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I sat at the piano gently playing a selection of chords that somehow always turned into Bella's lullaby. I tried not to play it, because it just reminded me of Carlisle being at her house, telling her the results of the tests...

There was nothing wrong with her.

There couldn't be.

I shook my head once again as my fingers started to play her song. I stopped myself and took my hands away from the piano. It was probably a better idea not to play it, but it was my only distraction as I waited for Carlisle to come home.

She's going to be fine Edward... Esme said softly with her thoughts. I nodded, knowing she could see me.

Suddenly Carlisle's thoughts came within my range and I stiffened as I listened. He was hiding them from me.

He was concentrating solely on the road ahead of him, not thinking of Bella at all... But his thoughts were sad... Full of remorse. The same way they were when one of his patients were...

I froze, not able to move as I sat on the piano seat. The whole world went blurry, turning on its axis. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't see anything in front of me, I couldn't hear any sounds...

Except the beating of Bella's heart...

There was no way that could ever stop.

Carlisle stopped the car outside the house and I faintly heard him open his door and get out. I also heard my family come closer to me, touching my shoulder, asking what was wrong.

The door opened. My head snapped up to look at Carlisle, blinking rapidly to remove the impossible tears.

He looked at me, his golden eyes were poignant and heart-rending, making my heart squeeze in my chest as I stared at him.

"I'm sorry Edward..."

Three words.

That was all it took.

"No..." I shook my head, gritting my teeth as my hands clenched into fists, "No..."

Carlisle closed his eyes, "I'm sor-"

"NO!" I shouted, jumping up from the chair. I grabbed the wood of the piano, felt my fingers curl into it and break it before I flipped it over, crashing it down on the floor and watching as it broke into hundreds of pieces.

Emmett grabbed my shoulders, "Edward, calm down."

I didn't speak, instead I slammed my hands into his chest, pushing him back against the wall and watching as the force caused a massive crack to appear down it.

I turned towards the door, not knowing where I was going, what I was going to do. I just couldn't believe the thoughts Carlisle let slip as he got out of his car.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis... Poor girl...

Bella was dying...

I stormed out of the house and started running through the woods at an immeasurable speed. Trees blurred past me, a green wall trapping me in this nightmare, when all I wanted was...


I stopped. My feet sticking to the ground as the walls broke down and became normal trees again. I looked at the ground feeling the anger simmer and the despair build up over it.

Bella couldn't go... She couldn't leave me. She was the only purpose for me to be in this world. Without her... What I do?

She was the person in all my thoughts, she never left them, so how could she leave me?

Even when I couldn't hear it, her heartbeat still echoed in my ears. Even when I couldn't see her, her face still shone in my head. Even when I wasn't near her, I still loved her.

I felt myself fall onto the ground and I rubbed my face in my hands.

"Edward." I heard Alice's voice.

I didn't turn, instead I looked down at my hands, my head slowly shaking, "It can't be true Alice... It can't be..."

She knelt down beside me and wrapped her arms around me, "Oh Edward..."

"I can't lose her Alice... What will I do?"

She hugged me tighter and shook her head, "I don't know... All I know is you both need someone to comfort you."

I nodded as the thought struck me, "She's probably wanting me there..."

Alice nodded, "You'll be there soon."

I watched with her as she saw me in Bella's room, comforting her. Suddenly the scene shifted and Alice tried to block it from me.

"Don't." I told her, watching intently.

"Edward you don't want to see..." she trailed off as I glanced at her.

She didn't block the vision from me, my face must have warned her not to. I watched from Alice's eyes as I held Bella in the bed, my face crushed into her shoulder, my cries torn and desolate. I watched as my head lifted and I looked at Alice. But Alice's eyes strayed to Bella and I saw her body, cold, white, motionless... Dead.

The vision cut off suddenly and Alice hugged me tight, "It's going to be okay Edward."

I didn't realise I was shaking. But Alice's strong arms around me seemed to calm me a bit.

I shook my head, "I won't let her die... I can't let her die... What would I do without her?"

She would die eventually anyw- Alice tried to stop her thoughts before they reached me, but I heard them anyway.

"But that was years away... Not months..." I shook my head, feeling as if my tears would cause a river if they could flow.

I stood up, suddenly determined, "I won't let her die... I'll find a way..." I saw Alice glance at me with wide eyes, "Find a way without changing her..." Alice's expression dropped and I pretended to ignore it as I began walking again, "First I need to go see Bella..." Her named burned in my throat, my need to be near her ached in my body. I turned back to Alice, "I don't know when I'll be back."

She looked down and nodded, "Take your time."

I looked away and nodded before turning around again and running as fast as I could towards Bella's house.

It probably only took five minutes, but it seemed like forever. Eventually, I stood outside her house, still masked by the trees as I listened. Her breathing was shallow, raspy and quiet, as if she were asleep. Maybe I shouldn't disturb her then, she would need her rest...

No. I had to go see her.

I walked out from the trees and towards her house, my eyes fixed on the window. I climbed the house in one quick movement, sliding Bella's window open and jumping through soundlessly.

I turned and closed the window again before looking back at Bella. My heart melted instantly and my eyes softened as I watched the love of my life curled up in bed.

She was on her side, her perfect face turned away from me and her head lying gently on the pillow like feathers on a cloud. The sheets were placed over her gently as if she'd barely moved since she fallen asleep.

Her breathing changed suddenly and I froze. But instead of there being something wrong with her, she turned in the bed, her eyes meeting mine instantly.

Her sleepy eyes widened and then narrowed as pain crossed her features. She sat up in the bed, her arms reaching for me as mine did for her. I got onto the bed, taking her into my arms, almost like a lover rather than a best friend, but right now I couldn't care less.

Her sobs started at once as she crushed her face into my chest and I rocked her back and forth.

"Sssh Bella..." I begged, "Don't cry, love... You'll make yourself worse..."

"Edward. I. Don't. Want. To. Die." She cried helplessly.

I closed my eyes, pulling her tighter against me as if holding her could heal my breaking heart.

I continued to rock her, soothing her sobs with my voice, and eventually as she started to drift towards sleep again, I began to hum her lullaby in her ear. She'd never heard it before, but now seemed like a good a time as any.

Soon enough she was asleep in my arms with a gentle smile on her face and I couldn't help but wonder what she was dreaming of... I stared at her face for a long moment and then I looked at the wall, trying to find a solution to the nightmare we were in, but all I could was Alice's vision staring back at me, taunting me, telling me it was going to happen...

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before kissing Bella's forehead lightly, "I love you Bella... I'll find a way, love. I promise..."

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