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One Week Later

They hadn't seen or heard from Castiel since that day and decided to leave it alone until the time came, when he would reappear. At this moment Dean and Melinda were parked at a scenery away from the main road watching the stars appear in the night sky and both are drinking beer from the cooler.

"It's lovely tonight and we had a great day." said Melinda, leaning her head on Dean's shoulder, while holding the can of beer, her 4th one that night. They both happened to finish up a hunt about one hour away from Bobby's place yesterday. They had been too late save a child from a werewolf and now were trying to drink away the memory of seeing the child being shredded by the animal.

Dean placed a small kiss on her forehead. "I'm glad you had a great day, it's not over yet", he winked at her before getting off the hood of the car, nearly tripping over his own feet, while heading into the car. Melinda grinned, knowing exactly what Dean had in mind.

Once in the backseat Dean laid down on the seat with his shirt already off, Mel getting in also, locking the door.

"You sure do know how get to a girl" she chuckled then removed her black AC/DC shirt, leaning down so both their lips connected.

Soon things between the two love birds turned heated as love and their semi drunken state got them going wild for each other. Dean and Melinda began to make love on the backseat of the Impala. It's kinda schmoopy and cheesy but very pretty, each of them giving and receiving comfort in the act. They maintain eye contact throughout as Dean takes off his amulet so it wouldn't be in the way and Mel unbuttoned her bra then helped remove his jeans

Dean kept gazing at Mel in wonder, unsure how this amazing girl could love him, while she smiled happily, wanting to lose herself in the moment and in him and giving him permission to similarly lose himself in her. She kissed him again, drawing him away from those painful memories of the hunt and back into the moment.

Anyone outside the car, would see the windows fog up, then notice a hand disturbing the fog and the slight movement of the car. Both occupants of the car were so lost in each other they failed to notice something big going happen.

Bobby's Place

Sam was on the laptop talking with Becky about a few things, while at the same time watching over his daughter, who sitting on the floor watching a cartoon kid's movie. He knew Ellen was coming in a day with Jo and Ian, so both kids could play and have fun. He understood that his daughter needed to play with kids near her age.

"So what you're up to, Sam", Stella asked upon walking into the room with a sandwich on a plate and sitting down on one of the empty chairs.

"Almost done talking with a friend of mine from when I used to go college". He replied back to her then a few minutes later closed the laptop. "Enjoying that big sandwich?"

Stella nodded with a smile "Remember, how we used to make double-decker sandwiches with different kinds of stuff?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do and I see you still are making them" he replied back.

"Yep" said Stella and continued to eat the rest of the sandwich. Sam stood up from the table and sat down on the couch, while grace continues to watch the movie.

Little while later half the people in the house were already asleep, when Dean and Melinda finally decide to return. Sam looked up from where he was sitting to see his brother's hair slightly messed up and Melinda's hair also. He has an idea that something happened but decided not to say anything.

"So how was the hunt?" he asked instead.

"Not good and don't ever ask about it." Dean told his little brother then headed upstairs while Mel entered the den and sat down next to Sam. He could smell a strong stench from Mel and his guess was right. His brother and Melinda made love.

"The case went from fine to worse, anyways the creature is dead and other families are safe. I'll see you in the morning" said Mel, getting up from the couch and leaving the living room before Sam could ask any more questions.

Seeing that he was the only one awake, he turned off the TV and headed upstairs to get some sleep. He could hear a slight sniffling sound coming from Mel bedroom but knew better than to not bother her.

Few states away a girl in a white room woke up breathing heavily and wearing a hospital issued shirt and pants. She had red hair, crying out in pain upon hearing voices in her mind .

"It has happened, the new one is coming." one of the voices spoke up.

At that moment a male doctor walked in, a slight smile on his face "It's nice to see you're awake"

The girl started to panic, while looking around at the white room,which had a bar on the window. She realized it was a mental hospital, but she didn't belong here.

"Do you know where you are?" the voice continued as the girl rapidly blinking returned to the here-and-now. "You're at the Saint Beverly Center for Behavioral Medicine." He said, before leaving the room.

The girl sat there on the bed as more voices could be heard whispering something about Dean Winchester and Melinda Moore. Soon she laid back down on the bed, once again zoning out.

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