It was dark, impossibly dark. It was so dark, that I couldn't even see; and that was saying something. My mind had gone completely blank as to where I was, why I was there, and why it was so god damn dark! All I remember is going out with Elena to the grill, going home, and then going to sleep. At least I knew Elena was safe, I watched her go inside of her house. But where the hell was I?

I tried again to see where I was, or anything for that matter, but I came up blank. Again. I was blinded, metaphorically speaking. The wall was right behind me and I wouldn't have known if I had not been resting on it when I woke up. I started to move my hand up and down every inch to see if there was any way out of here. After a disappointing five minutes I deduced that there was one steel door, but it was locked. Trapped in a room so dark that you can't see, with a door that's bolted shut; what a great way to start the day.

I suppose I had been sitting there for an hour and a half, give or take, when I heard the door's locking mechanism click open. It swung open, illuminating the room with bright yellow light. For a few seconds the figure in the doorway was just a silhouette, but after my eyes adjusted I could make out every detail on his body. He was tall; a few inched taller than me maybe. I could tell he was Caucasian, but he was dirty. Perhaps soot? Ash? I couldn't tell. His hair was dark brown and stood up in spikes on his head. But his voice, my god, it was the most masculine voice I think I've ever heard. Even more than mine; and that mean a lot coming from me. He wasn't moving toward me but I was afraid of him. I knew that he had given me Vervain, I could feel it working its way through my body; it was a terrible feeling. If he attacked me in any way, I don't think I would have the strength to fight him off.

And then everything got so much worse.

The man reached around the corner and grabbed something. He was struggling, but I finally saw what it was.

It was Elena.

How the fuck did he get Elena?

"Elena?" I manage to choke out, despite the massive dosage of Vervain flowing through my system. The man smiled.

"Oh, you know her? I just brought this out to drink, and mayyybe to torture you with," He stretched out the word as if her were talking to a young child. "You know, dangling just out of your reach?" He thrusted Elena forward, towards me, and she screamed out in pain. It was absolutely terrifying. I heard two massive snaps and then a silence that seemed far too intense for this moment in time.

I tried to get up, I tried as hard as I could, but it just hurt so much. It was like somebody was punching a thousand needles into every inch of your body all at once.

The man smiled again. "Don't bother feeding on her, she's loaded with Vervain." He noted right before he slammed the door back shut. I was surrounded, once again, with unbearable darkness.

I couldn't see, but I could still hear. I could hear Elena breathing and sense her reaching out to find me, my hand moved forward and found hers. She was startled at first but quickly shuffled towards me and into my waiting arms.

"Damon…" She cried. I could feel her tears staining my shirt, but that didn't much matter to me. Her hands were clutched on my shirt and hair.

"Elena, shhh. It'll be okay." I said, my throat burning with every word. I didn't like lying to her, but I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her anything else besides that.

And then we both drifted off into a very welcoming sleep.

I wasn't sure how long we were sleeping, but I knew it was almost dawn now. Apparently the room had a sky light that I hadn't noticed before.

And that's when it hit me, and I was more scared then I have ever been before. Not for me, but for Elena. For her sanity and well-being, and for what she might have to go through very soon.

It was dawn and the room had a skylight, and I didn't have my ring. All together, not a very good combination.

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