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Summary: A simple question asked by a lonely Edward in hopes for the happiness he always wanted, answered by an unlucky Bella for the love she forever needed. All human. ExB. Canon Couples. Lemons of course.

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I rolled her onto the bed, while hovering above her, placing open mouthed kisses from her neck to right below her ears. A spot I knew would bring out that desirable moan out of her. I inhaled the scent of her deeply into my lungs and she appeared to be doing the same thing to me, this tender intimacy was shooting a bolt of lust throughout my body. I felt her hands move to my naked back as they roamed over while I gripped her thighs as leverage. Her ankles deliberately wrapped around my waist as I grinded myself against her hot core.

"Edward." She gasped and pulled my face away from her neck where a hickey was sure forming, onto her red scrumptious pouty lips. Both of us groaned in pleasure from the touch of our lips that send sparks inside and within us. I sucked in her bottom lip between my own while she did the same with my top. Her soft hands ran their fingers through my messy hair, making me purr. I grinded harshly against her, causing her to gasp out again and push herself onto my straining member through my boxers.

"Bella…" I breathed her name in between our hot desperate kisses as she took the opportunity to enter her tongue into my mouth and I lapped mine around hers.

I cupped her beautiful heart shaped face in my palms and gave her an Eskimo kiss. Her eyes fluttered close as I nuzzled my head near her neck. This was heaven. I felt her place a kiss on my head, causing me to gaze up at her.

I looked into her doe brown eyes as she smiled up at me with that same adoring look.

I love you

With that I dipped my head down to meet her awaiting lips and we moved along each other, caressing and kissing in perfect rhythm. Memorizing the moment.


I jolted awake at the sound, while my heart pounded in my chest and my body covered in sweat.

Fuck, it was just a dream.

I slammed my head back onto the pillow as I looked around my room. Of course to anyone who didn't know me or us, wouldn't see anything wrong with it. But it was all wrong. She wasn't anywhere, I couldn't bear to keep her things lying around, and my heart could only take so much. The frames were empty along with the spot next to me on the bed.

I grabbed her pillow in my hands and inhaled it, the scent was faint but I could still smell the freesias, her. A tear slipped out instinctively and I irately wiped it away and sat up. My hand went up to my chest and rubbed it. It was another unconscious habit of mine since she left.

My life was empty. She came and was gone with the wind, and I have been beating myself up ever since that because I couldn't hold on. Couldn't hold on to her or to us.

"Bella." I pathetically called out to her softly.

Just then a wail erupted from the monitor next to my bed and I quickly walked into the nursery. The ache inside me felt a little bearable once I was near him. He was a part of us, created by our love. He was all I had left, the only memory of her.

"Shhh, calm down son. Daddy's here." I cooed to him as I took him in my arms. I still felt scared when I would hold him, after all he was only two months old. They were two long months, but I quickly banished all the thoughts and smiled at him. It was the only honest smile I could conjure up these days.

He was a perfect mixture of us, so would my family say, but when I look at him, all I can see is Bella. He had her porcelain skin, her hair color, her lips and her chin. I bit my lips so that I wouldn't break down in front of our son.

I quickly changed his diaper and feed him, but he wouldn't stop his wailing. His cries were piecing through my chest and then I broke down. I cuddled him into my chest tenderly and rocked him while tears silently fell from my eyes.

I was a broken man.

"Come on son, please it's okay…shh calm down. I know you miss her, I do too. You have no idea how much I do. But I promise I won't leave you either. I promise." With that I heard his cry slow down, until he was just hiccuping. I hummed him Bella's lullaby and his eyes started drooping.

It always worked. She worked.

I placed a loving kiss on his forehead, smiling at our beautiful son. The only one that remotely came close to my love's beauty.

"Bella…I miss you." I said to no one while still rocking our son in my arms.

*Bites her lips*

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