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"I want this mommy." Informed my stubborn son as he clutched onto to the book as if his life depended on it. It wasn't as if he was going to read it, it was either going to be Edward or me.

"Baby you have four books in your hands and I told you that you can only have two. You picked these two and we bought them, now put that book back please." I told him as he looked up to me with watery eyes and his bottom lip trembled while he grudgingly put the book back. Yes, people would expect my heart to break and give in, but this happened every time we were at the bookstore and it wasn't anything new.

He was my son after all, we love books.

Evan ignored me throughout the entire ride back home while I managed to keep my chuckles to myself. He was so much like Edward. Although his hair color was chocolate brown just like mine and he did end up getting my non-tanable skin, nevertheless he was a lot like Edward in looks and of course his beautiful emerald eyes. I parked the car in our garage and went back to unbuckle the seat-belt for him. As soon as he was free, he stomped out and inside the house. I bit my lips and followed him inside.

Evan was the perfect baby. He never really cried unless he was hungry or pooped. He smiled and laughed at almost everything. Much to Edward's and mine amazement he could stand at six months and started walking at eight months. Edward and I had always taught him to be polite and respectable, and he was. But he also had our stubborn genes that always came out when it was related to something he really wanted, which usually were books.

"And then…mommy said no! Daddy I want the book, Alex has it too." Babbled my three-year old son to Edward who nodded his head.

"You could've gotten the book bud, mommy said two. It wasn't her fault that you didn't pick the book Alex has." Edward told our son as he went through some files and papers he had in his hands.

"Evan, how about I take you to the store tomorrow but you have to eat all your veggies or else I will take the book away. Got it?" I told him who face perked up and he ran towards me.

"Slow down son, what did I tell you?" Edward rushed behind our bouncing son.

"To be careful around mommy." Evan replied blushing. I laughed at my son and picked him up, kissing his cheek.

"Sowry Mommy." Evan sniffled as his eyes brimmed with tears.

"Oh it's okay Baby." I smiled at him wiping his tears away and then proceeded to blow raspberries on him causing him to chortle cutely.

"Bella, you can't hold him." Edward chided as he took Evan in his arms and then placed him on the floor who ran towards his toy chest, removing all the contents enthusiastically. Edward then took me in his arms and circled me in, well as close as he can with my big belly in between us and then proceeded to massage my sore back that caused me to moan.

"If you keep doing that, I'll just have to seduce you into labor like last time with Evan." He growled in my ears and nipped at my ear playfully, then placed a kiss on my neck.

"Are you sure it was you that seduced me…" I murmured back as I ran my hands down his chiseled chest through the t-shirt and towards the growing bulge. I noticed his adam's apple bobbing which only caused me to lick it and then kiss his neck, jaws, chin. Before I could do anything more, his large hand grabbed the back of my neck and crushed his lips on me.

"Eww!" I heard Evan shout that caused us to pull away chuckling.

"Hopefully you will say that 15 years from now." I told him, ruffling his already messy hair that he inherited from his father.

"Girls are gross. Boys rule." Evan chanted it like it was some sort of a prayer, no doubt taught by Corey, Alice and Jasper's five year old son while Coroline, his twin said the opposite. I couldn't forget Mia the youngest kid of Alice and Jasper, who is now two that follows Serena around everywhere. My Ree is now six years old and is a self announced princess and also a big sister to two lovely boys. We found out Rose was pregnant right after we were back from honeymoon, so it was fun to see two hormone ridden woman in the same room. Rose gave birth to Nolan who was born two months after Mia followed by William, who was born just three months ago.

Yup it was baby boom all over again and the grandparents couldn't be any happier.

Of course this made me want to have another baby since Evan was already three years old and although Edward was happy to be a father to Evan, he confided in me that he would love to have a baby girl. So here we were, hoping to have a baby girl since I decided to keep it a surprise this time around.


"Deep breaths love…in and out." I heard Edward's smooth voice say but I could tell he was anything but that. His hair was a greasy mess from the amount of times both Edward and I ran our hands through them and it could also be due to a certain strenuous activity, his face wasn't shaved either. But he was still beautiful.

I groaned and let out a cry.

"Your almost dilated Mrs. Cullen, I will come back in few to check on you." Said our nurse, a sweet old lady.

"God it's all your fault. Since when do babies actually arrive on their due date?" I asked him as I yelped when another contraction hit me.

"Bella…how was I supposed to know that having sex would cause you to be in labor. Again. " He replied chuckling and quickly snapped his mouth shut when he noticed my glare. He then took my hand in his and placed tiny kisses all over them, effectively melting away my anger towards him.

"I love you." He murmured.

"You're good Edward Cullen." I told him giggling, "And lucky you cause I love you too."

"Definitely lucky me." He said huskily as he leaned in to kiss me properly on the lips.

"Jesus, isn't this what got you guys in this mess anyways." I heard the booming voice of Emmett say as both Edward and I pulled away.

"Not really, I think I just sped up the process so I can meet my baby girl early." Edward replied cheekily. I rolled my eyes at him, blushing red and hugged Rose as she walked towards me near the bed. Alice and Jasper arrived shortly after. I was being told that the grandparents were babysitting all the kids.

"Oww!" I gasped clutching my giant belly. Edward's eye widened as he slammed his hand on the button near my bed. The nurses arrived quickly and announced that I was fully dilated. Everyone was ushered out of the room except Edward.

It only took few more pushes and our baby girl was here. Edward was right, it was a girl.

"Shoot I didn't even think of a name cause I was so sure she would be a boy!" I told him as they cleaned her up, I could hear her loud wails and my heart broke. Even though I knew she wasn't in any danger. She was tiny and weighed six pounds, but absolutely perfect.

"I think I have something in mind." He replied back as he walked over to where our daughter was.

Edward was enthralled by her and fussed to the nurses and doctors but they all laughed at him. As soon as she was in his arms, I noticed the look of serenity take over, his face was beaming as he carried her over to me and gently laid her in my arms.

I gasped at our tiny new baby girl. She was absolutely beautiful and tears fell from both our eyes. Edward pulled my chin up and kissed me lovingly murmuring, "Thank you."

"You helped. Oh god, she is…" I choked on my words as I stared at her in awe. Her eyes fluttered open and were a dark shade of blue. We knew she would have my chocolate brown eyes and Edward couldn't hold his cheer, causing him to fist bump in the air.

"Aveline." He said softly looking at her.

"I love it! Aveline Esme Cullen, it's perfect." I told him, smiling widely.

"It is, you picked my mother's name?" He asked.

"She has been there for me for everything. I know she is your mother, but I think of her as mine too." I told him sniffling. I know Renee stayed true to her words and was always there for all functions, she never went back to her old self, the bad one. But I could never have that mother-daughter relationship with her, the way I do with Esme.

We have never been that close, but somehow with Esme, I already feel so much close to her in past few years than I had ever been with Renee.

"Oh dear, you are my daughter!" I heard Esme's voice say. "I was worried sick and I had to see you. Don't worry, Carlisle and Renee are taking care of the kids. Charlie is here with Evan because Evan wanted to see the new baby. " She said rushing towards me.

"Here mom." Edward stood up and offered Esme the chair next to the bed. Esme smiled at her son, kissing his cheek and scooted closer towards me, giving me a hug.

"I'm your daughter?" I asked biting my lips.

"Of course you are! You have been since I laid eyes on you as a baby all those years ago. I fell in love with you and my heart broke when Renee took you away, I felt as if my own daughter was taken away. You have no idea how happy I was the day Edward brought you home and even so on the day both of you got married. He officially made you my daughter."Esme said as she wiped away her tears with the tissue.

"I just didn't want to you to choose between me or Renee, because she is your mother. But I love you like my own daughter, don't you know that?"

"I do now! I love you too Mom. Can I call you that?" I cried hugging her, well tried to as I held Aveline in my arms.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." She said kissing my forehead. "May I?"

"Of course, meet your grandma Aveline Esme Cullen." I said as I handed our daughter over to Esme.

"Thank you so much, this means a lot to me." Esme said and I smiled at her, nodding my head. Soon we were surrounded by our family and everyone was congratulating Edward and I.

"Mommy!" I heard Evan yell as Edward carried him over to me and onto the bed. I knew Evan was a little jealous of the new baby taking all the attention, but when I told him that he is a big brother, and his sister will depend on him for many other things. He was quickly satisfied, promising Aveline that he will share all his toy trucks.

Edward came around, wrapping his arms around my waist as I laid my head on his shoulder.


I sighed as I gave myself a fleeting look in the mirror, then squinted my eyes for any white hair that I was sure I saw just now. This can't be happening to me, and I knew I was freaking out and being over dramatic. I blame it on Edward.

He really is bad at jokes, especially to a woman who just turned thirty. Yup the big three O'. I mean who wishes, 'Happy Birthday my old woman.' Thirty wasn't old right? I mean Rose is thirty-four, and she still looks gorgeous.

"HOLY FUCK! What are you doing love? Giving me a heart attack." I heard Edward shout out as he held his hand over his heart. His eyes all but popped out of its socket and I'm pretty sure he was drooling. I smirked but promptly gulped when I noticed his half naked self wearing pajamas that hung really low, I mean really low, enough for me to see that lovely bronze hair trail end.

"I can't be naked in our bathroom?" I purred at him as I walked towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He groaned as he brought his hand over my hip and then to my bare ass, massaging it gently. Our mouths collided together as our arms explored each other's body. Edward deepened the kiss, forcing me to mold against every inch of his body as I always did. We fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

I let my hand trail towards the waistband of his pajamas, circling them and lightly gazing across his crotch. I giggled as I noticed his excitement which caused him to growl and bite my lips playfully. Just when I knew he couldn't take it any longer, I pulled away and wrapped my robe around me and walked out of the bathroom.

"What the fuck was that Bella." I heard him roar, yup pretty much roared as he quickly caught up to me and pulled me against him.

"It's my birthday right? I can do whatever, and since I'm old and cranky…"

"It was a joke love, I'm sorry if that upsets you. I thought you knew how fucking gorgeous you are, and the fact that frat boys are always checking you out when you were those shorts and hoodie. Why do you think I'm always with you when you wear them?"

"Cause you love me?" I answered.

"I do, but I also want to show them who you belong to." He stated possessively. "And who I belong to as well." He added that later making me laugh out.

"Now get ready, our family is waiting at the restaurant. I'll go get the kids ready." Edward said, smacking my butt and left the room.

I quickly got dressed in deep v-neck silk dress. My hair was in my usual big curls that flowed down my back, and my makeup was light but I wanted something bold and put on red lipstick. (Picture in my profile)

I walked down towards the living room to find Evan coloring, dressed in jeans and white shirt just like his father, looking cute.

"Happy Birthday mommy!" He said looking up and beamed at me. I kissed his forehead and said thank you. He's being doing this all day, waking me up at 7am to wish me, but it made my day.

I went to check on my husband and found him in Aveline's room, clutching something blue in his hands and our two year old daughter standing in front of him with trembling lips. Just like Evan was a mini-Edward, our Aveline was all me from her eyes, nose and lips. Her hair wasn't as chocolate brown as her brother or mine, they were lighter with hints of red in them.

"Don't you want to wear these nice blue pants for daddy?" Edward cooed at her and offered her the stuffed doll as well, to which she shook her head and pointed at the pink dress thrown on the floor. Edward sighed and grudgingly handed her the pink dress causing her to squeal.

"I still think you will look pretty in blue pants." I heard him mumble.

"No daddy! I want pink."

I laughed at the duo and shook my head at Edward. Ever since a kid kissed our little girl on cheek at the playground, Edward has been acting crazy and trying to dress Aveline in boys clothes. But she was after all his daughter, and was pretty stubborn.

"Love, don't you think Aveline will look beautiful just like you in blue?" I heard him ask me when he noticed me.

"I think she will look beautiful in whatever she wishes to wear."

"Yes but don't you think she will look extra pretty in blue…" He asked pouting. I wrapped my arms around his neck and made him bend his head down so that I could whisper, aware of the little ears in the room.

"How do you feel when I wear your shirts? I certainly remember what happens after that…"

"OK I think you should wear pink Ave." He yelled.

And the crisis was avoided.


"Happy Birthday to you!" I heard everyone shout, the loudest they can at the restaurant we were in. "TO YOU!" Evan and Aveline said at the end, making sure I heard them too. I was blushing red at the attention we were receiving from everyone else at the restaurant. Our family had taken up almost half of the restaurant and were pretty loud when they wanted to be. My parents were here, Charlie was joined by Sue, his girlfriend and shocked not only me but Renee as well. I think she was hoping to reconnect with Charlie since they were getting along so well, but it seems like my dad found his one and I loved Sue, she was amazing. There was mom and dad AKA Esme and Carlisle looking as beautiful as they were about five years ago, definitely don't look like they were in their late fifties. Emmett and Rose accompanied by their three kids, Serena, Nolan and William. Then there was Alice and Jasper, along with their Twins Corey, Coroline and their youngest Mia.

"So I've got something for you." Edward told me eagerly getting a huge blue box from Jasper and presented it to me. I knew he was keeping it somewhere and not in our house, and now I know where he did.

"I didn't spend any money on it, just like I said I won't." He added and I was sure my eyes were bright with excitement. Evan helped me open it looking just as excited as me, and as soon as I opened the box, Evan let out a shriek and I gasped.

"Oh my god!" I said jumping up and down and pulled out a tiny white westie puppy who had a bow around its tiny neck. (Picture in my profile)

"It's a he and Mrs. Wiess next door let me know her dog was giving birth to puppies and was offering me one, and I let Edward know about it." Esme informed me.

"This is the best present ever!" I squealed sounding a lot like Alice who was bouncing next to me as well. I jumped in Edward's arm and gave him a loud smooch on his lips.

"Teddy?" I heard Aveline ask Edward who shook his head saying it's a puppy.

"TEDDY!" She announced again and I let her hold our new puppy.

"You know what sweetie, I think we just found his name. Teddy Cullen." I told her and kissed her cheek. Evan then stepped behind my legs and tentatively patted Teddy who was being smothered by Aveline. I laughed when I found out the gifts I was being gifted, well it was more like gifts to Teddy. He received things from dog bed, to squeaky toys to even dog clothes.

"Thank you all so much." I said to all of them and proceeded to hug all of them. The dinner was amazing and delicious, all the women commented saying I don't look a day over twenty-five, receiving 'I told you so' look from Edward who was holding a sleeping Aveline in his lap.

I looked at my other side and found Evan cuddled closer towards me while playing with Teddy.

"I know you're going to ask what I'm thinking, so I'll just tell you." I said to Edward who was about to open his mouth. He laughed making me feel warm, it always had that effect on me and then gave me his crooked smile, nodding his head.

"I'm so happy and I have nothing to wish on my birthdays because I already have what I want right here with you. I see our daughter in your arms and our son here, it's perfect. Of course Teddy completes our family now. I love you so much and I will always love you." I murmured to him. Edward cupped my face in his hand and wiped the few fallen tears and pulled me in for a kiss.

"I love you too and I always will love you, even when you get white hairs, your face gets wrinkly. You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world." He said making me giggle and I brought his lips on me for another kiss.

Just then I heard a plate smash that woke up Aveline, who bursted out crying. I noticed Evan holding Teddy tightly in his arms with a guilty look in his face. Edward quickly started rocking Aveline in his arms while Esme helped Evan calm down a terrified puppy while the server gave us all frustrated glares.

I couldn't help but smile because even when things didn't always go perfectly, it kept me rooted. I didn't have to pinch myself to know that this was real. I really did have the best husband in the world who loves me irrevocably as I did him. Two beautiful and wonderful kids, a cute dog, I even managed to have two sets of parents, and amazing friends.

This wasn't a dream, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There we have it. The happily ever after. I knew the story was pretty sad but I hope you love the end!

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