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"So how are we going to deal with this supposed angel named Castiel?" John asked both of his boys after Dean got through telling the eldest Winchester what had happened during their drive back to Bobby's place. John wasn't too happy about the broken windows in the Impala, nor the story his son told him.

"Maybe we need to trap this angel and figure out more about what he not telling us?" Sam suggested to both of them.

"We could, but first we need find out where and when to do this." Dean replied to his brother suggestion.

Melinda was standing behind the closed door to the den while all three men talked, while Grace was sleeping in the guest room upstairs and Bobby was in town buying food for dinner. The two

Singer kids were out of the house for the day, so it almost quiet.

"We can ask Bobby when he comes back, if he knows of a way we can trap and question this angel some more. If he really knows more about my granddaughter and other stuff we need to know, so we can be prepared." John said as he sits back down.

Both boys nodded in agreement with their father, when they heard a noise outside. Looking out the window Dean saw Bobby pulling into the driveway of the salvage yard. A few minutes later the older hunter appeared in the den, after putting the groceries and take out in the kitchen.

"So about this angel you guys mentioned, found any way on how trap him?" Bobby questioned, while sitting down in an empty chair. The door was half open so Melinda could hear every word.

"Do you know of a warehouse or abandoned place, where we can trap this so called angel of the lord without being disturbed?" Dean asked.

"There are a few, but the closest would be a barn 2 miles from here, which is quite a ways from the road. We can use it to summon this angel and try to find out more." Bobby told them.

After they discussed the plan and the rolls each of them were going to play in it, all four left the den and headed to the kitchen. On the way they passed Melinda, who was still in the hall and Dean stopped next to his girlfriend.

"You okay, you're not injured?" Dean asks while looking at her.

"No injuries, just a bit shaken up by what happened today." She confessed to him.

"It's all going to be fine baby. Once we trap and question this so called angel, we will know more about things" he assure her, moving towards his girl then his face inched closer to her mouth until their lips connected. Melinda could only nod as she felt her boyfriend lips connects with hers and they continued to kiss other until Sam interrupted.

"Food's going get cold, if ya both don't hurry." The youngest Winchester said, before leaving them alone. Walking away, he chuckled at hearing his brother comment.

Later that night all 4 men headed out to the abandoned barn and once arriving there, got to work putting up different symbols and other stuff just in case this angel really wasn't one after all. After that they sat around to wait. Bobby perched on the edge of a workbench, feet dangling, weapon in hand, whistling idly to himself, while Dean sat opposite, equally idle, messing around with a knife. John was sitting beside Bobby with gun and knife in his hands, while Sam stood beside his brother with knife in his hand. All were ready for this angel appear as soon as Sam performed a ritual from a book that explained how to summon different entities.

"You sure you performed the ritual right?" Dean sighed at length, sounding for all the world like a bored six-year-old asking 'are we there yet?' Sam just gave him a look that made him back down right away. "Sorry, touchy, touchy, huh?"

But just then, the roof started to shake loudly and they both leapt to their feet in alarm, shoulder to shoulder. "Wishful thinking, maybe it was just the wind," Dean hopefully suggested, knowing full well that it was not. And just then the door, heavily barred as it was, slowly opened inward and the man they've seen earlier walked into the barn.

Immediately Bobby and Dean raised their weapons and kept him covered, as he slowly, inexorably approached them. John and Sam did the same, while the man continued to walk towards them then stopped. In doing so, he also made all their weapons fly out of their hands and to the other side of the barn.

"Like I said, I'm not a demon or anything that wants to harm you. I'm an angel of the lord, sworn to protect Grace Mary Winchester and to change certain events from happening even though my father is not happy about it." the angel explained to all four men.

Dean rolled his eyes at what this so called angel was telling them "Sure you're an angel, what does that make me, a king?" he exaggerated.

"That's the problem with you Dean, you have no faith. I don't blame you nor does my father, not after what happened to your mother many years ago."

"Don't you dare, ever mention that again!" Dean exclaimed, anger visible on his face.

"I agree with what my son just said." John expressed his own anger.

"All of you lack faith, except Samuel here, he always prayed when he was younger." Castiel said and clearly felt, a demonstration was called for. Thunder crashed and lightning flashed, causing all four men to almost jump out of their skins and in those flashes of lightning the dark shadows of unfolding wings could be seen on the wall behind Castiel. The four hunters' watched and absorbed, working very hard at not wigging out completely and preparing the next salvo.

"Well, some angel you are." Dean grumbled.

"And what 'visage' are you in now, huh" John spoke up after that little light shoe.

"This?" Castiel glanced down at the body he was wearing. "This is a vessel."

"You're possessing some poor bastard?" Dean said.

"He's a devout man. He actually prayed for this," Castiel shrugged.

"Look, pal, I'm not buying, what you're selling. So, who are you really?" Bobby questioned, while Sam just stood by, trying process all of it.

Castiel regarded him quizzically, unable to comprehend such mistrust and disbelief. "I told you," he pointed out.

"Just answer us the truth, why all of a sudden you show up now protect my daughter. You could have shown up two years ago and protected Jessica also" Sam finally spoke to the angel.

"Like I said, I wasn't allowed to protect Jessica. My life mission is to protect and guard Grace. In heaven there are different kinds of angels, my kind, we protect offsprings of families and watch over them. Dean, you had one but he disappeared years ago and Sam, I was supposed to be your guardian but something occurred to change that."

Dean shook his head in disbelief then sat down. "Sure I did!" he replied back.

"Me and my brother, who is an archangel, we came down here to change some events from happening the way they were supposed to. Some events changed and went differently. My father was not happy with it but he was not going change it." Castiel looks at all four of them, before continuing "I'll need leave but remember this, I was there when grace was in the womb, and I was there through everything else." He left it at that then walked out the barn disappearing into the night.

All four men looked at each other then decided to head back to the salvage yard and figure out what to do about the revelation this Castiel person told them.