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The worst part is that I don't even remember the story very well.

What I do remember is that the silvertongue was going to be a plant that was brewed into a potion that allowed Wednesday to speak all languages, and very well at that.

I also remember that Thing was going to be moving from place to place while discovering his identity. I don't really want to spell out his identity as that would spoil the surprise, but the hints are there.

What I need is your help. I want to write the next chapter, but I don't remember much of my story, and I'm struggling to read through it again. I want to be able to stay consistent.

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I'm trying to break them into small wordy chapters, so the chapter would probably only get to Gringotts, and with Wednesday's abilities she shall be able to speak gobblygook. (I know I spelled that wrong, and I'll look it up come next chapter)

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