The remaining chefs and everybody in the audience was waiting for the unveiling. Finally, Carlisle lifted the lid and it showed Kate's dish. She was disappointed but not outright angry like her sister displayed. Marina told her:

"Chef Kate, while we did like your dish to a degree, there was some flaws; you did not drain the grease from the bear like your competitors did and we felt we had no choice but to chop you"

She smiles and says:

"Thank you for giving me the chance"

She goes to shake each one's hand and Gianna says:

"Don't stop cooking"

Kate leaves then her face appears on the screen and she says:

"I deserved to get chopped. I didn't take the grease out of the bear and that's important to eating it, from what my human friends tell me so all I can do is wish Edward or Esme the best. Who will win? I don't know, maybe Edward does"

Everybody goes back to paying attention to Edward and Esme as they face one another and Carlisle says:

"Chefs, you have each made it to the dessert round; we'll see who makes it to the end. please open your baskets...."

They do and Carlisle only calls out two items as they pull it out:

"You have semisweet chocolate chips and a have 20 minutes and your time starts now"

They put the baskets up and Esme's comes up on the screen and she says:

"Semisweet chocolate chips and a orange, simple ingredients but sometimes the simple really confounds you but I think I will go get a can of sweetened condensed milk and some chopped pecans...mix them together and make a fudge.....I know it's supposed to be in the freezer for longer but all I can do is try"

Back at her station, she gets out a pan and puts a bowl on top and melts the chocolate.

Carlisle is at the desk with the judges and asks:

"Judges, what do you think of these ingredients?'

Gianna smiles and says:

"Well, it's chocolate! What can you say?"

Everybody laughs then Carlisle asks:

"It's only two ingredients, will this help or hurt them?"

Jacob cocks his head and says:

"It's on how they treat them, weather they add a little or a lot"

Marina says:

"I see Esme just melting her chocolate and Edward seems to be getting a lot from the pantry"

Edward's face shows up on the screen and he says:

"Chocolate and a orange? My mind is racing but I think I have a idea….I go to get some white and brown sugar, some butter, some ground cinnamon; about 8 slices of white bread, milk, cream and 3 eggs….I'm going to try and make a chocolate and orange bread pudding….if it works, it works, if it doesn't…."

He throws his hands up in the air on the screen and back in the kitchen, he is whisking around the place like a mad vampire. The vampires in the audience talk amongst themselves and back in the shadows, a lone, dark figure sits in a empty director's chair and Aro says:

"I eagerly await the outcome Esme"

Esme pours in a can of condensed milk and she keeps stirring until smooth. She removes it and stirs in some pecans and zests some orange peel and then cuts the orange and squeezes out the juice. Pours it into a prepared pan then runs back to straighten up her kitchen.

Edward mixes the sugar then blends it with butter and some orange zest and cuts it and squeezes out the juice. Spreads butter on each piece of bread then cuts the bread in half diagonally. Arranges it in a fashionable manner in a 8 x 8 baking dish then places the remaining sugar, chocolate , milk, cream and eggs into a blender, blends it all together and pours it over the bread then puts it into a dish and runs it to the freezer and hopes for the best.

He goes back and cleans up his kitchen then doesn't leave his dish in the freezer very long, runs and gets it at the 15 minute mark and puts it in his oven.

Esme runs and gets 3 plates and goes to get her fudge, brings it back to her station and cuts and arranges it into three elegant slices for the judges. Carlisle then says:

"Five more minutes Chefs!"

Edward goes to get the smaller plates then goes to get his dish out of the oven and plates his dish. Then they hear Carlisle say:

"Fifteen seconds! ….ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Please step back!"

They do then Carlisle says:

"Okay Chefs, what you have done on these plates will now go to the judges, please step up to the judging table"

They do then Carlisle says:

"Chef Edward, you are up first, please tell us about your dish"

He says:

"I have prepared a chocolate and orange bread pudding, it has white and brown sugar, butter, ground cinnamon, of coarse bread, at least 8 slices; milk, heavy cream and eggs, please enjoy"

Each one takes a bite and Gianna is the first one to say:

"This is good"

Marina says:

"I have to agree"

Jacob says:

"I don't find much wrong with this but I do think it could have used extra time cooking"

Edward shakes his head then Carlisle says:

"Chef Esme?"

"I have prepared a chocolate orange fudge"

Marina takes a bite, closes her eyes then asks:

"What ingredients did you use?"

Esme says:

"Just sweetened condensed milk, chopped pecans and I used the juice from the orange"

Jacob says:

"I like it how it is soft, usually fudge is prepared hard and I like this"

Carlisle then says:

"Now that they have had both of your desserts, please wait in the waiting room while they debate your desserts and the other parts of your meal"

Esme and Edward go in then Carlisle turns to the judges and asks:

"Well, what's the thoughts on the deserts?"

Jacob looks at both Gianna and Marina then says:

"As I said, I wished Edward had more time to cook his but it was good"

Gianna says:

"I really enjoyed the classic taste of Esme's dish and the freshness"

Marina says:

"Sometimes the simple dishes are the best"

Jacob shakes his head in agreement then Carlisle asks:

"When it comes to all of their dishes, what do you think?"

They all think and remember on them all then Gianna says:

"Esme really bought something new with her gazpacho, at least I thought"

Marina says:

"To have it made in a onion bowl and do all the things she did , I thought was very creative"

Carlisle says:

"Chef Edward, what did you think of his appetizer ?"

Jacob says:

"He made a chocolate shrimp dip but I honestly did not taste any chocolate"

Gianna agrees:

"Neither did I"

Marina says:

"But his bear was cooked best of all"

Gianna says:

"I enjoyed Esme's as well"

Marina says to that:

"So did I but I do wish she executed it better"

Jacob agrees then Carlisle says:

"Do you think you can all agree on a winner?"

They all look at each other and Gianna says:


So Carlisle goes to the room and has Esme and Edward come out then they stand before the judges and Carlisle says:

"So all your dishes has been debated and whoever dish is under t he dish, is the one chopped"

He raises the dish and it is Edward's chocolate and orange bread pudding. He sighs and Gianna says:

"Chef Edward, while we all enjoyed your dishes, we just felt like chef Esme's flowed better, there was a few technical flaws in your dishes but t here was very little, if any with hers. We do wish you the very best"

He smiles and shakes their hands then leaves and his face is on the screen and he says:

"I lost and I'm disappointed, I'm a vampire who likes to win, I'll be honest about that but what can you say when you lose to the best mother in the world? I'm honestly very happy for her and my family will be ecstatic"

The judges smile at her and Carlisle says:

"Congratulations Chef Esme, what do you plan to do with your winnings?"

She smiles and says:

"I'm going to donate all of the money to a wildlife charity in the state of Washington"

The Cullen family and the wolves jump up and holler. The rest of the vampires in the studio joined in and it could have easily passed for a Saints football game celebration and all of the Cullen's came and jumped on Esme in celebration while Aro stood up and smiled and says:

"Congratulations my dear Esme, I only wish I could congratulate you in person….perhaps some day I shall"

He leaves the studio in the dark and quickly disappears.

A/N—What does Aro have in mind? Hm, perhaps some day we shall know.