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Ok so this story is called, 'My Saviour'.

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Edward and Bella are best friends, and have been ever since the Cullen's moved to Forks. But Bella gets sick, she has months to live. Edward disappears just when she needs him the most and the stress of losing him causes her illness to increase rapidly. Bella has days left. Will Edward turn up in time to say goodbye? Or does he have a different plan? And does he have time to act it out?

This story is going to be very emotional, you have been warned!

Bella is very sick, i have her illness already sorted, including symptoms, treatment, etc.

Her illness will not be revealed until Chapter 3/4, you will see why in this chapter.

I hope you enjoy!

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"Good Morning." Edward greeted me with a smile as him and Alice sat on the stools at the breakfast bar.

"Hey." I smiled, walking across the kitchen to grab the milk.

"Bella! What the hell?" I turned to look at Alice who had just looked up from her phone. She was staring at my face and hair with a horrified expression.

"What?" I asked, looking from her to Edward who wasn't looking at my face, rather my exposed legs in the tiny shorts I'd worn in bed. I didn't feel self-conscious though, Edward was my best friend, however much I wished he was more.

Edward looked up at me, "Weren't you cold last night?"

I rolled my eyes. Edward was constantly worrying about me.

"Edward, it's spring." I moaned, pouring the milk on my cereal and sitting across from them.

"Edward will you stop going on about her clothes!" Alice complained, "Look at her!"

Edward frowned, "There's nothing wrong with her." He said.

"Prom is tonight and look at her hair! And she looks too tried, like she hasn't been sleeping! And she looks paler! And-"

"Alice I am here you know!" I shouted over the high octave of her voice.

Raising my voice caused my throat to contract and I coughed heavily, trying to remove the roughness from my throat.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked, reaching across to grab my hand.

I nodded, "I'm fine."

I took a deep breath and put my spoon in my bowl, "I'm going to have to work on you all day!" Alice complained.

"Alice." I shook my head, my voice lower than before, my earlier shouting seemed to have taken the energy from me, "Please stop going on about it. I'll be fine. I'm sure Edward won't care whether I look amazing or not... He'll do that for the both of us."

Alice rolled her eyes as Edward laughed.

"Seriously, look at the hair on this boy." She said, tugging at Edward's messy locks.

Yea Alice, look at them! He is so hot!

"There's nothing wrong with his hair Alice." I shook my head and my gaze travelled to Edward and I giggled as he mouthed 'Thank you' and winked at me.

I looked down, "I'm going to go and get ready." I said, hopping up from the stool.

"But you haven't finished eating." Edward said, frowning and looking down at my bowl.

I looked down at it and grimaced, "I'm not hungry."

"Bella. You have to eat."

"Edward. I'm not hungry."

He sighed and looked at Alice who had her head almost stuck in her phone, "Okay, so he's gonna meet us there and she's gonna get a lift from her dad and he's gonna-"

"ALICE!" Edward called and her head snapped up.


"Would you please tell Bella she needs to eat something."

Alice looked at me, no determination in her eyes. She was simply doing this to please Edward, "Bella. You need to eat something." And with that her head snapped back down again.

I sighed and my breath caught in my throat which starting me coughing again, "I'm f-fine." I coughed out, I lifted the bowl and took it to my room, holding it up for Edward's inspection. But there was something different in his eyes. He was staring at me with concern as I tried to calm my coughing.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay to go tonight?" he asked.

I smiled and held off my coughing until I could get to my room, I tried to take a breath, "Of course I will."

I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I walked to the bathroom and began to run the water. I poured the milk out of the bowl and then threw the contents into the bin. The food disgusted me, it looked so horrible.

I put the bowl on the side and jumped into the shower. I walked into my room with a towel wrapped around me tightly and I opened my wardrobe to find something to wear.

I decided upon a simple pair of sweats and a t-shirt seeing as Alice would be prepping and fixing me for the prom within the next hour or two.

I bent down to get my t-shirt and I felt the air leave my lungs with a massive 'whoosh'. The coughing began again and it was so bad I had to sit on the floor with my back against my wardrobe to try and calm myself down.

My throat was burning. It was as if acid had been thrown down my throat and I couldn't get any air into my lungs. It was as if the air was drowning me... I put my hand against my chest and closed my eyes, trying to breathe easily, but it seemed impossible.

I coughed to try and clear my airways and my head began swimming. The coughing was taking so much out of me, all my energy seemed to be draining away...

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Edward and Alice ran into my room.

"Bella!" Edward shouted, coming to sit beside me. He pushed me forward so my head was between my knees and he began rubbing my back.

Alice bent down took my hands, "Bella. Are you okay?"

I nodded against my knees and tried to take deep breaths. After a long minute and Edward's cool hand swishing up and down my back, I began to regain my breath.

I sat up and took a deep breath that seemed to reach the whole way to my lungs now.

"I don't think you should go tonight... You're not well." Edward mumbled.

"No!" I almost shouted, "I'm going. I'm absolutely fine."

Maybe something would happen between Edward and I tonight, like I'd always wished for... I would rather die than not go to Prom with Edward...

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