A/N: Sitting in Algebra, totally paying attention (not) and the idea for this drabble smacked me in the face. It's rather crappy, but most everything I write for this pairing is. It is just too good for me. Set during the time when Light and Misa had no memory of the Death Note.

Theme: Annoyance

"Light!" Misa chirped, running into the room to greet her boyfriend.

"Misa, not now," he said. "I'm very bust right now."

"But, Light," she whined, "I'm your girlfriend and a girlfriend should be allowed to visit their boyfriend!"

"Misa, I'm trying to w-"

"See? You're always too busy for me even when Misa Misa loves you so much! Maybe I'll….maybe I'll…" She tried to think of something that might bother her beloved Light.

I've got it!

"Maybe Ryuzaki can be Misa Misa's boyfriend instead!" she said dramatically, but Light remained unaffected.

"Well, I'm not stopping you."

"Hmph!" Misa stormed out of the room, not letting the hurt show on her face, not letting the tears fall, until she was in her room, hoping that Light wouldn't see.

She didn't hear L murmur, under his breath, "It's not wise to play with hearts, Miss Amane."

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this! This is most definitely my OTP and check out my fansite for it! (link on profile.)