Loneliness Makes Frenemies Blue


Another Phineas and Ferb fic like Befriending His Frenemy but in this one, Perry gets relocated and he is relocated to a family in New York but he and Doof miss each other as they miss being friends as he has to fight Doof's relative and I hope you like.

Plus reading The Other Undercover Platypus and Thanks For The Memories by Rebecca Tennant inspired this as well as Doof's idea to keep Perry in Danville was inspired by what Doof did in Other Undercover Platypus but also listening to Come Home Perry made me remember this idea and I needed to write it.

Perry was nervous as he entered his hideout in the backyard as he knew that Monogram was wanting him to foil Doofensmirtz but he saw that his boss on the screen as he knew that something was up.

"We need you to stop Doofensmirtz but we think that you should be relocated so that your talents can be put to good use but you should be leaving in a few days." Monogram said.

The turquise furred male was shocked as he heard this as he didn't want to leave his family but more importantly he didn't want to leave Doofensmirtz as they were nemesises but more so friends or frenemies as he called it because he had been fighting Doofensmirtz since he first became an agent.

He then left to complete his mission as he would focus on being relocated later as he was trying not to think of it.

Doofensmirtz was working on an new scheme and was nearly trying to take over the Tri-State Area as he heard somebody crash through the door as he saw Perry there as he was destroying the invention as Doofensmirtz was surprised as the platypus had stopped him already as he saw that there were tears in Perry's brown eyes as he wondered what was wrong.

"I-I'm getting relocated Doof." he answered him.

Doofensmirtz was silent as he was shocked knowing that his nemesis had been relocated once before but had came back to Danville as he felt his own eyes tearing up as Perry understood as he rubbed his friend's back as he knew this was hurting him as well as Doofensmirtz as the tears were flowing from both their eyes as Doof left to his room and locked the door as Perry understood as he decided to leave for now as he needed to spend as much time with his family as well as with Doofensmirtz as he activated his jet pack and flew off.

He hoped things would be okay as he returned to his family.

Later that night, Doofensmirtz was unable to sleep as he was thinking about Perry as he couldn't bear to let him go as he was Perry's only nemesis and nothing would change this, not even Perry getting relocated would stop that as he smiled having an idea as he had made a serum as he had made it using DNA taken from Perry as he wasn't going to use it but this was special as he took a breath as he opened the vial as he drank the blueberry tinged liquid as he felt his molecules quiver as he began to change as he screamed a little in pain as he knew this would get Perry's attention as they were friends.

He smiled as he fell onto the couch as his eyes closed.

"Please let this work for my little nemesis........" he thought.

He then had a long sleep.............

In the Flynn-Fletcher house, Perry had awoken at six in the morning as he had red rims around his eyes.

He knew he couldn't stop the relocation or change Monogram's mind because it was his job and he had to even though he would miss the family but more importantly Doofensmirtz as his nemesis had grown on him as a friend and as somebody who was alone like him.

"Doofy........" he thought as he decided to go visit him.

He knew in a few days time, he would be leaving Danville and the Tri-State Area as his new family lived in New York as he then activated his hovercar as he left before his owners woke up.

He hoped things would be okay.........

Perry noticed that Doofensmirtz Evil Inc was quiet as he noticed that Doofensmirtz was nowhere in sight as he then heard moaning from the couch as he approached it and gasped seeing a male platypus with the fur the colour of Doof's hair as he was scared realising that it was Doof as he knew that he'd done something to himself.

"P-Perry what're you doing here?" he asked as his head ached.

"Enough about me.

I'm worried about you.

What did you do to yourself?" he said.

"I-I was upset about hearing you were being relocated so I drank this serum I made to change myself and I don't know what I changed into.

But how come you're here?

Monogram doesn't know you're here, does he?" he answered.

Perry shook his head.

"No I came to see you because I was worried about you as I was upset about being relocated and you grew on me as my nemesis as I couldn't leep so good so I came here." he explained to him.

Doofensmirtz then felt an ice pack on his head as Perry had placed it on his brown furred head as the head ache began to subside as he looked in the mirror seeing he was now a platypus as a smile crossed his face as Perry was stunned.