I do not own Daisy or Spiderleg they belong to the Erin's. Made basically the same way I made "I Hate You" Enjoy!

Daisy in the Dark


"Me and you forever Daisy."

That's what you said Spiderleg.

Was it a lie?

Do you just not care about me anymore?

What happened to us?

You should know.

When you aren't looking I sneak peeks at Cloudtail.

He's a lot like you.

Strong, young, well spoken, those are the qualities I love most about you.

Don't worry I know he has a mate.

I know that there's no way he could love me.

I can still dream.

Maybe the signs that we should never be together have been in front of me this entire time.

The very first time we saw each other you wanted to drive me away.

I forgave you for this obviously.

All the nights alone we had you spoke of how great I was.

How you would love me forever.

How nothing would come between us.

How beautiful I was.

How great a mother I would make.

We're these all just lies to amuse me?

To amuse yourself?

To f*** with my head?

Ever since our kits were born you won't so much as look at them.


Why did you pick me to be your mate?

What was so special about me.

I've seen you around the other warriors.

How you say how useless outsiders are.

How they are good for nothing.

How they should all just die.

Something tells me you know I heard everything you said.

Every single word.

What happened between us?

When they were born you rejected me.

You screamed.


Said I was just some w***e that you used for a good night.

I sucked it up though.

Every word.

Every single bad thing you said.


You will pay for it all.