Athena's POV

It's a good thing the plug was pulled on the over exaggerated war idea. It would be a foolish thing to become so worked up about as Poseidon planned. A simple, short brawl between us was much easier to deal with. The news of the fight had reached the ends of the Earth, heavens, and even Hades. Everyone who was allowed up into Olympus would be there at the arena to witness the great and final battle between The God of the Seas against his own son and long time enemy. If we won this, which I planned on doing, I promised myself to atleast try and get along with my future father- in- law.

"Well, hello there." I turned my head to see Percy leaning against the doorway in black, sleeveless, Greek armor. He had his genuine, kind smile on his face as he looked at me in my golden, more womanly armor. "Someone looks like their ready to kill." I walked up to him and brushed his hair out of his eyes.

"Oh, trust me I would kill our opponent if I could. Do you know who else is going to be against us?"

"No, not yet. Apparently we have to wait until we actually get into the field to see who it is. You're going to be amazed at just how many people are here, the place is packed."

"Not surprised, it's been the gossip of the world for the past few days. Apollo and Hermes have even started bets on who would win which I frankly don't understand since we don't know who the fourth person is."

"Too bad we had to do this though… I don't understand why he would be so determined about this. I know that Greek Gods hold grudges but that's no reason to fight about this." Responding to him with a soft smile, I gently caressed his face but before I could say something an Iris message appeared in front of us revealing the last man I wanted to see.

"Poseidon…" I greeted him with a growl in my voice.

"Ah, pleasure to see you two as well. Hello Percy." He just received a nod in response from him. "Well, I've been thinking… and I've decided that we should call off the tag team idea. My partner and I are more in the mood for a two-on-two."

"That cannot be permitted Poseidon, the terms and regulations have already been decided. And who is our other opponent, may I ask?"

"Sorry to say, but he won't go through with it unless that term is met. As far as knowing who he is goes… you'll find out once the battle begins."

"If he won't do it then let him be, in the case that he doesn't participate, you forfeit."

"That will result in me having the two of you separated forcefully and no marriage can happen if I'm involved." I slammed my palm against my forehead in anger. This man could make my head explode; the temptation to kill him was only increasing by the second.

"Alright dad, have it your way but trust me, we will win."

"Perfect, see you there." Percy ended the iris message and avoided my stare until I held his face and made him turn to me.

"Percy, why did you agree to it so easily?" He shrugged.

"Look, he wouldn't have given up as far as I can see. Besides, you're the best battle strategist there is. What could possibly go wrong?"

"I would agree with you… but you probably just jinxed it." Taking his hand, we walked out to finalize and finish this little skirmish.

I couldn't believe my eyes. They had to be deceiving me. The person who I least expected to be the opponent was walking into the arena with a shining, blue thunderbolt in his hand and wearing a white traditional Greek robe like Poseidon's. Everyone had become silent at the sight of the previously mystery combatant.

"Father…?" I managed to say in a low whisper. He stood in front of me with a solemn smile, running a hand down his marbled gray and black beard.

"I have my reasons for doing this my dear sweet daughter." That being his only response, he turned swiftly around and stood at Poseidon's side a long distance away from us.

"Okay, you're right maybe I did jinx it." Percy whispered into my ear while releasing Riptide from its pen-like form.

"I'm just too confused here… I thought he was okay with us then why would he-"Hera cleared her throat audibly and stood from the throne positioned inside a booth on the highest level of the arena across the entrance. I looked to the throne beside her where father would have sat… I should have known.

"I welcome you all to the battle between Zeus, lord of the skies, and Poseidon, lord of the seas, against Athena, daughter of Zeus and Goddess of Wisdom with Perseus Jackson, minor god of Tidal Waves and son of Poseidon. These two are willing to go head-to-head with their fathers just for the sake of love. If they are to win, their relationship will be openly accepted and a marriage shall take place here on Olympus. Let it begin!"

As soon as those last three words were spoken, Zeus hurled his thunderbolt at Percy who narrowly missed it by jumping out of the way. My mind couldn't stop racing with questions of why he would be doing this when he had already been open to the idea, but now wasn't the time. Throwing these thoughts aside, I unsheathed my own sword, created by Hephaestus himself. The hilt was golden, an owl imprinted on it, and the metal, an eye-blinding silver. As soon as I had released it, Poseidon shot out a torrent of water through his trident at me. Jumping on top of it, I raced across the wave until I reached him and expertly slashed my sword upon his shoulder. It cut right through him, causing his right arm to be useless now.

Zeus had tossed another thunderbolt at me, but Percy had stepped in at the nick of time, blocking it with Riptide. The bolt reflected back and electrocuted the lord of the skies. It took everything in my willpower to keep from rushing to his side and helping him up.

Almost immediately, the two brothers stood back up, both now wielding a sword. Father had one made of lightning while Poseidon's was his trident only in a new form. They charged at us and attacked repeatedly giving neither of us a chance at offense as we were only on defense. Eventually we were pushed against each other back-to-back. Percy rose up into the air on a whirlwind of water to escape Zeus only to be followed by Poseidon using the same technique. I focused my attention on my new opponent as the clang of Percy and Poseidon's weapons echoed throughout the arena.

Zeus pointed two fingers at me and fired currents of electricity. I used my sword as a shield before jumping out of the way but I noticed a sudden and strong sting on my arm. I looked down at the deep gash upon my bicep, golden ichor flowing down from the wound. In the blink of an eye, I had appeared in front of Zeus, our swords pressed against each other while I stared at him with a fire in my eyes.

"Why father? Why are you involved in this? I could have sworn you were alright with what I was doing."

"Every father has his reasons for doing certain things Athena. Things that are only meant to make sure his daughter is making the right choice." I pulled away from the friction of our swords and lunged at him again and again.

"What in Hades are you talking about?"

"You may or may not find out soon enough." He grunted while trying to block my attacks. Suddenly, I heard a crash behind me and turned around to see Percy, face down on the dirt, trying to get up. Without thinking, I ran to his side and surprisingly wasn't stopped by either one of our opponents which raised a suspicion in my mind.

"Percy! Are you alright?" He slowly staggered up, using Riptide as support. His face was full of scratches and ichor ran down his face.

"I'm fine, just… a bit wary. They're holding back, it's obvious, I just don't know why." He coughed. It was true; even I had noticed it by now. Zeus and Poseidon are the top two strongest gods in all of Olympus. Why they weren't able to defeat us by now made no sense to me.

"We should take it as an advantage, but let's try a strategy this time… we need to work together." He nodded and held out his sword.

"I have an idea." Twirling Riptide around repeatedly until a spinning funnel of water had formed under us, Percy forced the blast of water to carry us along the field at a great speed. Getting the message, I cut through Poseidon and Zeus each time we passed by them. With the pace at which we were passing them by, they couldn't block the attacks and soon enough became weak, ichor dripping off their bodies. We landed a distance away from them and watched as they ran towards us with the last bit of energy they had but Percy had already seen it coming. Swiping a hand through the air, a swirling chasm blocked their way, slowing turning into a circle around them. Every time Poseidon tried to make it disappear, Percy brought it up again just as quickly but his energy was wearing thin fast.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked.

"Hold on… any minute now." A loud, thunderous shock was heard inside the swirling vortex. Lightning currents flooded out the top of it, one of Zeus' thunderbolts, but the electricity just seemed to become a part of the water. "Right on time." With a triumphant smirk Percy let the walls of his creation fall down upon the two and their screams roared throughout the stadium. Realization slowly dawned on me at what his technique had been.

"Water conducts electricity… As soon as he used the thunderbolt in there, it just flowed through it and when you dropped it on them, it sent a shock through their bodies."

"You got it." He said with his same old grin that I love so much.

"You really are something, you know that?" But our victory wasn't celebrated long. A faint clapping noise and a booming laugh that could only be my father's was heard. I turned my head to him and Poseidon walking towards us slowly, their hair standing up and skin black in a few places with wide smiles. Once they reached us, I was too shocked for words when our fathers pulled each of us into a warm hug.

"I told you my son would put up more of a fight than you thought."

"I stand corrected brother. Your Percy is quite a fine man."

"And you assumed he wasn't good enough for your most beloved daughter."

"Wait! Hold on, what's going on?" Percy intervened; a completely confused look on his face which I was sure was on mine as well.

"I believe we can tell them now. Don't you Lord Zeus?" He nodded to his brother and gently placed each of his rough, strong hands on our shoulders.

"Ah, where to begin… Well, we knew that you two were together for quite a while now, before we were even told. You can thank Aphrodite's show for that. Nothing can go on in Olympus that Poseidon and I don't know about." I cast a glare at Aphrodite who was sitting in the crowd and slowly starting sinking down in her seat to escape my eyes. "At first we were furious and wanted to confront you ourselves but as we watched everything that Aphrodite had filmed… we slowly started to see that our children have never looked happier but neither of us fully accepted the relationship until now. Poseidon didn't want his son to be with his old enemy and thought that he could marry someone more suited for him. So, we decided to wait for one of you to tell us and give you the reactions you would expect just to see how far you would go for each other."

"I am glad though that Percy came to me with this battle idea, a war would have been messy to clean up after." Poseidon said with a laugh.

"Indeed it would have. And quite honestly, I had my doubts about him." He was now looking at Percy with a twinkle in his light-blue eyes. "I thought that my most prized daughter could do so much better than him but you I see that you are perfect for her. I couldn't ask for a better… son-in-law."

"Wait so… you agree father?" I asked, hope in my tone. He nodded to me and I couldn't help but give him a tight hug like I was a little girl again.

"I guess that means you wouldn't mind a wedding either dad?"

"Mind it? I would love it! My son's getting married, and not to mention to the fairest goddess in all of Olympus. I'm ready to forget our past issues if you are, Athena."

"I've been waiting for you to finally let it go." I accepted with a modest smile.

"Oh, and I almost forgot. Percy, considering that you managed to defeat both I and your father, I assume that everyone here agrees that you should become a major god." Zeus complimented with his hand on Percy's chest, ready to form him into an even stronger god.

"But, weren't you guys holding back? We didn't really defeat you did we?"

"Honestly, yes we were holding back, we couldn't really hurt our children. But even with the amount of power we were using, you shouldn't have been able to defeat us so easily and quickly. Only a man worthy of being one of us could have done that." Percy beamed at his kind words and reached for my hand, tangling our fingers together.

"Well if you insist Lord Zeus, I accept."

"Very well then, Percy, I now pronounce you the Major God of Tidal Waves!" A bright, blinding flash emitted from Percy's being forcing me to look away. But once my eyes adjusted again, he was glowing as though he were the sun, the sparkle in his green eyes even more enchanting and I never thought this possible, but he was even handsomer, a sight to truly behold.

"Let's hear it for Percy and Athena!" called Apollo from the crowd causing the rest of the viewers to cheer as well. Percy and I looked at one another grinning. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into a deep kiss. We pulled away and kept our foreheads together.

"You sure you want to get married? Not too late to turn around you know." He joked, teasing me for previously being a goddess who would never think about a wedding.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Don't try to change my mind because it won't be happening." His grin turned wider and he pulled me against his chest in a loving embrace.

Percy's POV

It was amazing how quickly the wedding had been planned. Considering that everyone we knew, and even people we didn't know, were already present to see the fight, that took care of the guests list. The only thing left to do was decorate the banquet hall. To Aphrodite, the wedding planner, fixing the place up for the ceremony was no problem at all. By the time she was done, everyone who had fought had already healed and was formally dressed for the occasion as were all the other Gods and Goddesses. I scanned the room once more and took a look around at the elaborate set up.

The marble walls were graced with glorious, gold and silver banners. Red rose petals trailed down the aisle where I had previously arrived from, now standing in between two bronze, twisted pillars with white, drooping, silk cloth arched above them. Hermes, Apollo, and Hephaestus had helped bring in many, grand, chestnut-colored benches upon which everyone was now seated. Hermes even managed to bring my mom and Paul. Good thing too, I couldn't imagine this day without her. As I looked at her sitting in the front row, I smiled comfortingly at her because she couldn't stop crying at the fact that her boy was all grown up. Grover stood beside me as my best man wearing only a black suit jacket and a red tie, preferring to keep his satyr-legs free of pants.

"Alright how do I look?" I asked him nervously, holding my arms out and presenting myself.

"Like a million drachmas Percy, just fix your bow tie a bit." He reached for my tux and straightened the bow.

"Thanks man, gods I'm feeling a little scared right now Grover."

"Don't mention it. And Percy, don't worry you got this. Just watch, this wedding is going to be the best Olympus has ever seen." Just then, Apollo slowly and expertly started playing the tune, signaling the bride had arrived. I turned my attention to the large, black, modern-styled doors which gradually opened to reveal Athena; her arm wrapped in Zeus', her other hand carrying a bouquet of white roses.

To say she looked beautiful would be a strong understatement because nothing in the world could compare to how stunning she looked, not even the Goddess of Beauty herself. Athena was dressed in a descent, fitted gown with a long but not too long end to it, being carried by Artemis who wore a deep red dress, looking rather uncomfortable in it. The V-neck on her wedding gown was low, but not too low, sided by long sleeves that were laced with an intricate design that followed onto just the top of the dress. Her veil was thin so that her face was clearly visible, and was complimented by a thin, diamond crown underneath, positioned in a way that it made the top of her hair rise. The rest of her blonde curly hair fell down her shoulders.

Upon reaching my side, she smiled a brilliant smile and I returned it just the same way. Kissing her cheek softly, Zeus let go of her arm a little hesitantly but soon enough, managed to let go and sit beside his brothers and sisters. Hera being the Goddess of Marriage was chosen to be the priest and began her speech.

"Gods, Goddesses, magical creatures, and mortals, we are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding ceremony of Percy Jackson and Athena. This is a historical event, the first time a maiden goddess has ended her vow because she has found the true love of her life. It is certainly a hard thing to find as many of us know from experience but they have luckily come across it. Let's begin and end this shortly." Athena and I turned to each other. I gently took her hand in mine and held the wedding ring Grover handed to me.

"Athena, if someone had asked me before I came here, who I planned to marry I never would have guessed it would be you. But even if I was given the chance to start all over again, knowing we would be together, I would make the same choice no matter what. You give me so much joy that it's impossible to explain and I always want to keep you happy under all circumstances because… Well, I have to agree with your dad, you could have married anyone you wanted, someone even better than me because your personality and beauty could probably win any man over but I'm glad that you chose me. I promise to always be there for you and be the man that you deserve." Sliding the ring on her right hand, third finger, I looked back up at her dazzling face, staring into those mesmerizing gray pair or eyes.

"Percy, I disagree with you on one point. I couldn't do better than you. In my eyes you are perfect in ever manner and way. Many other women would probably agree with me on that actually, you are just plainly amazing. If I were previously asked to get married to someone, I would never say yes because I am or much rather was very committed to my maiden oath. But then… you came along. In such a short time, you changed me in ways I could never imagine and I don't even have an ounce of doubt or regret about breaking my oath because you mean so much more to me than that." Artemis gave her my ring and Athena carefully pushed it down the third finger of my right hand.

"Now, Perseus Jackson, do you take Athena's hand in marriage, to cherish and to hold, for better or worse, for the rest of your life… which is technically eternity."

"I do." I replied without uncertainty.

"And do you, Athena, take Percy's hand in marriage, to cherish and to hold, for better or worse, for the rest of eternity?"

"I do." She finalized with no falter in her response either.

"If anyone has a reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." I'm sure quite a few people did want to say something because I noticed a few uneasy shifting, but Athena's stern look silenced all. "Then I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

I pulled her into my arms, and we kissed with the cheering and joyous applaud of everyone else in the background. It was warm, loving, passionate, and by far, the best kiss we had ever shared. After we finally broke apart Athena looked at me with a glimmer in her eyes.

"Since you were wondering, I'm around five-thousand-and-nine year's old or six-thousand-and-nine at most."

"W-wow… that's… a lot." Age didn't really bother me much but the number caught me really off-guard. She laughed at my speechless reaction and took my hand and guided us to the cake where everyone had gathered. Instead of feeding her, I couldn't resist the temptation of throwing a piece at her and putting a little extra icing on her face. Which in retrospect wasn't a good idea after she responded by smearing a whole piece of cake on my face. After cleaning up ourselves, we sat together, watching as everyone recited their heart-warming toasts.

"These two," started Aphrodite, "are undoubtedly my best piece of work even though in the end they managed all their own, I take the credit for getting their relationship started. If you ever wish to thank me, know that I'm always ready to accept a present, Percy in a box wouldn't be too bad."

"Ha, in your dreams Aphrodite but I'll let you know frequently how great of a husband he makes just to see you jealous." Athena retaliated getting a pout from Aphrodite. After Athena danced with her dad for a little while, I stood up and held out my hand to her, slightly bowing. She took it and I pulled her close to me. We swayed across the dance floor gracefully and without a missed step until the music ended. Before we left, Athena tossed her bouquet back and the catcher, or more precisely attacker, was someone who we never expected.

Artemis was scolding Apollo for getting too drunk with wine when she sensed something coming towards her and instinctively shot at it with an arrow, impaling the flowers into the stone floors. She stared at them as though they were poison.

"That… doesn't count… does it?" She said simply as everyone couldn't help but laugh at her reaction. Athena and I then zapped ourselves to our honeymoon location on Earth.

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