"No no no no, Oh please no." Zero slid his hand through his silver strands and took a deep breath. He blinked a couple of times, making sure he was fully awake. Yep, and that damn plus sign was still there, mocking him. He slid down the bathroom wall until his bottom hit the floor. Pregnant, Zero fucking Kiryu was pregnant. The pregnancy test dangled from numb fingers as Zero bowed his head between his bent knees as he tried to slow his breathing. "Don't freak out, don't freak out," he whispered to himself. Pregnant. That damn word kept running through his head.

"Zero? Are you alright?" a voice asked through the bathroom door. The same voice that had lured Zero to his current predicament.

"Yeah Kaname," he lied. "I'll be out in a sec." He got up off the floor and wrapped the test in toilet paper before throwing it away. He ran his shaking hands under the tap, trying to give himself time to compose so as to appear normal for his boyfriend. With one last deep breath, he opened the door to come face to face with the frowning pureblood.

"Geez Kaname! Do you have to stand so close?"

Kaname did not answer but instead placed a hand against the hunter's forehead. "You were sick but you do not feel warm."

Zero swatted his hand away and pushed past into the bedroom. "Must have been something I ate. Don't worry about it." He turned away from the pureblood and started pulling open a drawer on the oak dresser, searching for the extra clothes he kept in the pureblood's room. He began to pull out a clean shirt but a pair of arms encircled him from behind and hands intertwined with him, making him drop the shirt. Kaname rested his chin on Zero's shoulder, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

"I have to worry when it comes to you. I know it is not something you ate either, I at the same thing and I am fine."

Zero sighed and turned his head so that he could kiss the pureblood's cheek. "Maybe that is because you are an all-mighty pureblood and sickness seems to run from you, "he teased. Kaname laughed lightly and turned Zero around so that their chest pressed together.

"Hmm, maybe I need to put more of myself into you then." He pecked Zero on the lips. "In." He nipped at the hunter's neck. "More." He kissed each of Zero's nipples. "Ways than." He dropped to his knees. "One," he finished with a smirk. Before Zero could stop him, Kaname yanked down Zero's boxer shorts.

"Wait Kaname!" Zero yelled. Kaname ignored him and leaned up to kiss Zero's naval. And froze. A familiar strong heartbeat pounded through Zero's body but behind it, a faint, small, yet equally strong heartbeat could be heard. He placed both hands on Zero's midsection and leaned back on his heels, looking up at the hunter. Zero turned his eyes away and squeezed them shut.

"Kaname, we need to talk."

Pale morning light filtered through the gossamer curtains, lighting on two figures on the room's king sized bed. Zero sat cross legged by the headboard, looking at his hands and Kaname sat next to him but not touching him. Zero took a deep breath and opened his mouth for the umpteenth time to talk but again closed it. Kaname gently took one of the hunter's hands in his own. "So, you are pregnant," he started for the hunter. Zero nodded his head. "And that does not necessarily surprise you." Zero shook his head. Kaname took a deep breath before asking the next question. "It is mine right?" Zero's head shot up and he turned wide eyes to Kaname.

"Of course Kaname! Fuck, how can you ask that? I am not some whore!" Kaname instantly pulled the hunter into a tight hug. "I'm sorry, I am sorry. That is not how I meant it. Shh, I am sorry." Zero gave in and clutched onto Kaname, fighting back tears. "God, why did this happen," he whispered. Kaname just held him close, kissing his hair. "It will be alright Zero, it is okay."

After a few minutes, Zero finally pulled away. "Sorry," he whispered. Kaname smiled gently and kept an arm around Zero's waist. "It is alright. We can take this slow. Just please explain how this is possible." Zero took a shaky breath and began to speak.

"It is a Kiryu thing. Since the Kiryu blood has always been treasured among hunters and the females were limited, some young bastard decided to play a joke and create a new charm. The charm would allow the Kiryu males to also carry, tempting other clans. It was only supposed to be a joke, temporary, but something went wrong and it meshed with Kiryu blood. Now…" Zero gestured toward his flat stomach. Kaname sighed and pressed his own hand to his boyfriend's midsection.

"Okay, so the verdict is, we are going to be parents. Zero." When Zero turned his head, Kaname pressed their foreheads together. "There is no one I would rather raise a child with." Zero smiled slightly when a thought struck him.

"This is going to be an interesting thing to tell Yuki." Kaname grinned as he thought about his little sister.

"Never mind her, what about your adoptive father?" Zero groaned and dropped his forehead to Kaname's shoulder. "Think we can skate by without telling him Zero?" Zero shook his head.

"I think he would know anyway. I might be male Kaname but I will show."