Guided by the Heart

Summary: Terra and Aqua are Keyblade wielders who serve the king of their world. As they train, they fall deeply in love. But despite their attempts to hide it, the prince finds out and plans to separate them by any means. Terra x Aqua

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

AU isn't normally my thing. But I might as well give it a try. This won't be a very long story though. I guarantee you of that. Or, if it gets long, not as long as Earth and Water. I don't plan to do anything long like that again.

And a note, the rating may change due to… uh… I'll tell you later.

Idea was inspired by a picture I found on deviantart.

Chapter 1 – The Chosen Ones

The sun was just rising with its first rays peaking over the horizon, gracing the city of Seaside Haven with its light. Many people of the beautiful, clean city were still sleeping. The sunlight glistened across the sea, creating a beautiful effect for anyone lucky enough to be awake at that time of day. And there were very few who were awake, mostly children.

On a pier that ringed around the city was just where two young friends, a fifteen-year-old boy and thirteen-year-old girl, happened to be, escorted by a fleet of guards. They were not allowed out of sight of their bodyguards when outside Seaside Haven's castle.

The guards were necessary to not only keep someone from attacking the two children, but also to keep them from running away. They were the Keyblade apprentices of Master Eraqus, who trained them in Radiant Garden's castle under order of King Nox.

The boy, named Terra, had spiky hair as dark as the earth; dark, cobalt eyes; and sun-bronzed skin. He wore a black T-shirt and almost-outgrown jeans. He was going through growth spurts and he outgrew his clothes pretty quickly these days. The same went for his sneakers, almost outgrown as well. On his belt, he wore a gold heart with a needle sticking out the point.

The girl, Aqua, had unusual blue hair, and her blue eyes matched it perfectly. Compared to Terra's dark skin, she was as white as a ghost. She wore a dark blue T-shirt and navy shorts. Long black socks went up her legs ending at mid-thigh and she had gray sneakers on. Aqua also wore the same heart symbol as Terra, only hers was silver and she wore it on pink straps that crisscrossed over her chest.

"The sunrise is so pretty," Aqua murmured.

"It's a nice sight," Terra agreed. "That's why I willingly come out here with you in the mornings to see it."

"Yes, but then you just go back to your room and sleep until time for training," Aqua added.

"I'm not an early bird," Terra reminded her, as he did every day. The girl giggled in response.

The two teenagers had been best friends since they discovered their abilities to wield the mysterious Keyblade. It was a custom for any child capable of wielding a Keyblade, which was determined during their childhood when they displayed prominent magic skills or incredible feats of strength. Terra had been taken from his parents when he was seven years old after being able to jump higher than normal for a seven year old. He'd jumped over the top of a tree. Aqua was only six when she accidentally iced over a fountain in the town square when someone had tried to spook her from behind. She'd given the bystanders and the person spooking her quite a scare. The next day, she'd been brought to castle.

Nonetheless, when they met, Terra had been quite ecstatic to make a new friend. Aqua had been shy but that didn't stop the boy from befriending her. He stayed by her side, helping her and teaching her everything he knew about the Keyblade, which hadn't been much at the time.

But as they both grew up, they both developed a strong bond of friendship. Even after they started training to use their Keyblades, after a tiresome lesson of learning to summon them first, they spent as much time as possible with each other outside lessons. They taught each other moves, magic techniques, and other skills required for a Keyblade Master-in-training.

But as of late, the King's son, Prince Caelum, had begun to take an interest in Aqua that she feared. If they were ever in the same hallway, Aqua would make sure he wasn't looking at her before running away as fast as her legs could carry her. Terra disapproved of the Prince's interest in his friend as well. But he never understood why the mere mention of the Prince would make his temper flare.

Caelum had even taken to following them to the pier in the morning. Terra would act like the Prince wasn't there in response. Aqua just acted polite when she was spoken to. Luckily for them, Caelum hadn't followed them on this particular morning.

Taking his sight from the sea, Terra turned back to Aqua. Her gaze was lost in the distance, staring at the sunlit water. But Terra only had eyes for Aqua. The sunlight was caught in her hair, reflecting the blood red light and casting a lovely glow over her. Terra felt the heat rise in his cheeks and turned away before the girl could see.

But she wasn't paying attention. She was just watching the beauty of the sunrise.

Soon enough, more and more people started to walk by, which meant it was time for them to go. Master Eraqus would want them back in time for their first lesson of the day. They turned from the ocean and ran up the pier and into the streets to the hidden passage they used to enter and exit the king's castle. King Nox wanted to keep Terra and Aqua's existence in his castle hidden since the fact that they were Keyblade wielders needed to stay secret. All of Radiant Garden knew about the Keyblade wielders, but the specific identity of any had to remain unknown until their training was complete.

"So, what do you think we'll be learning today?" Aqua huffed as Terra nearly outran her. She managed to keep pace though.

"I don't know," Terra replied. "But knowing you, I bet you're hoping the lesson will be about magic."

"You bet I am!" Aqua exclaimed. The girl was fascinated with magic and all its properties, which was why she dedicated her studies to mastering it.

Terra, on the other hand, preferred a physical battle style. He thought brute strength, which always dealt damage, was better than magic, which was only efficient enough if it hit its mark. Aqua was an expert at aiming her attacks though, so it cost Terra dearly whenever her fireballs scorched him, her thunderbolts zapped him, or her Blizzard spells frosted him.

When they reached the entrance to their secret passage, with the guards huffing behind them, they were greeted by Master Eraqus. He was a tall man with his black hair pulled up in a short ponytail and his beard and mustache looked recently trimmed. He wore samurai robes and on the armor around his middle was the same heart-shaped symbol that Terra and Aqua wore, but it was dark silver.

"You both are up awfully early," Eraqus observed.

"I was dragged out here," Terra said. Aqua punched his shoulder.

"You like coming out as much as I do," Aqua said.

"Yeah, but you know I hate waking up at the crack of dawn," Terra countered.

"Enough," Eraqus said. He held back a chuckle at his bickering apprentices. But he stopped their argument before it could elevate to a higher level. "Both of you get breakfast and meet me in the courtyard. Training begins in an hour."

"Yes, sir!" the apprentices exclaimed. They ran past their Master and into the castle.

Terra and Aqua raced for the kitchen. They rounded three corners and Aqua almost ran into the last one after putting on a burst of speed at the wrong time. She narrowly avoided a crash into the wall by skidding at the last second, but it cost her a victory as Terra rounded the last corner into the kitchen.

With a whoop of pleasure, Terra picked up a bright red apple from a fruit bowl and tossed it to Aqua. She caught it and took a bite, savoring the juicy sweetness. Terra pulled out some bread and started spreading jam on it. He had a preference for jam sandwiches in the morning, something his female companion didn't quite understand. Boys had strange eating habits at Terra's age. The previous morning, he'd eaten two apples and a banana without even stopping to breathe.

"So," Terra said through a mouthful of jam and bread, "Saturday's our day off, do you want to do something?"

"Hmm…" Aqua tossed her apple back and forth in her hands. "Well, I don't know really. Besides, we can't go anywhere without the guards."

"Sometimes, I think we need them more than we think," Terra muttered.

"Are you talking about Caelum again?" Aqua asked. Her friend simply snarled in response. "I'll take that as a yes," she muttered.

"Are you talking about me?" a voice asked. Terra glared at the form of the young Prince Caelum as he walked in the kitchen. The staff nearby bowed. Terra and Aqua didn't have to because their status as Keyblade wielders actually put them at a higher rank in authority over the prince and his entire family.

Caelum was Terra's height and age, but a little more lanky in form. He was wearing black pants, a white linen shirt, and his feet were bare. His hair was a light sky blue and he had dark brown eyes that had settled on Aqua. She turned away from the prince's glance, as it always made her uncomfortable. It only worsened as Caelum took a seat next to her. Terra's glare intensified.

"No, Prince," Aqua said. "Terra and I just think the guards you and your family have watching us are a little unnecessary. Right, Terra?" She lightly nudged his foot under the table.

"That's right," Terra said. "Nothing to do with you."

"It sounds like it has something to do with me," Caelum said, inching his hand towards the one Aqua had on the table. She immediately moved it and stood up.

"Terra, let's go!" Aqua grabbed her friend just as he stuffed the last of his sandwich into his mouth.

"Right-o!" Terra said. As the girl pulled him out of the kitchen, Terra could've sworn he saw Caelum glare at him. Terra returned the look with a smirk as Aqua pulled him towards the courtyard for their lessons with Master Eraqus.

Okay, first chapter done. Hope you liked it.

Anyway, like I said, this is AU, so about the Keyblade wielders, I just needed something that makes them secret and need to be kept secret.

Nox is Latin for 'night' and Caelum is the Latin word for 'sky'. I was thinking of Sora when I came up with the names and Noctis from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Don't own that either. Also, don't expect him to show up at all in the story.