across the room into a shelve unit on the wall, which collapse all over him. Then it went for Sam, knocking the gun from his hand and throwing him onto the bed, before grabbing him by the neck and starting to feed from him.

"Hey!" It was Dean, blood trickling from a cut on his head, but otherwise back in the game. The Shtriga glanced up, but continued to feed, which was a fatal mistake. Seeing it feeding on Sam like this brought back the worst kind of memories in Dean, yet now he was no longer an inexperienced kid, but a seasoned hunter, who knew exactly what to do. He coolly shot it straight through the head and this time it was a certain kill. "You okay, little brother?" he worriedly called out.

Sam was too breathless to respond, but if he would have, he'd probably come back with something along the lines of: 'dude, I'm taller than you'. As it was, all he could manage was a shaky thumbs up. Just for good measures Dean pumped a few more bullets into the Shtriga. Finally he could lay a personal demon which had haunted him for years to rest. Wisps of stolen life forces could be seen leaving the Shtriga and drifting off into the atmosphere as it crumbles into dust. Dean, sounding a little shaky and out of breath himself, began to reassure a hugely relieved and awestruck Michael that it finally was safe to come out.

A short time later Sam burst into the motel room to find Melinda sitting on the couch, holding a crying Gracie. The young father took the little girl from her and held her like she was his life force. Dean walked in only a moment later and going over to his girlfriend, gave her a big, comforting hug.

"Shhh, baby girl, daddy here, you're safe now. That mean old thing won't hurt you ever again!" He whispered to his little girl, whose crying turned into hiccups as she clung to her father. Sam continued to hold her until she calmed completely. He started to realize that no matter what he would do to protect her; there would always be things that would try to hurt her.

Looking up, he caught Melinda whispering, "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay; you couldn't know it would come for her." He reassured her.

The next morning

Melinda and Dean loaded the Impala, ready to leave town, while Sam buckled his daughter into the car seat. The case was closed and Joanna had just arrived home, after spending the night at the hospital with one son, while the other one was having an extraordinary adventure at home, which he certainly would never tell his mother about. Michael came running to find out, how his brother was. There was good news, Joanna reassured him - Asher was going to be fine. None of the doctors could explain it, she continued – it truly was a miracle. A man-made miracle, as Dean and Sam well knew, having manufactured it with enormous effort and as Michael also knew, but wisely opted not to mention. They congratulated her and learn that the other children were also recovering, while Doctor Hydecker mysteriously didn't show up for work today and seemed to have disappeared. Only for a split second did the brothers wonder what the hospital would make of his disappearance in the long-term. Joanna took Michael with her to visit his brother and Sam and Dean watch as they left.

"It's too bad."

"Oh, they'll be fine."

"No, that's not what I meant. I meant Michael; he will always know there are things out there in the dark. He'll never be the same, you know? Sometimes I wish that…."


"I wish I could have that kind of innocence."

"If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could, too."

Melinda looked over at Joanna and thought about her two sons for a moment, knowing one of them had seen something he shouldn't. Just like how she saw something as kid and it changed her whole life also. Getting in the car, she sat in the back with Gracie, who was holding on to her bear.

Finally the Impala took off and headed back to Bobby's place. This hunt changed things. What they didn't know was that there had been something else in that room with Gracie when the monster had attacked; something that scared it away and let it to attack first Michael and then Sam, leading to it being killed by Dean.

"Goodbye Gracie, see you soon. Your family will meet me soon" the man whispered, while watching the car drive away from the hotel and onto the highway, completely unaware that something else supernatural would soon enter their life.