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Chapter 1

Kagome sighed as she rolled in her bed, it was so comfortable but she was also in charge of cleaning the class room this morning even if she didn't want to do it. Sighing she looked at her older sister, they were exactly 10 minutes apart something Usagi NEVER let her forget that she was older. But Kagome never let Usagi forget that SHE was smarter.

Chuckling at the thought, Kagome slipped out of her pajamas before pulling on her school uniform. It wasn't as bad as some. A simple blue skirt with a white top and with a red bow set dead center of the chest.

"Mama, what's for breakfast?" Kagome asked as she skipped down the stairs, ruffling Souta's and Shingo's hair. "Hey boys, what are you two doing up this early?" Kagome asked, settling in the chair besides Souta.

Both brown haired boys smiled, "Pranking on Usagi." Shingo replied cheekily.

Kagome raised an eyebrow.

Souta sighed; he didn't want to play a prank "I have soccer practice this morning."

"Do you want to walk with me to school then?" Kagome asked.

"Sure, you gonna come Shingo?" Souta asked.

"Why not…" Shingo nodded.

"Then let's go before Usagi kills us all falling down the stairs." Kagome replied cheerfully, "Oh, Mama, Do you want me to take Usa's lunch? That way she won't eat in class."

"Hmm, that would be preferable; I do get tired of Haruna calling." Ikuko remarked.

"Ha-ha, Kay. Come on boys!" Kagome waved grabbing her messenger bag and the lunches before opening the door for her brothers and following them to school.

Kagome and the two boys chatted until they reached the elementary school. Both boys were on the soccer team, but Shingo was two years older than Souta who was eight.

"You guys have fun kay? And remember to drink water." Kagome stared the two of them down.

"Hai!" The two chorused, before taking off to the soccer field with their friends.

Kagome chuckled before continuing, it wasn't that she didn't trust her little brothers. But recently there had been a number of attacks on people, only Sailor Venus had managed to capture and stop the villains. What an exciting life that must be? That and their school was only a few blocks away from hers, even if it was out of the way a bit.

Kagome sighed as she continued before making a quick stop, there was an odd sound coming from the alley nearby. A number of young boys probably from 5 to 7 were surrounding a small black cat.

"HEY! Stop that!" Kagome yelled running at them. She frowned; there was a large bandage across the poor things head.

Sighing she picked up the small cat, gently rubbing her under the chin. After getting a good purr out of the cat she pulled it off. Beneath the bandage was a furless mark, which was a bright golden crescent moon. Stroking the spot lightly, Kagome frowned, it was a bit like Déjà vu but she was uncertain of what she was supposed to remember.

"Well, be a good kitty ne?" Kagome smiled, before putting the small cat back on the side street. Before walking away glancing back once more she sighed, the tension seemed to grow, and the black cat was nowhere to be seen.

Shuddering slightly she hurried to her class room, she really hated being in charge of the class.

"Naru, what are you doing here?" Kagome cried, she wasn't sure what the red head was doing here this early. Kagome and her twin Usagi had been friends with Naru since childhood.

"Ah, Kagome. I traded off with Izumi; I had something I needed to do next Friday!" Naru laughed.

Kagome laughed softly, "I see, I was wondering what was going on, I thought I had duty with Umino."

"You did, but the second position kept getting traded off." Naru snickered.

"Oh, I see how it is no one wanted to work with me." She pouted.

Naru shook her head, "Don't say that Gome." Naru hugged her friend.

While Kagome just sighed, "How long do you think it'll take Usagi to get in today?"

"I don't know, I don't know how the two of you are twins!" Naru laughed.

"Hmm, Usagi doesn't look like anyone in our family, but then again neither do I! Mama has blue hair, and papa is a brunette, but we all have blue eyes." Kagome laughed, completely unaware of a garnet eyed cat with a crescent moon upon its brow eyeing her.

With both girls working together it only took them twenty minutes to finish their chores, afterwards they simply sat waiting. It didn't take long for the class to begin to fill; Kagome on the other hand began to do a mental count down.

"USAGI!" Their teacher Haruna screamed out.

Kagome sighed, as Usagi rushed in to sit in the desk next to her.

"Kagome, gimme my lunch." Usagi whispered.

"No way, you got here late you can wait until lunch period." Kagome stuck her tongue out.

"What are you up to Usagi, why can't you be more like Kagome?" Haruna scowled. "Or Gurio? Both of them did very well!"

"What! Kagome isn't Math your worst subject?" Usagi pouted as the 30 percent was shoved in her face.

"Yes it is, but I STUDIED for it. Unlike some people who happened to be playing the new Sailor V game with Motoki without telling me." Kagome snorted, looking over her own paper. 92 wasn't too bad.

Usagi groaned, while Naru sighed, not fair!

Gurio grinned "I thought it was a breeze!"

"Ohh, buzz off Gurio!" Naru frowned.

Kagome sighed as, once again, chaos irrupted around her, arguments thrown back and forth before Haruna managed to once again calm the class and get them to behave. Several hours later during lunch period Kagome would get to enjoy the gossip just like always.

"Izumi, you ditched me!" Kagome teased, poking her friend in the cheek.

Izumi laughed, "Did you hear the news about Sailor Venus?"

"No, but I was nervous about letting the brats go to school by themselves, a lot of the robberies and stuff have been near their school. So I walked them, what happened?" Kagome asked.

"She nabbed them this time, Kagome!" Gurio popped out of some nearby bushes.

Kagome, Izumi, Naru and Usagi stared at the boy, he was such a stalker!

Izumi sighed, "I love jewelry and stuff! I wish I could see the robber's loot!"

Kagome giggled.

"Naru, doesn't your mom own a huge Jewelry store?" Usagi asked, slightly concerned.

"Yeah! And we're having a huge sale you guys should come!" Naru replied, an excited expression on her face.

"Sure." Kagome smiled.

Both Usagi and Izumi looked at each other before a large smile ran across their faces "YEAH!"

Naru and Kagome giggled.

"Let's go then!" Naru replied, as she began to walk toward the store, for whatever reason Ms. Haruna had given them the rest of the day off.

"Wow, Naru your mom is packing'em in." Kagome stated wide eyed at the mass of wiggling woman outside.

Naru nodded, just as surprised as her friends.

Usagi and Izumi just squealed in delight at the chance to get up close and personal with the jewelry.

Naru's mother waved happily, "Naru, Izumi, Kagome you get a special discounts!"

Kagome sighed, "I think I'll pass." Something felt a bit off about all this.

Usagi pouted, "Aw! I want one."

"Would you even keep up with a piece as nice as these?" Kagome asked, in disbelief.

Usagi sniffled, before crumbling up her test paper "Daddy won't buy me anything with a grade like this!" Completely ignoring her twin she tossed the paper behind her. "I'm going home!"

"Usagi!" Kagome cried trying to stop her twin.

"Try a waste bin next time! Right in the face, cow tails." A smooth deep voice replied.

"Pigtails! Their pigtails, stupid!" Usagi shouted, angry.

"A 30, huh?" He replied, "Who's calling who stupid?" The taller man asked, before throwing the paper in Usagi's face to walk away.

Usagi growled, before stomping away.

Kagome sighed, as she watched, her sister was so compulsive. Looking at the man Usagi hit, Kagome could feel her cheeks heat up, he was extremely handsome. Tall, a lean body, deep blue eyes darker than hers, high cheek bones and thick black hair, she vaguely wondered why the man was wearing such a expensive suit. Kagome epped, when the man looked at her before she followed her sister home, extremely embarrassed for being caught staring.

Kagome sighed, for the next hour she had to hunt down her older sister. When she finally found the girl, playing arcade games she was absolutely furious. "Hey Motoki, I'm here to drag the slacker home."

Motoki nodded, a slightly scared expression on his face. Kagome was so scary sometimes.

Grabbing Usagi's ear she promptly dragged her home, neither girl noticed a black cat with a golden crescent moon on its brow following them happily.

"Girls! You're home! How are your grades?" Ikuko asked. "Gurio told me he got a 95!"

"I got a 92, Mama. I'm going upstairs I have something to study for." Kagome waved ignoring Usagi's plight.

For the next two hours Kagome worked on her homework, before finally dozing off on her desk. Kagome yawned, what an awkward feel. Blinking she found herself face to face with the cat from earlier that morning, "Kitty?"

"Oh no, I'm the neighbor's dog!" The red eyed cat replied sarcastically, "Of course a cat."

Kagome continued blinking, before quickly pinching herself it had to be a dream cat's just didn't talk!

The cat sighed, looking slightly annoyed. "I've been looking for you Kagome. With that bandage on I couldn't talk or investigate or do anything. I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to find you. I am Luna by the way."

"This is a dream it, has to be a dream." Kagome closed her eyes and slapped her skin when it stung sharply, Kagome opened her eyes. "So it's not a dream."

"I am certainly not a dream! And this is yours." Luna did a back flip upon the foot of Kagome's bed. Suddenly an item landed on the bed, it seemed to be a bit heavy.

Kagome sighed, she didn't really know what was going on but she might as well see right? The item on the bed was interesting, its main part created a perfect circle with four smaller spheres at the four points; each sphere was a different color yellow, blue, green and red. It was a white in color, the bottom was metal and copied the crescent moon on Luna's forehead, but it was soft silver instead of Luna's vibrant yellow gold. At its dead center was a star, the small spheres two on each side echoed the sphere on the outside of the broach and was cradled by the crescent.

"So... what is this Luna?" Kagome asked, fingers running over the smooth metal.

Luna sighed, "You know the strange activities that have been happening recently? The strange unsolved crimes?"

Kagome nodded, her previous concern upping itself.

"You are a chosen warrior, you must fight it is your destiny. You must defeat the enemy and then we shall find our queen." Luna replied, watching as the dark haired girl continued to gently almost lovingly caress the transformation item. "Attach it to your uniform."

Kagome looked up surprised, before nodding when it finally rested between her breasts it began to glow a soft, soft light. Kagome looked at Luna with a question in her eyes.

"Shout 'Moon'" Luna answered easily.

Kagome sighed, standing she did as asked, "MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP!"

Kagome gasped as she was incased in white light, blue ribbons seemed to wrap around her body before disappearing to reveal a white bathing suit type thing. It was followed closely by a soft silver collar and skirt, the ribbons continued to make a small ice blue bow across both her chest and just above her butt, the broach was magically in the center of the bow across her chest. White glove ran up her arms, stopping just after her elbow, while thin stiletto heels appeared on her feet, they were in the same silver at her skirt. Her hair seemed to magically grow to her knees unlike its previous waist length, it was in thick waves, while small white barrettes appeared across her bangs. Small silver crescent moon studs, appeared at her ears before a silver tiara appeared across her brows at its center was an ice blue gem, the blue reminded her a bit of a supposed "blue" moon. As the light faded Kagome found herself breathing deeply (she wasn't terribly sure she breathed through that), what just happened?

"Luna? What the heck?" Kagome was utterly shocked at the change, and was secretly glad she had shaved the night before.

"You are Sailor Moon; it is your destiny to safe guard this planet and find the Princess."

"Luna, that's fine, but when I transformed, I saw something was happening to Naru, I have to go!" Kagome cried disturbed by the image she'd seen. Shuddering at the thought she pushed open her bedroom window before jumping down, what if she didn't get there in time?

Luna smiled briefly before following; it would take the two of them to get to Naru's home. She and her mother lived just above the jewelry shop their family owned.

Kagome huffed lightly, before making a running leap toward the door. "Get your nasty skanky hands off of her!"

"And whooo are you?" The youma asked, in a deep rumbling crackling voice.

"The Champion of Justice and the Defender against Evil, Sailor Moon!" Kagome stated, moving into a combative stance.

"I've never heard of such stupidity, AWAKEN SLAVES, and prepare to die!" The Youma cackled again, woman who'd bought jewelry earlier that day began to attack.

Kagome found herself dodging left and right, hitting pressure points as she went. But for every one she put down two more seemed to take her place. Kagome cried out, as one of the woman with a broken glass bottle managed to get close enough to cut across her face.

"Luna, what can I do? I can't hurt these women?" Kagome asked, jumping back away from them.

"Use your tiara, Sailor Moon." Luna replied, dodging clamoring women just as much as Kagome.

Kagome eyes went wide she wouldn't be able to get out of the way! Seconds seemed to pass before she was pulled out of the way by strong arms, a deep sensual voice asked, and "Are you alright?"

"Yes, thank you." Kagome blushed looking into a masked face, he was extremely handsome. He was very similar to the man she'd seen earlier that day.

Tuxedo Mask placed the girl on the ground, nodded before moving on.

Pulling the Tiara from her brow, it quickly changed into a fast spinning disk, "MOON TIARA BOOMERANG!"

When the youma tried to move, Kagome controlled the spinning disc forcing it to lock onto the female creature. Once it struck, the youma turned to dust, Kagome sighed in relief, as she sank to the floor.

The man dressed in the tuxedo and the face mask promptly moved, "I didn't find the Imperial Silver Crystal here... however, I did enjoy the show." Tuxedo Mask smiled, "My name is Tuxedo Mask, I won't forget you Sailor Moon," before disappearing into the night.

"Kagome, are you alright?" Luna questioned the dazed girl.

"Yeah, I think so." Kagome replied picking Luna up to stroke her fur. She smiled brightly when Luna began to purr. "I think I need to work on fighting ne? I'm hurting all over." She was also blushing brightly, those blue eyes, she was almost positive that was the man from this afternoon. Her cheeks were once again red what was it about that person that made her heart beat?

Luna smiled; Kagome had done much better than she thought the girl would have done. But nodded, delighted when the girl carried her home.

"When do you think they'll attack again Luna?" Kagome asked as she continued home.

"I'm not really sure Kagome, probably where a number will gather. It's the easiest way for them to collect energy." Luna replied.


Jadeite frowned, Sailor Moon em? Not a bad showing at all.

"I'll just have to get to the crystal before you." The tall blond chuckled he'd enjoyed watching the show, it had been rather delightful he was still young enough to enjoy the girls assets her breast were rather nice and large and she kept flashing her panties at the screen. Maybe he could talk Beryl into letting him keep a toy or two.


Kagome sighed, as she listened to Naru talk about being saved by Sailor V's partner. Was it really wise?

"NO way Naru! You had to be dreaming!" Chiharu replied, she was a cute girl with her hazel eyes and short brown hair.

"I dunno, it could be true! Someone said they saw someone dressed like Sailor V, walking around the area with a cat, last night!" Gurio replied, rather excited.

Kagome nearly yelled. Holy crap! She thought. What if someone recognized her? Her mother would probably worry needlessly; Shingo and Souta would probably be really excited. But still, it would be best to keep things a secret.

Luna smiled, before jumping down on Kagome's shoulder, "You did well last night."

"Thanks Luna, but were going to have to be more careful! Someone saw us last night!" Kagome replied worry on her face.

Luna smiled, "You'll be fine, and no one will recognize you."

Kagome blinked, "Why is that? The only thing that's different is my hair get's longer."

Luna chuckled, "There is magic in the transformation so it makes you unrecognizable."

"Ah, that gets rid of one worry. Thanks Luna." Kagome began to rub under Luna's ears, and giggled lightly when she rubbed against her cheek. Things would be okay, at least she wouldn't be alone!