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"Ayumu, are you sure you have everything?" Kaname asked as he sat his son's school bag on his bed, checking to ensure Ayumu's homework and books were all there. The small boy placed one more pair of socks in his duffle bag before zipping the top closed.

"Yes, sir. Can I say goodbye to Mommy?", the young hybrid asked as he handed his father his bag. The Pureblood nodded and threw the bags over his shoulder and followed his son out of the room. Instead of following the small brunette into the master bedroom, Kaname walked down the stairs and into the living room where Aidou and Raven sat together on the couch looking at a few photo albums.

"This was you? And the girls just loved you, huh?" Raven laughed as she pointed at a picture of the Night Class in their final year at Cross Academy. Aidou scowled and turned a bright shade of red.

"I'll have you know, I was very idolized by vampires and humans alike," the blonde huffed. Raven just laughed and pecked the vampire on the cheek, which made the blonde turn an even darker shade of red when he saw the Pureblood watching from the bottom of the stairs. The Pureblood only chuckled and handed his son's bags to the hunter.

"As hard as it is to fathom, Raven, Aidou was indeed admired by quite a few young ladies in school. Maybe you'll make a humble and honest man out of him now," Kaname said with a smirk. It was Raven's turn to blush now as she coughed awkwardly and took Ayumu's school bag from the Ayumu. "Now, again thank you for watching over Ayumu for us, Raven. Aidou will give you a call tomorrow when the procedure is over and you and Ayumu can come see our baby girl," Kaname said with a smile.

"It is no problem at all, sir. My prayers are with all of you and I cannot wait to see the new princess," Raven offered her own smile. All turned to the stairs as Ayumu bounded down, coming to stand beside his father. Kaname kneeled to give his son a hug.

"Be on your best behavior for Miss Raven, Ayumu and we will see you after school tomorrow. I love you, Ayumu." Ayumu nodded and gave his father a quick hug before taking one of his bags from the female hunter.

"I love you too, daddy. Uncle Aidou, take care of Mommy," Ayumu told his blonde godfather as Raven led him out of the door. The two vampires watched them go before Kaname turned back to his friend.

"Aidou, is there anything you need for tomorrow? We have one of the guest rooms set up for the procedure and your guest room should have everything you need for tonight. I wasn't sure.."

"Kaname, Kaname breathe. I have all of this under control," Aidou reassured. The noble knew very well that the Pureblood was nervous considering the last time the Kuran-Kiryu family welcomed a new child. Instead of risking Zero's life again at a hospital, the couple had decided to let Aidou perform the cesarean himself at their home. Kaien and Yagari were expected to come as well, Kaien acting as midwife and Yagari to protect the home while everyone was busy with his pupil.

Kaname sighed and gave his friend a tired smile, the stress was taking its toll on the Pureblood but underneath the weariness nobody can mistake the excitement that caused the vampire's eyes to shine. "You're right, thank you again Aidou. Have a good night and we will see you in the morning." The blonde nodded bid his friend goodnight as well.

Kaname closed the door to their bedroom behind him before making his way into the bathroom. The Pureblood couldn't help but sigh and lean against the door frame as he laid his eyes on his mate. The silverette's head rested over the edge of the tub and a hand slowly ran over the round stomach protruding from the water. Although Zero's eyes remained closed, his quite humming stopped as he felt and heard his husband enter the bathroom.

"We don't have a name again."

Kaname smiled and went to sit beside the tub, his fingers automatically moving to run through the hunter's silver strands. His free hand found one of Zero's and pulled it to his lips.

"We'll think of one when she arrives, we did last time."

"No, you thought of one and didn't tell me until I was…out of commission."

"Well, this time we will think of one when she gets here then," Kaname said, his tone almost solemn as he recalled the few minutes his love's heart had stopped and he was left alone. He did not know if his own heart could take that kind of scare again. "Zero, you know how much I love you, right?"

Zero opened his eyes and turned his head to look at his husband, gently pulling his hand out of Kaname's to instead cup the brunette's cheek. "I know, and I love you too. It's going to be alright, Kaname. We are little more prepared and with someone we trust. Just like last time, you will be holding both me and our new baby at the end of the day." The vampire laughed and leaned up to place a kiss on the younger vampire's forehead.

"You're right, I can't wait to meet our little girl. Yuki is already making play dates for Etsuko and our princess. I have a feeling that these little cousins will be the heartbreakers of the century." Zero laughed out loud and began tracing circles over his swollen belly.

"Well, you mean you and Kain will be the heartbreakers. I have a feeling you two will not be allowing many suitors near the girls."

"Well…yeah, you're right"