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Epilogue – A Happy Life

A month later…

Terra had taken Aqua to the small play island close to the main Destiny Island where the villagers lived. There were two islands, but one was small and just had a big palm tree growing on it. That was where the lovers were.

When they, along with Ven, had first arrived on Destiny Islands, the other people thought it strange that a young man, a lady, and a little boy had just appeared out of nowhere. But the trio had come to blend in with everyone else after a month of living there. Nobody questioned them about where they had come from. Not even Ven's two new friends, Lea and Roxas.

Terra and Aqua then spotted the three friends running along the beach. Strangely, Ven and Roxas looked exactly alike. But you could still tell the difference between them because Ven was more of a free spirit than Roxas. The latter was slightly gloomier.

Lea had spiky red hair that looked like fire. The boy was dressed in orange colors, as he claimed he loved fire and its colors. Aqua thought he was certainly going to become a pyromaniac one day.

"Terra, why did you drag me out here?" Aqua asked, perching herself on the tree and facing the sunset. Terra climbed onto the trunk and crawled up toward the fruits at the top, which was actually bent over the island and hanging over the water. The fruits were plump, yellow, and shaped like stars.

Terra plucked one off the tree and clambered back down to sit next to Aqua.

"What are you doing with the fruit?" Aqua asked.

"It's called a Paopu Fruit," Terra held it out to her. "One of the locals told me that they have magical properties."

"Magical?" Aqua's eyes lit up. "Like what?"

"Well, the people on the main island say if two people share one, their destinies stay connected forever." He stroked the fruit. "Aqua, would you like to tie your destiny together with mine?"

"Yes!" Aqua said ecstatically.

Terra brought out a small knife from his pocket and sliced the fruit directly down the middle, making two star shaped halves and handing one to Aqua. She held it up for him.

"It's for you. Eat it," he told her.

"You eat it. I'm giving it to you," she explained. Terra smirked and took the first bite. He held up the piece he was holding for Aqua to eat and she took a bite as well.

Once they'd eaten the entire Paopu Fruit, Terra jumped off the tree and pulled Aqua with him.

"There's something else I want to ask you, Aqua," he said.

"What, Terra?"

He didn't answer. He just got down on one knee, holding her hand.

"Aqua, I love you… more than my own life. I've known ever since I met you that you would probably more than just my best friend, and I want to go further than just being lovers. I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Terra said. "Will you… will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Aqua exclaimed.

Terra smiled up at her and jumped up, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her off her feet.

"She said yes!" he screamed. Aqua giggled and kissed him sweetly.

Four years later…

Terra stared out at the horizon, holding his young son's hand, seemingly staring at the sunset. His now longer dark brown hair ruffled in the wind.

No one had known that Aqua had already been carrying her child when she, Terra, and Ven arrived on Destiny Islands. But shortly after Terra and Aqua married, their son had come into their lives.

"Dad, why do you like staring out at the sunset so much?" the boy asked. He had light silver-blue hair, unusually colored, a trait inherited from his mother. But his blue eyes matched neither his father nor his mother. They were a much lighter shade of blue, like the sky. He wore a yellow shirt, black pants, and had white sneakers.

"I'm not so much staring at the sky as I am just enjoying being at the shore, Riku," Terra explained, bending down to his son's eye level and ruffling his hair.

"Why's that?" Riku asked inquisitively.

"Well… how do I put this?" Terra mused. "Ah! Well, it's where your mother and I first developed true feelings for each other a few years ago. And… the shore is where the earth and water meet."

"Earth and water?" Riku asked. "Oh! Your names mean earth and water!"

"Are you telling him that old story, Terra?" a voice called. Riku turned and darted up to Aqua, who was just approaching them. She relatively looked the same as she had a few years ago when they'd come to Destiny Islands, but her hair was longer, touching her shoulders now. She bent down and scooped up the boy into her arms.

"Mom!" Riku exclaimed.

"Hey, sweetie," Aqua said. "Having fun with Dad?"

"No! He's just staring out at the water!"

Aqua walked over with her son in her arms. Her husband opened his arms and held her close, squishing Riku in the process.

"Dad! Mom! You're crushing me!" Riku exclaimed.

"Sorry, son," Terra said, loosening his grip and allowing Riku to breath again. "You just don't really understand how much you and your mother mean to me."

"Terra, he's four. Riku's not going to understand until he's older and finds a girlfriend of his own," Aqua said.

"Yuck!" Riku stuck his tongue out in disgust.

"You won't think it's gross when you're older," Terra said. "Besides, you might be surprised to learn that your dad was a knight who had to fight for his maiden in distress and save her from an evil prince." Aqua giggled.

"You were a knight, Dad?" Riku asked.

"Yeah, back a few years ago when we were still training to be Keyblade Masters," his father explained. "Earth Knight was my title. And your mother was the Water Maiden."

Terra cupped Aqua's cheek and gazed deeply into her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her. But…

"Riku!" a voice called, startling the boy's parents.

"Sora!" Riku called, seeing his friend. The boy had a head of spiky brown hair and tan skin. The boy's dark blue eyes were exactly like his brother, Roxas's.

"Can I go play with Sora? Please?" Riku pouted.

"Okay, okay." Aqua put the boy down. "Just be home in time for dinner. And if you see Ven, bring him with you. Okay?"

"Okay, Mom!" Riku turned and ran over to Sora. He reached his friend and immediately struck the stakes for a race. Loser would have to give the winner a lollipop.

"Ready! Set! GO!" the boys shouted in unison. Sora got a bit of an early lead, but Riku sped up and took over.

"I don't understand why they like competing so much," Terra said, staring after the two little boys.

"I think he gets it from you," Aqua said.

"Oh? And why's that?"

"Well, you were competitive a few years ago in case I forgot."

"You know I'm over that, Aqua."

"And Riku and Sora will grow out of it in a few years as well. Just give them time, Terra."

"Yeah, yeah." The man wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close again. "I wonder when that'll be."

Aqua wrapped her arms around Terra and leaned up to kiss him.

"It's been a peaceful few years since we came here, Terra," Aqua said. "I love it here."

"I'm glad," Terra said. "I picked this place for us to live in because I knew it would be great for us to get some peace of mind. And possibly raise a family if we wanted." Aqua nodded.

"Which we have. Riku's a great kid," she said. "I'm glad he's our son."

"Me too," Terra said.

"But I'm even more glad that I'm with you, Terra. I love you."

"I love you too, Aqua." Terra bent down and kissed his love and she cupped his face.

When Riku returned, he reported that he'd won his race with Sora. The other boy huffed as he finally caught up to Riku, bringing Ven with them.

The parents took Ven, Riku, and Sora back to their house for dinner, returning Sora to his parents afterward.

"Terra, are we gonna train in the morning?" Ven asked on the way back from Sora's house. The boy had come far as a Keyblade apprentice and now wielded a special speed-oriented Keyblade, which he'd named Fresh Breeze.

"You got it, Ven," Terra said as they returned to their house. "But right now, I want to spend the evening with my wife."

"Aw, go ahead. Don't let me keep you from her."

Terra snorted. Ven understood that Terra had the duties of a husband and father now, but he liked to get in his training.

The man went up to his and Aqua's room and Ven returned to his room, which was next to Riku's.

"Riku asleep?" Terra asked. Aqua was sitting on their bed, reading a book and dressed for bed.

"Yeah, he was tired from all the running earlier," she explained. "He fell asleep about as soon as you left."

"Sora fell asleep on the way back to his house."

"He lives just down the street."

"He was tired from their race too," Terra explained. "But Riku being passed out means he can't interrupt like he did last night." He smirked.

"Terra, he's little, and he's right over there." Aqua pointed over to the window seat, where a sleeping Riku was dozing under a blanket. A toy sword was under his arm.

"Does he always sleep with that?" Terra asked.

"Yes," Aqua giggled. "Always."

"Well, he still can't interrupt this." Terra leaned in and kissed her sweetly.

Aqua ran her hands across her husband's front, spiking his body temperature. He caressed her slender figure and lay down with her in his arms.

"Dad…? Mom…?" a small voiced asked. The parents turned to see their son crawling out from his spot in the window. "Can I sleep with you guys?"

Terra sighed. "Come here, kiddo," he answered.

Riku abandoned his toy sword and trotted over to his parents, crawling between them and falling fast asleep. Aqua kissed Riku's forehead and Terra ruffled the little boy's hair.

"Sweet dreams, Riku," his mother whispered.

"See you in the morning," Terra added.

After sharing another kiss with Aqua, Terra got ready for bed before rejoining his family in the bed.

"I love you, both of you," Terra told them. Riku just shifted a little in his sleep. Aqua smiled and leaned over to kiss him.

"We love you too," she replied, falling asleep next to her son and husband.

Terra smiled. His family was the most important part of his life. And they would stay that way. His wife and son lying there beside him… made all the fighting for Aqua worthwhile back in Seaside Haven. His love for her had prevailed and they had been given a wonderful son. Terra smiled.

Blissful sleep took over the Keyblade Master, waking the next morning to see his happy family next to him. Terra knew he'd been blessed to have received a wife like Aqua and a son like Riku.

There with his family, Terra thought life couldn't possibly be better.

There's the epilogue! I hope you liked it and the whole rest of the story.

If you wanna know why Riku's the child, I just really wanted to use him. Even if he is a little kid. Besides, I've read fanfics in which Kairi or Sora are Terra and Aqua's child. I kinda wanted to use Riku from the start once the 'give them a kid in the epilogue' idea popped into my head. But he was originally going to be a baby.

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