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For the first time…I felt real joy.

I never thought I could feel this warm.

Like a small flame in my heart that makes me happy and burst with pride.

When she first gave me Henry to hold, I saw a small little angel.

I felt love for the first time when I saw him. Love for something so small and vulnerable, yet has the power to turn any adult into a pile of mush.

His peaceful face and little tiny eyes and hands, I almost cried when I saw him.

I remember when I first saw Hotch's son Jack and when I said "If you find baldness and wrinkles attractive."

But when I saw Henry, I didn't see wrinkles or baldness…I saw a sweet, small cooing baby.

I will definitely get him into Yale if it's the last thing I do.

I want to always treasure him and tell him what a special boy he is.

Even though he is not my son…he is my godson.

My sweet precious godson.