Ok, do any of you ever have an item you just seem to keep collecting and building up even though you already have hundreds of them? I do.

Tata crab meat tasted the best at first, never a better delicacy in the world of Saphael, and it seemed that there was never enough. Yet lately, I keep having these warriors, Lunavesence and Hallibell, who are constantly giving me Tata crab meat. Ok, so they get a lot of experience killing these grabs and gathering the meat for me. There is just one problem:

They aren't the only ones who gather it for me!

All day long I have wizards, necromancers, paladins, mages, priests…All of them bringing to me all the Tata crab meat they can gather up! My basement can't hold any more, and my husband and I are SICK of crab meat! Really! For the past three years now, that is all we've had to eat! I would kill for some Swift Jungle Dragon meat, or delicious fishman meat, just once, you know?

Good heavens, even Sunbird meat sounds really good right now! Anything but Tata crab meat…You guys do know I can't do more than boil it, right? I can't make sushi or crab cakes; I don't have the proper tools for that! I can't barbeque it, we don't have one of those "grills" that I always hear those young kids mention. On top of that, why are kids even allowed to do magic or even wield a sword?!

I just don't get it. Look, I am grateful that you all collect it for me, I am! But for Heaven's sake, just because I live in a small fishing village doesn't mean that I am poor! I love living here, I love playing on the beach and in the water (hoping that there isn't a giant monster lurking underneath.)

So please, come on. Don't give me any more crab meat, bring me some dear, yak, or even a nice tender "chocobo"! I would love to actually eat really food this time instead of bland crab meat…